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Honestly impressed by this. The pictures do not do this item justice.
The construction is top notch. All the parts are machined cleanly and the glass pieces are crystal clear/sturdy. The shine on each piece adds to how striking the engine is at first glance and in operation. Not noted on the ad or in the pictures, the company making these has obviously listened to the responses and added an aluminum cup to keep the flame bottle from moving. This was a pleasant surprise as the biggest complaint seems to be the flame bottle walking during operation. The engine works right out of the box. However, you will need a bottle of denatured alcohol. Some people will suggest using oil, I strongly advise against this. Alcohol burns clear and will not stain the piece. The oil will blacken anything the smoke touches and can be complicated to clean.
Great product, Stirlingkit has earned my seal of approval!


This is a Magnificent little working Model. A very attractive shiny unit that looks great stationary and runs nicely. The brass makes it much more attractive than units just made of aluminium. If you are into models and working engines as I am, I think you will enjoy this one.


My uncle has a little steam engine from about the 1950's ,always wanted one myself but can't afford one. Saw this little engine a few months ago , runs like a charm.


Fun engine. I didn't know what to expect, but this is a cool little machine. Everyone wants a turn starting it and watching it go.


What an awesome and simply fascinating piece of historical machinery to have!! This is for my brothers Birthday present he's gonna LOVE it!!!! The motor arrived in pristine condition, the metals and alloys were shimmering from polishing I can see my reflection, beautiful!