RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine

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Resonating Exhaust Pipe Design: One of the unique features of the RETROL HM-01 engine is the inclusion of a resonating exhaust pipe design. This design reproduces the exhaust sound and adds a unique aesthetic appeal. The sound can be heard when the engine operates at extremely low speeds, offering an immersive and realistic experience.

RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine - stirlingkit
RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine - stirlingkit

Quick-Slow Speed Switch: A specially designed feature rarely seen in other engines, the "quick-slow speed switch" allows users to switch between ultra-low speeds and high speeds for power output. This feature provides a greater sense of playability and control, offering a versatile experience for engine enthusiasts.

User-Friendly Carburetor Design: The novel carburetor design of the RETROL HM-01 engine makes it easier to adjust, particularly for beginners. This user-friendly feature simplifies the tuning process and enhances the overall usability of the engine.

RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine - stirlingkit
RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine - stirlingkit

Adjustable Main Oil Cup: The engine incorporates a transparent and adjustable main oil cup. This feature allows for precise lubrication, ensuring enhanced durability and a longer lifespan for the engine.

One flywheel is equipped with a spring-loaded ball design, while the other features a split-type wide-faced belt pulley, making the engine highly practical for power output.

RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine - stirlingkit

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The RETROL HM-01 engine features an adjustable oil cup, user-friendly carburetor, improved exhaust sound, resonating pipe, quick-slow speed switch, premium materials, and eye-catching design.

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The RETROL HM-01 engine may be available in different versions. If you choose the RTR (Ready-to-Run) completed version, it means that the engine comes fully assembled and ready to run. You won't need to perform any additional assembly or modifications. Simply follow the provided instructions for fueling and starting the engine, and you should be ready to enjoy its operation.

If your parcel is experiencing delays, it's advisable to first check the tracking information for any updates or notifications regarding the delay. Sometimes delays can occur due to weather conditions, customs clearance, or other unforeseen circumstances. If you believe there is a significant delay or if the delivery timeframe has been exceeded, contact the Stirlingkit for assistance, and further information is recommended. We will give you a refund if it's because of the manufacturing delay.

To start the RETROL HM-01 engine, follow these steps:

1. Ensure the engine is placed on a stable surface and properly secured.
2. Fill the fuel tank with the recommended type of fuel specified in the product documentation.
3. Turn the fuel valve on and ensure there are no fuel leaks.
4. Set the engine's speed control lever to the desired speed (low or high).
5. Use the provided starting mechanism, such as a hand crank or electric starter, to initiate the engine's rotation.
6. Once the engine starts running, adjust the carburetor to achieve a smooth idle and optimal performance.
7. Monitor the engine during operation, making any necessary adjustments as needed.
8. To stop the engine, turn off the fuel valve and allow the engine to run until it exhausts the remaining fuel in the carburetor.

For detailed and specific instructions on starting and operating the RETROL H and M-01 engine, refer to the product's user manual or the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

This engine is in stock now. it has 60pcs available. it will be shiped within 24 working hours after the order is placed. It's selling fast. Hurry up. Notice time: 2024/05/13

the RETROL HM-01 engine typically includes the engine itself. However, it does not include a fuel tank, base, or equipment wooden box,a spark plug, and a CDI igniter. These additional items would need to be sourced separately to complete the setup and display of the engine.

RETROL offers a warranty and customer support for the H and M-01 engine model. The specific details of the warranty, including its duration and coverage, will be provided by RETROL & Stirlingkit. Additionally, customer support channels such as email service@stirlingkit or a dedicated support portal will be available to address any inquiries or issues that customers may have.

For the semi-finished kit version, you may need basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and a small file. The specific tools required will be outlined in the assembly instructions. The kit spare parts version and RTR completed version will not require any additional tools for assembly.

Quality of the RETROL HM-01 engine is ensured through meticulous material selection, precision machining, and collaboration with the MUSA factory. Rigorous testing, adherence to first-tier standards, and a focus on reliability and durability are key aspects that guarantee the product's quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
HM-01 made into a portable engine.

I immensely enjoyed assembling the MUSA RETROL HM-01 7cc, Model KIT which was easily accomplished. After I got it built, I needed to do more, like making it into a portable engine. I found the right wheels for the look wanted and fabricated the running gear. Adding a choice wood tray from Hobby Lobby finished off the display. Overall, a “GREAT” model from Stirling kit added to the collection. THANKS. **PS: Still looking for a functional model Windmill, and a side shaft cam stopper model.

Liam Mcconnell
The very best hit & miss model money can buy!!!

The Retrol HM-01 engine from Stirlingkit not only looks good but it runs great as well, So many of these models come from the factory set up to run as fast as possible, The opposite to what enthusiasts want, but they got it right this time.
The quality of machining of this engine is second to none. the fit/finish is perfect.
The wooden base really sets the engine off and is worth the few extra dollars to get it, Taking it from "Toy" to "Scale Model".
The engine fired up very quickly after the initial build without any issues.
It come with a glass drip lubricator (as prototype) for the cylinder along with two lubrication cups on the crankshaftshaft.
Overall i think this engine equals the quality of something you would expect to pay 4-5x the price for in the USA or UK.

It really is a no brainer, GET IT BOUGHT YouTube video placeholder
New lamp

Very nice looking and it runs even better then it looks, made a display stand/lamp so it can be enjoyed when not running.
Not really impressed with the customer service. Took about 5 weeks, and many emails to get a replacment part for the part that arrived broken.
The engine is very impressive now that it runs however.

Armando Lopez
Excellent Hit and Miss Engine

This engine not only looks good but it runs amazing as well. The wooden base really looks great with the engine and is worth the few extra dollars to get it. The engine fired up right out of the box without any issues. I like the fact that it has a two speed lever. It come with a lubrication glass tank and two lubrication points on the shaft. Don’t think about it just buy it, you won’t regret it. YouTube video placeholder
Bryan Hewitt
Retrol HM-01

Excellent fit of parts
Finish is very well done
Great base to mount it on and a box to hide electronics
The black exhaust stack gives it the ++ in looks
2 speed lever is excellent for slowing it down
Nice brass fuel tank
It runs very smooth, overall I give it a 9.9