CISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine Model Kits 4-Stroke 44cc Water-Cooled 1/6

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Best Performance V8 Engine Model Ever

A Miniature Marvel of Power and Precision

The original small-block V-8 engine, introduced in 1955, had a profound impact on automotive history. It was a technological marvel, loved by enthusiasts, and it's widely used for street-rodding, muscle cars and trucks, circle track racing, and an array of drag cars. In history, it's an undisputed king of domestic engines for its numbers and legacy.

CISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine Model Kits 4-Stroke 44cc Water-Cooled 1/6 - stirlingkit

The Art of Miniature Precision

The CISON Small-block V8-440 Engine Kit is more than just a mechanical masterpiece. Picture a 1/6 scale marvel that mirrors the finest details of a full-sized V8 engine, the best high performance v8 engine model ever. This miniature powerhouse, boasting an impressive 4.8 horsepower and an RPM range of 1500-10000rpm, is designed with an obsessive commitment to precision. It's not merely a model; it's a captivating work of art in motion. Every component, every curve, and every detail has been meticulously crafted to perfection.

Aesthetic Excellence

Beyond sheer power, our engine kit is a visual delight. An exquisite electroplated paint finish in vibrant orange captures the essence of legendary V8 engines. It's not just a model; it's an embodiment of your passion for the art of engineering. And yes, it's designed for real fuel operation, allowing you to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of internal combustion engine model with each glance.

CISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine Model Kits 4-Stroke 44cc Water-Cooled 1/6 - stirlingkit
CISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine Model Kits 4-Stroke 44cc Water-Cooled 1/6 - stirlingkit

Built to Last

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Precision manufacturing, including a 5-axis CNC-machined cylinder, reinforced connecting rods, a double-layer gear pump water pump, and an independent lubrication system, ensures this engine's longevity. It's not just a model; it's a testament to our craftsmanship and your passion.

Education Through Creation

Building this c8 masterpiece is an educational adventure, a hands-on journey through the intricate art of engine construction. Our high-precision parts and easy-to-follow instructions offer a deep understanding of engine structure and mechanical principles. It's not just a model; it's an opportunity to nurture your knowledge and skills.

CISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine Model Kits 4-Stroke 44cc Water-Cooled 1/6 - stirlingkit

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Joseph Peters
Cisons best one yet!

Its one of the best engines Cison has come out with. Its a fun challenge to build as its a full-blown engine! This engine takes time to build, it has a fair bit going for it. And i love it! Let me set some important points.

-Dual stage water pump is brilliant. Each bank receives their own fluid to stay cool, they then join at the back and route though under the intake where it conveniently comes out the front of the intake manifold! The pump is also a gear setup, so no more lack of waterflow like Cison had with the L4. This is a massive improvement overall! Good job guys!

It has a fully developed oiling system so everything stays lubricated! By a small 3D printed metal tube. Its directly fed directly by the oil pump. This squirts oil onto, camshaft and crankshaft! Even the rocker assembly! That will drain past the lifters keeping them oiled, and back into the oilpan. This greatly prolongs the life of parts inside the engine! And when yer reving to 10,000 RPM thats very important. The pistons even have an oil scraper ring, which will prevent the engine from eating its oil, reduse sleeve wear by keeping proper lubrication, and reducing carbon buildup.

Having a distributor to adjust makes setting the timing much easier. Simply rotating the distributor will advance or retard the timing on the fly. No more having to set a hallsensor in the correct spot! The shaft being made from metal also ensures longevity of the distributor! The crank pulley even has timing marks to make setting the timing much easier!! Now you know where TDC is on piston one!

the engine is absolutely gorgeous, there are other small V8 engines out there from Howin, to Toyan even Enjomor. But Cison has knocked the ball out of the park with this one.

Building it you have this sense of awe, that something with such power, was made so small. The fact a litteral v8 engine can sit on my desk and rip away is still mind boggling to me. You chuckle a little thinking about it.

When you get the engine take a pause and take a look at the parts of the engine. Youll start to appreciate the ammount of detail and craftsmanship that went into this engine. Its smooth, solid, everything fits together like a really good lwell built engine set. It was done with intention not just because. It does not feel like it was hobbled together at all. Like they really took the time to make such a wonderful thing. You see it on the website photos, they went from an o-ring setup to a proper belt system. This is true craftsmanship. A whole other level of engine building.

And I only own this one V8 engine. I saved up for months to get this engine as my first. I have lots of other engines i love as well. But none have impressed me as much as this engine has. This raises the bar entirley.


How often can you say a fully functional V8 engine fits in the palm of your hand? Its mind boggling.

If you are looking for a proper SMALL v8 engine. As a desk toy, boat engine, or even to put in a square body. Beginner or not. I highly reccomend Cisons. I haven't gotten to start it yet as i need to wait for the mounts. But knowing how good the L4 was itself. I have 0 doubts this engine will give me issues. ill be eager as i wait! I reccomend you get one! You can even choose from 4 diffrent colors!


The CISON Small-block V8-440 Engine Kit is a high-precision, 1/6 scale, water-cooled OHV 4-stroke V8 gasoline engine model. It is a DIY assembly kit that allows you to build a miniature version of a V8 engine.

The Cison OHV V8 engine model features a lifelike appearance with electroplated paint, precision manufacturing with a 5-axis CNC-machined cylinder, a long stroke design, reinforced and hardened connecting rods, a double-layer gear pump water pump, and an independent lubrication system. It's designed for enhanced torque and power output and can be used in RC models.

This Cison v8 engine kit is crafted with high-precision parts and comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making it suitable for model engine enthusiasts looking to learn more about miniature American-style small-block v8 engine structure and mechanical principles. However, some experience with model building or mechanical knowledge may be helpful. Please contact service@stirlingkit.comCISON Gasoline OHV V8 Small-block Engine Model Kits 4-Stroke 44cc Water-Cooled 1/6

Yes, this engine model is suitable for real fuel operation. It runs on gasoline (recommended 92# and above) and 2T engine oil (recommended 10W50 2T engine oil).

The recommended starting power source for the engine is a 6-12V supply, with 2S-3S Lipo batteries being a suitable choice. The engine uses distributor ignition with a high-performance CDI ignition system and a frequency of 42000. The engine has an RPM range of 1500-10000rpm and produces approximately 4.8hp, providing impressive performance for its size.

yes. please buy all the Cison v8 accessories here.