Pulse Aircraft Model Jet Engine User's Guide|Stirlingkit

Pulse Aircraft Model Jet Engine User's Guide|Stirlingkit

Pulse Aircraft Model Jet Engine User's Guide|Stirlingkit

1. Product information:

 Product Name: Pulse Aircraft Model Jet Engine


2. Product parameters:

Product material: aluminum alloy

Product color: As shown in the picture

Product specifications: 38 * 8 * 8cm

Start method: Electronic igniter start (battery self provided)

Fuel: gasoline

Decibels: above 100 decibels

 Valve plate: one-way valve plate (10 pieces as a gift)



3. Product features:

(1)Pulse jet engine is a type of jet engine, which has a simple structure and higher combustion efficiency than ordinary internal combustion engines. It was first used in missiles and can be applied to various aerospace and vehicle models.

(2)Through the use of moving components and mechanical structures controlled by electronic devices, the model can demonstrate and demonstrate the working principle of a pulsating jet engine. You can start the model and observe the operation of the nozzle, the combustion process in the combustion chamber, and the emissions from the tail nozzle.

(3)Choose high-temperature resistant valve plates to increase the service life by 1 minute. The engine surface is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and atmospheric. The maximum thrust of the fuel injection chamber has been increased to around 2000G, striving to provide pulse engines with light weight and high thrust to aviation model enthusiasts.

(4)Easy to operate and durable: After adding fuel and installing the battery, fix the engine for starting, and include a complete set of equipment, engine, battery box, fuel tank, oil pipe, etc., just prepare the battery and fuel.

(5) Widely used and a great gift: This is an amazing and wonderful product, suitable as a holiday gift for technology enthusiasts, family, friends, and children. It can be used as a scientific educational toy to study the working principle of aircraft engines , providing materials for children's scientific projects, inspiring curiosity and creativity, and can be used as a cool desktop decorative art piece.

4. Precautions:

(1) The noise is very loud at 130 decibels and is only allowed to be used in the suburbs.

(2) Gasoline fuel has a certain level of danger, and there should be no combustible materials around its use.

(3)If there is dripping oil from the fuel nozzle, it should be cleaned in a timely manner.

(4) Do not let the high-pressure package ignite randomly outside the engine! Hitting scattered gasoline will catch fire.

(5)When the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius, gasoline is difficult to evaporate and the engine is difficult to start

(6)The modification of the aircraft model requires relevant technology.

(7) The valve disc life of this type of engine is very short, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes

(8) Those with poor manual skills should choose carefully.

5. Applicable age: 16+;

6. Packaging list:

 engine * 1, valve plate * 10, fuel tank * 1, oil pipe * 1, ignition box * 1


7. Link Description

1. First, fully charge the igniter battery. A full charge indicates a green light, while a full charge indicates a red light (battery voltage 12V, 4500mah)

2.Pour out the parts from the fuel tank, then add gasoline with a octane rating of 92 or higher to the tank. Connect the fuel tank to the oil nozzle in the middle of the engine using a fuel pipe (as shown in the figure).


3. The positive pole (red) of the igniter is connected to the spark plug, and the negative pole (black) is connected to the engine bracket or screw (ground).

4. Fix the engine on a wooden board or metal base plate (as shown in the figure)

5. Prepare fire extinguishing measures in advance (dry powder fire extinguishers, blowers, etc. are all acceptable)

6. At this point, start the ignition process. After turning the switch, hearing a zizi sound indicates that the igniter is functioning properly.

7. After turning on the switch, use an air pump with a high-pressure pump or a small air pump to inject gas into the engine's air inlet until the engine starts. Pay attention to releasing the positive terminal clip of the igniter after starting, otherwise it may burn out the spark plug.

8. At this time, the engine is in the starting state. If you want to stop the engine, simply pinch the fuel pipe with your hand and cut off the fuel.

9. The valve plate of the engine is a vulnerable item, but we have selected high-quality valve plates, which have a longer lifespan and can be used for a longer period of time. The burrs on the spare valve plate can be slightly polished and replaced to achieve optimal condition.


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