World 1st V6  Engine Model GSV6 Will be Released by Enjomor Soon 9000 RPM | Stirlingkit

World 1st V6 Engine Model GSV6 Will be Released by Enjomor Soon 9000 RPM | Stirlingkit

World 1st V6  Engine Model GSV6 Will be Released by Enjomor Soon 9000 RPM | Stirlingkit

Welcome to the Enjomor V6 Micro Engine Model Product Launch Conference! Today, we will share with you a new product full of ideas and surprises, providing car enthusiasts and mechanical dynamics learners with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of how engines work.

Demystified Enjomor V6 micro engine model:

More than just a toy, this model is a miniature reproduction of the principles of a real V6 engine, giving you the opportunity to experience the engine up close. We restore it with extreme details, so that you feel as if you are in a miniature mechanical wonder, and appreciate the mystery and charm of the engine.

Unique features of the V6 engine:

The "V" of the V6 represents the arrangement of the cylinders of the engine, which is also its charm. Each cylinder is coordinated with each other in a V-shaped structure, which makes the engine run more smoothly and with lower noise. The V6 engine not only wins in terms of compactness, but also brings you better power output. This is due to the 90-degree included angle design, which makes the crankshaft more balanced and the engine performance smoother and quieter.

Product Highlights:

Oil system innovation: We redesigned the oil system to make single oil needle adjustment easier and smoother.
Efficient power experience: SOHC single overhead cam design is adopted to bring you powerful power.
Smooth start: The full bearing support design reduces the torque at start and makes your start smoother.

Intelligent engine oil management: The oil mirror and oil status are clear at a glance, allowing you to keep track of the engine status.
Excellent air filtration: The perfect air filtration system ensures the normal operation of the ignition system.
Precise timing belt: Guarantee accurate intake and exhaust switch timing, and more stable power transmission.
Excellent Cooling System: A wet cylinder liner is used for more even heat dissipation.

Reliable gear oil pump: The stable lubrication of the gear pump ensures the reliability of the engine.
Precision distributor: Control the ignition sequence and provide stable current for the ignition system.
Smart Start Design: The starter motor provides reliable electric starting, making sure every start is hassle-free.
Exploration of technical process:

The crankshaft is carefully crafted: the application of advanced technology ensures the stability of the crankshaft and excellent processing quality.
High-strength camshaft: We use high-strength stainless steel, fully supported design, which improves the performance and durability of the camshaft.
Optimized gas distribution system: The overhead single camshaft design improves the volumetric efficiency of the engine and brings more excellent performance.
Distinctive product advantages:

SOHC engine design: Simple single overhead camshaft structure, easy to maintain, economical and fuel-efficient, with strong torque at low speed.
Unique lubricating system: Effective lubricating guarantee improves the reliability and durability of the engine.
Realistic simulation design: The application of independent lubrication system enhances the authenticity and educational value of the product.
Advanced wet cylinder liner: better heat dissipation performance, more uniform cooling effect, and more convenient maintenance.
Full bearing support design: reduces crankshaft friction and improves high-speed stability.
Precision piston ring technology: The alloy cast iron process is used to eliminate the disadvantages of traditional turning rings.

The Enjomor V6 miniature engine model will take you deep into the wonderful world of engines and reveal the mystery of engine technology for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we look forward to sharing this unforgettable engine journey with you!

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