Enjomor V8: What you need to know | Stirlingkit

Enjomor V8: What you need to know | Stirlingkit

Enjomor V8: What you need to know | Stirlingkit

Enjomor V8: What you need to know | Stirlingkit


A 9000 RPM DOHC (Double Overhead Cam) Guangsu V8 gasoline engine is a high-performance engine that is characterized by having 8 cylinders arranged in a V configuration and a maximum engine speed of 9000 revolutions per minute. This type of engine is typically found in high-performance sports cars, muscle cars, and racing vehicles, and is known for delivering high levels of power and acceleration. They typically run on gasoline fuel, which is easily accessible and offers good power density, but also produces higher emissions compared to alternative fuel sources.


NOTE: If you have any questions about this engine, please comment below or contact us via service@stirlingkit.com. We will update the Q&A of Enjomor guangsu v8 engine in this blog in time. 

Instruction Manual:click here

1. How to Adjust Your Enjomor V8 Engine Timing?

Please read the this blog. 

How to Adjust Your Enjomor V8 Engine Timing | Stirlingkit.com


2.  How to hook up all the modules to start the motor?

Please check the folllowing two wiring instruction pictures.

Starter kit: click here.


3. What is the Firing order?

Please check the picture below.


4. Carburetor Adjustments

Try not to touch the carburetor at first, try to ignite it first, and then fine-tune according to the ignition reaction. The adjustment of the oil needle in the instruction manual is only roughly determined, because the angle of adjustment of the oil needle adjustment screw of each batch of carburetors is different, and the specific data cannot be determined. This needs to be adjusted slowly after the engine is ignited, depending on the ignition situation, and it is best to adjust until the engine ignites sound smoothly and the accelerator responds quickly. 

 Related info is at Page 6 in the manual.


 5. How to connect the Metal Fixed Base with Radiator Set for ENJOMOR V8 78cc GS-V8 Engine Models?

 First, Water temperature sensor.

 The two wires provided are color-coded as red for positive and black for negative. The black wire sensor is directly connected to the water tank.



Second, Tachometer.

Behind the tachometer, there are marking colors and wiring present.


Third, the two wires of the water exhaust fan are connected in parallel and then connected to the electrical supply.


 People Often Ask

1. Interested in knowing what everyone is running for voltages on the enjomor v8? what are you doing in the ignition and speed control? 

 2. Do you carry a gasket and seal kit for engine listed on subject line ?

yes, it's included.


3. can you tell me how to change spark plugs in my enjomor 78 cc v8 without tearing up the spark plug wires.

The spark plug wire cover is put on, it's a little tight, just use tweezers or some other tool to pull it off a little bit. Please try if it works, thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.

  If you would prefer V8 engine model kit, we have Toyan v8 engine.

4. I just ordered a starter motor for my enjomor V8 from you guys . Don’t seem to be having much luck with the enjomor engine. Had bad speed controller, bad hall effect sensor, no air filter in housing. Now after firing it up today, it ran for about 4 seconds then it dies. Tried to restart. And the starter made fire (see pict).

 I tested both hall sensors on bench and they worked fine. Installed one in the enjomor distributor, cranked the motor over and watched the high voltage lead spark to ground like it should. I got about 5 sparks then nothing !!! Pulled hall sensor out and tested on bench. NO spark !

So ,,,, I installed the second new one, that had also tested fine on bench. It did the same thing, about 5 good sparks and then nothing. Well, after that I ordered 2 more from Stirlingkit. (36051). As of now, I don’t have a clue as to what is trashing my hall sensor. I haven’t disconnected with power on, and I have a good ground from CDI to engine.

And to think,,, I used to build high performance small block 350’s.

Thanks ..


5. I have the 78cc enjomor v8 I am seeing a issue with distributor... the distributor can is not centered at all.... like something is bent... You can see in the picture i provided Theu cost too much to have the rotor rub on the distributor cap.. I an not sure what to do. The oil filter oring broke in half.... and when I turn the motor over by hand it does not spin the oil or water pump the belt just slips on it. Again I am not sure what to do here. . I was going through the motor before I try and start it... as my starter or make run kit is ordered and on it's way. Also attached is what motor it is as it is a limited edition of 100 units right Thank you for your time.  


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