Teching V8 Mechanical Metal Assembly DIY Car Engine Model Kit 500+Pcs Educational Experiment Toy


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scott thompson

so cool!! Been explaining to my wife how an engine works. we build it together.


a big thanks to Stirlingkit. good quality and fast shipping. 5 stars.

Amazing Detail and engineering

Purchased the V8 Engine because I knew it would be challenging and it would take time to finish correctly. When the kit arrived (fast shipping) I was impressed with the metal packing container. All the parts are laid out and numbered which would be a critical part of the build. The instructions were very easy to read with diagrams for each part of the build. All the parts are metal and very well engineered to fit perfectly with no expense spared. As you build each part page by page, the instructions explains and shows where each part goes and the direction it is to be placed on the engine down to the last screw. The engineering and detail was amazing as every part fit perfectly and worked as it would in a real engine. All the parts moved as they should down to the last detail. There is even a water pump that has internal impellers that you can see as well as the pistons that you can see through the engine block cut outs. The engine is truly a great way to see how a real engine works and is very educational. Cant wait to build the next model engine!


Just received the box this morning. Nicely packed and secured.
Will take some more photos after opening it up.

Stuart Shull
Fantastic, high quality project

Been looking for something more technical than Lego build with the kiddo and, since I'm a gearhead, this fits the bill exactly. The quality is beyond belief from the metal container, the packaging of the parts and to the final build - all is top notch. I'll be looking to Stirlingkit for other high quality interesting builds in the future.

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