#WhyWeEngine: Ling Jacky | Stirlingkit

#WhyWeEngine: Ling Jacky | Stirlingkit

#WhyWeEngine: Ling Jacky | Stirlingkit

CHAN Hong Ling Jacky

Age: 60+ 

Technical Director 

Jacky is our old friend. We have developed a nice relationship since 2020. He was interested in diesel engineering on a boat, listening to the engine sound, and smell of the oil. He started to build a model boat at a young age with passion, curiosity and patience and won 1st prize in a scientific competition. He majored in Heavy Vehicle Engineering at a Technical Institute and self-learned Marine Engineering and Electrical Engineering with passion and love for engineering and engines. He spent 15 years (1983 to 1998) on building a 1/16 model diesel locomotive and another 10 years (2010 to 2020)  on building a 1/6 marine engine. 

He pointed out the wrongly connected turbocharger hose of the Teching Workable Mini Diesel Engine DIY OHV 4-cylinder Engine. The Teching team optimiezed the design of the engine with his suggestion and released the final version engine. 

The turbocharger compresser (positioned at left side) outlet (left side upper position) is connected to air filter and inlet (left side middle position) is connected to engine intake manifold. The correct way is to reverse the connection: turbocharger compressor air inlet should connected to air filter and turbocharger outlet should connected to engine intake manifold. Also the description this is a single stage turbocharger, not a 2 stages turbocharger, another is 3-ways Catalyst only used in petrol engine, diesel engine can named as Exhaust Aftertreatment System, which consists of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Particulate Filter and Selective Catalyst Reduction to clean the exhaust gas. Worth to inform manufacturer on these issue such that it will give correct knowledge to general publics. Here is the better explanation : black color hose connects to Air Filter, blue color hose connects to engine Intake Manifold.


Now, let's get to know Jacky. 

1. Please introduce yourself briefly.

My name: CHAN Hong Ling Jacky, I live in Hong Kong, my professional is commercial vehicle body and system design, research, and development field for nearly 30 years, my title is Technical Director in a National Sales Company run by MAN from Germany.


2. When and how did you enter the world of engines in the beginning?

In about 1969, at that time my father run a small lady shoes making firm. After the shoes were completed, father and me then take a ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong, the trip usually takes an hour, because we are having goods on-board, we can only take the lowest deck which I can see the machinery.  My father then take out all the shoes for final checking, I then fooling around the engine room skylight, seeing the mains engine, the generator engine, instrument panels, smell of diesel fuel, lube oil, seawater, engine starting and running sound, telegraph ringing sound, engine clutch operation and propeller shaft turning. This kicks off my curiosity on diesel engineering.


3. Do you collect engines? Which are the top 3 engines you like most and why? Would you like to share some photos of them?

I have many engine collections, attached 2 photos which I considered very special during the 1990: the upper one is from Germany, the engine is 4-stroke cycle using conical seat valve instead conventional poppet valve.  The lower one is from Japan famous Wankel Rotary Engine, also 4-stroke cycle but without valve, just used port timing.


4. Can you repair engines? May I know how you learn to modify or repair the engines?

I can repair engine from smallest model application to real car/truck/marine and industrial engine, I come across the biggest diesel engine is a V-20 with 3,500hp.  I study in one of Technical Institute in Hong Kong, major on Heavy Vehicle Engineering, then I used my spare time self-study Marine Engineering and Electrical Engineering.


5. Do you still remember the first engine project you worked on? Would you like to share some stories about it?

I start building model boat in 1970, using at that time available from Shanghai China famous “Silver Swallow” brand compression ignition engine.  Originally is air-craft engine and I modified it to water cooled for fitting into a small wooden boat hull, this continuous for few years to 1975, then on 1977 my secondary school organized a Inter Class Scientific Competition, I design and build a Power Generator driven by a water cooled nitro engine removed from a model boat, demonstrated the conservation of energy from fuel (chemical) energy to mechanical energy (internal combustion engine) then further to electricity (generator), the electricity used to light up the bicycle head lamp and tail lamp.  Finally, my team won the 1st Prize.


6. Can you share some advice for beginners who are interested in model engines?

Passion, Curiosity, Patient and how to face problem is very important on model building.  One needs to be prepared on failure, how to tackle the problem, careful observation on the details but remains an open mind is the way to success on model building.  I have used 15 years (1983 to 1998) on building a 1/16 model diesel locomotive and 10 years (2010 to 2020) on building a 1/6 marine engine as attached photos. But today digital age already improved information exchange and production technology, design and production time can be shortened.



7. What do you think about the current model engine industry?

The current model industry is very competitively and challenging, with internet, all the marketing information, production information and feed back information can be flow free amongst different area around the world: marketing and manufacturing firm can know customers demand and customer can know the products details well, speed up the interaction.


8. You purchased items on our website in 2020. How did you find our website? Please share your story with Stirlingkit.

Initially I don’t know Stirlingkit, on about March-2020 I looking on e-bay for model engine, I just luckily enough my eyes was catch by a single cylinder air-cooled engine kit (completed with base, starter, fuel tank and everything to starts the engine), very fascinating by the package, but when I looked at the seller, it was from USA TecToy and the offer said will not ship to Hong Kong.  I sent email to the seller, negotiate with him with higher courier price finally this is delivered to my home.  Upon open the packing, Wow!!!! This is Toyan Engine from China, then finally located Stirlingkit.com and started our relation since then.


9. What do you think of Stirlingkit? We need some suggestions for improvement.

Stirlingkit give me a completely new model purchasing experience: starting from very beginning display model (like the display engine and key ring) to very precision designed and build full function working mechanical model (Electrohydraulic Crawler Excavator), price range from very economically scale to same price as a real passenger car, very good technical and customers service and communication, open-minded communication and constant improving the products.  Basically, from March-2020, once I need to find model (every kind of model included the one for tutorial used), I just approached Stirlingkit. Also, I have communicated with Stirlingkit many times on products development, I can remember on about September-2020 I have talked to Stirlingkit that Toyan has the capability to product Wankel Rotary Engine and dream already come true on early this year.  

But some suggestions on the overall improvement in my thinking:

The demonstration photos and video from various factory is very fascinating, but the photos and video shooting can be improved: the engineer during demonstrating needs to have designated uniform, safety shoes should replace slippers, demonstrating test table needs to be more professional prepared, don’t just used pier, or G-clamp or vise-grip clamping the test engine onto it. 

If the system has radiator, water cooling pump, water tank, fuel tank, starter battery, all these should arranged in neat and tidy order.

When shooting the video, keep the view in horizontal plan only, because sometimes the video shall become inverted 90 degrees, it not good for presentation.

When the engine is started and running, the acceleration test shall need to run it uniformly, sharp acceleration also needs but not frequent needs, they should demonstrate steady state running performance.

Setting up, operation and maintenance instruction is very important for effective demonstrating the full performance of the model, sometimes I have received the products without any instruction, I have to manage by myself.  For me I can manage but not all customers can do that.

Packing of good: sometimes I have received the good with damaged packing cartoon box, this is not good for customers feelings, the delivery packing must be strong to provide transit damaged, at least the products original packing or cartoon box should be well protected and prevent damaged.



At Stirlingkit, we strive to tell stories that inspire and reflect the engine experiences from our customers. To do this more effectively, we are launching the Collaborate Storysharing Project. We want to give our customers the opportunity to participate in our reporting process by contributing their engine story ideas and personal narratives. We want to work with our customers to highlight sharing initiatives of their engine experience or engineering projects. The idea behind this project is to gather ideas and stories that will provide important context and support for someone who is new to Stirlingkit team and our engines. Help us tell the stories that matter to you. Want to hear your honest feedback. Stirlingkit Team is always here for you.

Would you like to be one of them?



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