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This kit only took five days to my house. The kit is well-packed and arrived undamaged apart from the outer tin box which had suffered a small teat in transit. The component parts are beautifully manufactured and the finish is excellent. Although quite expensive. I believe that this kit is worth every penny. Many thanks to all involved. Mr Happy


A really perfect kit. A little expensive but really nicely finished and complete. I am looking forward to the assembly and will give a report on it. Best greetings


Buy it, works perfectly. Can’t believe someone took the time to design, build and bring this to market. Bravo!


I didn't know what to expect, but this kit exceeded my expectations in every way. I learned so much about how engines work and about all the engine parts that I've been hearing about and paying to replace during my last few decades as a car owner, and how the parts fit together and work together to create that fabled four-stroke engine. I learned about the timing belt and the cam shaft and the valves and the pistons and the sparkplugs, and how the starter motor connects to the fuel pump and the crankshaft to start the engine. Dang, this kit was incredible. The packaging was so well designed, and the instructions were really clear. Even though the instruction manual was IN CHINESE (!!!), I was able to use the Google Translate app to figure out what was happening, and the diagrams were really easy to read. The whole experience was absolutely a delight. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to learn more about car engines. I think it's going to have great re-play value, so I'm planning to pass it on to a kid I know. Great value, perfectly described, really great purchase.


Good detail modelling , hope Stirlingkit produced model engine V8 Full Metal DIY