Youtube Review Video About the $29.99 Stirling Engine Kit Model

Youtube Review Video About the $29.99 Stirling Engine Kit Model

  • EASY OPERATION: Fill the lamp with 95% alcohol to heat the glass cylinder; then, after warming up for seconds, give the flywheel a spin and it will rotate rapidly and smoothly.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: It's a vivid model displaying basic principle of external combustion engines. a well-designed and crafted mechanical toy suitable for people of all ages from all works of life.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of precision, the whole is made of high-grade materials, and the heating tube is quartz glass, durable and safe enough to use for a long time.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: A great gift for Kids' science project, physical or mechanical learning, teacher’s Demo props on the class, birthday gift for friends, families, parents, kids, etc.
  • AGE RECOMMEND: Suitable for people over 10 years old, people under 10 years old should be used under adult supervision.



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