ENJOMOR V8 78CC GS-V8 Working Scale Model Engine Gas DOHC 4 Stroke Water-cooled Pre-Order

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ENJOMOR V8 GS-V8 Working Scale Model Engine Gas 78CC DOHC 4 Stroke Water-cooled Pre-order


Notice: This engine is in pre-order now. it takes 2 months to produce these engines.  Any problems please contact service@stirlingkit.com

The preorders placed in 2022 & Q1 of 2023 were shipped already and the estimated shipping time for other orders will be updated in the blog in time. (Updated in April 2023) 

Please check the delivery news via the blog: click here


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Want to know more about this v8 engine? Enjomor V8 GS-V8 Gasoline Engine Full Review by Dennis Dempsey


.Features the DOHC valve mechanism, exposed timing belt and perfect size & appearance for a high level of performance for extraordinary power.
.Independent Lubrication System: The oil pump pumps recyclable oil to the top CAM of the engine for lubrication.
.The side water-cooling pump provides effective heat dissipation, which helps extend the working time and service life of the engine.
.Designed with the hall-type CDI pulse split ignition and 3548 brushless starter motor, the engine boasts one-key operation for added convenience.
.With the housing made of full aluminum CNC in precision manufacturing, the engine boasts the realistic appearance, integrated exhaust manifold and true engine sound.
.Adopts three piston rings (gas ring, taper ring&oil ring) and another oil ring made in 32 processes to ensure the compression force in the cylinder for higher combustion efficiency.
.Comes with the super hard piston cylinder liner and one-piece crankshaft with full bearing support (three big bearings in the middle, small bearings at both ends) for outstanding strength and durability.
.Designed for a wide range of applications, the engine can be used to refit large-scale model cars, boats, and tanks, and is also suitable as a desktop DIY engine model to play.
.The excellent reliability and working performance of the amazing engine model make it a popular mechanical artifact among high-end collector engine users and it will get more praise from model engine enthusiasts.
.The following additional ignition and water cooling parts are required for the engine model: one cdi ignition, supply voltage of 10-12V, one 80A ESC, supply voltage of 38-48V (10-12S Battery), one fuel tank, one fuel pipe, one cooling fan and one water cooling pipe.


.Material: Metal
.Item NO.: GS-V8.
.Status: Finished Version
.Type: Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine
.Valve: DOHC
.Displacement: 78cc
.Cylinder: V-shaped Eight-cylinder
.Stroke: Four-stroke
.Bore: 22.9mm
.Stroke: 20.00mm
.Output Shaft Diameter: 10mm
.Compression Ratio: 1/14
.Maximum Speed: 9000rpm
.Maximum Power: 3.8kw
.Cooling: Water-cooling
.Lubrication: Independent Lubrication (Oil Pump Lubrication)
.Starting: Electric Starting (with Brushless Starter Motor)
.Ignition: CDI igniter & Distributor
.Spark Plug Type: ME8 Spark Plug with 1/4-32 Thread
.Ignition Voltage: 10-12V
.Starting Power: 24-48V Battery (Not Included)
.Fuel: 95# Gasoline
.Oil: 20W and above, Oil Volume: 50ml
.Age: 18+
.Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 17.9 x 13.8cm
.Product Weight: 4500g
.Package Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 5500g
.Packing: Box

Package List:
8* spark Plugs

Customer Reviews

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Kenny megazuk
second batch of the enjomor V8 just arrived to me

After a very long wait my enjomor V8 finally arrived I already ordered the base for it and received it a while ago now just waiting on the aftermarket headers the packing was really nice and DHL tracking was on point . Though one of the technicians forgot to tighten down one of the oil fills and the oil that was in it was all over the engine and packing . Overall it looks very nice and well put together waiting on the aftermarket headers & more things and going to attempt to do a pre-start this weekend .

Brandon K
Incredible Engine!

I received engine number 12 beautifully packaged and very well protected. My first impression was pure joy just looking at it. The engine is very well made and has incredible detail. I also have the Enjomor D6 DOHC 4 cylinder which is clearly related to this V8, but with improvements. They have clearly taken what they learned and improved the design and features. It was also obvious that they had test run the engine before shipping. This gave me a wonderful baseline to tune from. The engine has excellent compression and seems to have good power. My only real complaint carries over from the D6 and is the distributor. It is much improved over the D6 distributor, but is not easily adjusted. It can’t be adjusted while running making adjustments very time consuming and less precise. It’s better than before and a clear sign of improvement though. One of the two carburetors is nearly impossible to adjust without some minor disassembly, but isn’t that difficult to work around. I really hope that Enjomor will revisit the D6 and offer us updated components that are shared between the two engines as well as drivetrain/clutch systems. It is my opinion that this V8 is an absolute game changer for the hobby and something I have been looking forward to my whole life. Highly recommended for anyone that loves functional scale engines. Stirlingkit has been very helpful answering questions and helping resolve any issues that I’ve had with any product I’ve purchased from them. I can’t wait to see what Enjomor has coming up in the future. Keep up the excellent work!

Randy Vickery
V-8 78cc motor

The quality is very nice. It is shipped in a high quality wood box. The new base pairs nicely with the motor. It requires two power sources and the additional start up kit. Videos available detailing hookup of hoses and wiring.

Dennis Dempsey radio out of control
This is the most impressive engine I have ever owned!

This is the best deal going for a quarter scale V8! It’s 78cc’s fully adjustable valve train, wet sump oiling system, very well designed and very reliable it easily starts every time the sound of this engine is truly amazing! I absolutely love this engine! I had the opportunity to test their sample prototype and the final product is sweet! I hope they design a good clutch and gearbox soon so we can install them in a RC project 👍👍