TOP 30+ Frequently Asked Questions about Cison V8 Engine

TOP 30+ Frequently Asked Questions about Cison V8 Engine

TOP 30+ Frequently Asked Questions about Cison V8 Engine

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We have collected a lot of questions about CSON V8 products. Every question here is one that everyone has raised and is most concerned about. We will answer these questions later.

Q1. What is the output power?
Answer: about 4.8ps

Q2. Will this engine be installed on a small toy car? OHV
Answer: It is perfectly suitable for RC model cars. We will launch a clutch gearbox specifically for modified cars in the future.

Q3. Maybe the OVH version will run better than the flat V-8?
Answer: Compared with the flat-head system, the OHV version has an additional camshaft valve system. The intake systems of the two are different (ohv is slightly higher than the flat-head machine), so the efficiency of the carburetor is different, but it does not affect the starting of the two. .

Q4. Where can I buy a 55-gallon bucket? OHV
Answer: You can place an order via the link for fuel barrels

5. I was wondering if these engines require a radiator to keep them cool?
Answer: Long-term operation of the engine will heat up the body. If it is not cooled in time, internal parts will expand due to heat and cause damage.

Q6. Why do a lot of smokers smoke in a bank?
Answer: It is normal for the engine to discharge smoke and incompletely burned oil from the exhaust pipe.

Q7. Is the engine equipped with a carburetor and ignition system?
Answer: The engine comes with a CDI ignition and distributor for free

Q8. What are the uses of Cison transmission parts?
Answer: Gearboxes are used to modify cars and ships

Q9. Does the Cison ohv V8 engine have a carburetor and ignition system?
Answer: Yes, both carburetor and CDI are available, cisonv8 has carburetor, cdi and distributor

Q10. Is the flat-head air inlet suitable for OHV engines? If so, can I buy an air intake and carburetor?
Answer: Any parts of the engine can be purchased

Q11. Does this have a wire plug?
Answer: The distributor’s wire set is included for free, but the spark plugs need to be purchased separately.

Q12. Are there any color options? Can you show them?
Answer: The color is limited to black silver, green silver, and red silver. Excessive quantity is not available.

Q13. Is the OHV version equipped with an alternator?
Answer: The alternator needs to be purchased separately. It's a different alternator than the one used in the Cison straight-four, but it's the same price.

Q14. I also want to use the gearbox and other accessories. Will the Cison transmission fit a 4 cylinder V8 engine?
Answer: The four-cylinder transmission V8 cannot be used

Q15. I just bought a black cison V8! And its starter kit! I'm curious if it comes with engine mounts? Or do I need to order them separately? Does the starter kit come with the CDI and electronics required to run it? at last. Does the black V8 use a big belt like in the website photo? Or does it use a tiny belt like the L4 engine? Thank you so much! Regardless, I'm glad it got here!
Answer: The engine bracket is not included and needs to be purchased separately. The engine comes with a CDI ignition and distributor for free.
Other ignition accessories need to be purchased

Q16. Thank you for providing the kit. However I ran into problems right from the start. The cylinder liner is difficult to remove from the block to insert the "O" ring. I eventually managed to gently remove them and install the seal in place. This is where the problem arises, it is either a machined seam on the block or the cylinder liners are too tight, I lubricated them as instructed and tried to insert them. They were very, very tight and I managed to get them through the first seal and hit them with a mallet. Four out of eight had the bottom seal ripped off. They don't come out of the module, I tested them and they definitely leak.
Is there any solution to this situation? Is there any sealant I can use? They also promised to give me a tachometer in case of long delays.
please suggest me
Answer: (Ask Mr. Xi about piston rings)

Q17. Do you plan to equip cison v8 with a super charger or two front pipes?
Answer: Superchargers are not currently under consideration for production.

Q18. Is the carburetor equipped with the engine?
Answer: The carburetor is included in the package

Q19, splitter and splitter cable are included in the package. The carburetor assembly is also included in the package. The color is only orange for now. If you like other colors, you can DIY with an airbrush. The electrophoretic paint surface can be colored.
Flathead air intakes are not compatible with OHV air intakes.

Q20: Cison V8 Engine Kits V8-440 with Metal Base Full Set 44cc My question is I want it in red, will the valve covers have the machined fins like the orange on in the picture? 

Q21:I will use my two CISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine in a boat. Here I need a gear and a clutch. Can i use DIY Modified Metal Gearbox with Reverse / Neutral / Forward Gear for TOYAN Engine Gasoline Car. And the Marine Clutch Assembly Kit for CISON FL4-175 Flathead Engine Model

Q22: What is the thread size of the spark plug hole in a cision v8 as I`ve miss started one hole and I don`t want to mess it up.

 Q23:please send me the electrical connection plan of the Micro Electric DC Generator and the electrical circuit boards for this generator.

Q24:Good morning, I would like to buy a Cison v8 smolblock engine, what is missing in the original packaging to be able to start it?
Thanks Edi

Q25: What is the value lash adjustment on the cirson v-8 engine.It would be nice if you would put a book in the kit on the total build or do you have a web site for this.

Q26: I would like to know how much horsepower the engine has and whether it would power a small go-kart that could be driven by a real person.

Q27: Do you know if cison has instructions on how the alternator is wired up? 

q28: Why the carbutators i'm seeing in videos of running cison v8 are different than that? It looks like a real 4 body carburator but in the videos there are only fake 4 body with a single central hole

Q29: what are the required specs for the intake and exhaust valve lash pretty please, i am not sure if both are supposed to be 0.01mm or just the intake?

Q30: I'm very interested in the OHV V8. Could you please give me super accurate measurements of the length, width, and hight of this engine. On your website it says 14x 9.8x 10 cm. However a friend showed me a pic of the blueprint size and it says 153mmx 150mm. Could you please verify the real measurements for me so I can tell if this engine will fit in a boat I want to install it in.. thank you. I love your products.

q31: hi. you say this is modeled after a small block chevy, i see one glaring difference, distributor is at the wrong end, belongs in the back.other than that it looks cool. also, are you thinking old school chevy or LS, if old school exhaust ports are in the wrong place. diehard chevy fan here by the way.

Q32: CAN i GET THE v-8 RTR

Q33: Hi. I am inquiring about your Cison overhead valve engine. Are the oil rings included, or do I have to purchase. If so what is the price? Also is the oil pump included? I see no carburetor in the picture, do I have to purchase that also?


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