SkyMechman Pulse RC Jet Engine User's Guide | Stirlingkit

SkyMechman Pulse RC Jet Engine User's Guide | Stirlingkit

SkyMechman Pulse RC Jet Engine User's Guide | Stirlingkit

Pulse Jet Model Engine Comprehensive User Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Product Information
  2. Product Specifications
  3. Key Features
  4. Safety Precautions
  5. Recommended Age
  6. Package Contents
  7. Packaging Style
  8. User Guide
    • 8.1 Pre-Startup Preparation
    • 8.2 Installation and Connections
    • 8.3 Engine Startup
    • 8.4 Working Principle
    • 8.5 Safety Precautions Reminder
    • 8.6 Engine Shutdown
  9. Technical Support

1. Product Information

1.1 Product Name

Pulse Jet Model Engine

2. Product Specifications

  • Materials: Carbon Steel/Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: As Shown
  • Dimensions: 4066cm
  • Startup: Electronic Ignition
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Decibel Level: 130 dB
  • Valve Plates: High-Temperature Resistant 304 One-way Valve Plates (Includes 20)

3. Key Features

  1. Efficient Pulse Jet Engine: Simple structure, high combustion efficiency, suitable for various aerospace and vehicle models.

  2. Durable Lightweight Materials: Crafted from carbon steel and aluminum alloy, providing durability with reduced weight.

  3. Aesthetic Design: Exterior coated with high-temperature resistant black finish for a stylish appearance.

  4. Easy Operation and Longevity: Comes with a complete set of equipment, including the engine, battery box, fuel tank, and hoses, requiring only batteries and fuel for startup.

  5. Wide Application and Ideal Gift: Perfect for tech enthusiasts, family, friends, and children as a holiday gift. Functions as a science education toy and a cool desktop art piece.

4. Safety Precautions

  1. Noise Level: Produces noise up to 130 dB; use only outdoors.

  2. Fuel Hazards: Gasoline is flammable; ensure no flammable materials are present in the vicinity during use.

  3. Maintenance: Regularly clean fuel injection nozzles to prevent dripping.

  4. Fire Safety: Avoid igniting the engine externally; hitting scattered gasoline can lead to fires.

  5. Temperature Consideration: Below 7 degrees Celsius, gasoline may have difficulty evaporating, making engine startup challenging.

  6. Modification Requirements: Technical expertise is necessary for modifications on model vehicles.

  7. Valve Plate Lifespan: Short lifespan (1-5 minutes) for this type of engine's valve plates.

  8. Caution for Limited Handy Skills: Exercise caution if manual dexterity is limited.

5. Recommended Age


6. Package Contents

  • Engine * 1
  • Valve Plates * 20
  • Fuel Tank * 1
  • Hose * 1
  • Electronic Ignition * 1
  • Battery Box * 1
  • Atomizing Sprayer * 1

7. Packaging Style

Box packaging

8. User Guide

8.1 Pre-Startup Preparation

  1. Check Package Contents: Ensure you have received the complete package.

  2. Read User Guide: Familiarize yourself with the user guide to understand features, precautions, and safe operating procedures.

8.2 Installation and Connections

  1. Install Valve Plates: Attach the high-temperature resistant 304 one-way valve plates to the engine.

  2. Connect Fuel Tank and Hose: Ensure a secure connection between the fuel tank and hose.

  3. Install Battery: Place the battery in the battery box and connect it to the engine. Ensure correct polarity to prevent damage.

  4. Prepare Electronic Ignition: Check the battery status of the electronic ignition and ensure it functions correctly.

8.3 Engine Startup

  1. Ensure Safety Environment: Only use the engine outdoors to minimize noise and emissions impact on the surroundings.

  • 1.Connect all components according to the diagram , add 92# or higher octane gasoline fuel to both fuel tanks , and connect all circuits and oilpipes.
  • Pulse Aircraft Model Jet Engine Wiring Diagram
  • 2. It is recommended to fix the engine on the board, align the spray with the air inlet of the engine, and then fix the spray on the board. And ensure that the minimum fuel level in the fuel pipe connected to tank 1 is about 30mm lower than the liquid level at the engine port.

  • Align the spray with the air inlet.
  • 30mm lower than the liquid level
  • 3.Put 8 AA batteries into the battery box and check if the battery box switch is turned off. After placing the battery, prepare the above process. You can turn on the power and start the engine (please read the precautions carefully to avoid injury, and prepare fire extinguishing measures).

    8.4 Working Principle

    1. Combustion Process: The pulse jet model engine utilizes a pulsating combustion process, generating high-pressure gas to propel the jet periodically.

    2. Engine Structure: Constructed from carbon steel and aluminum alloy, controlled by high-temperature resistant 304 one-way valve plates. The black high-temperature resistant coating enhances aesthetics.

    3. Maximum Thrust: Optimization of the fuel injection chamber allows for a maximum thrust of around 500G, ensuring powerful thrust with reduced weight.

    8.5 Safety Precautions Reminder

    • Avoid indoor use; only operate the engine outdoors to minimize noise and emission impact.

    • Be mindful of gasoline hazards; ensure there are no flammable materials in the surrounding environment.

    • Regularly check and clean fuel injection nozzles to prevent dripping.

    • Avoid external ignition of the engine to prevent fires caused by scattered gasoline.

    • In temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, starting the engine may require additional time and patience.

    8.6 Engine Shutdown

    After use, follow the steps outlined in the user guide for shutting down the engine, including turning off the ignition, disconnecting the battery box, and cleaning the engine.

    9. Technical Support

    For any questions, concerns, or technical support needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are dedicated to providing assistance to ensure your safe and enjoyable use of the pulse jet model engine. Have a great time!


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      Good afternoon I received the updated pulse jet but did not get any user guides
      Thank you

    • Craig Brunswick: December 03, 2023

      I received the updated version with no instructions please send thanks Craig

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