Teching V8 Mechanical Metal Assembly DIY Car Engine Model Kit 500+Pcs Educational Experiment Toy


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Just received the box this morning. Nicely packed and secured.
Will take some more photos after opening it up.

Stifling V-8 Model

I am 76, a gearing and mechanical enthusiast. The Stirling model name has been around since I was young. However this is my first Stirling/ Techning kit. I found it earlier in the year surfing the web and ordered on their pre-order offer.

The kit was impressive, metal case, packing, quality of manufacture, etc. The instruction manual was excellent on graphics but needs a bit of translation work. Not a problem in any way. It was a joy to assemble and was quite challenging to be sure all meshed and functioned. Completed, it works like a watch and all that is left is a wooden base.

There was a problem over a missing major engine block part. Customer service took care of it and I am happy.

This is a pricey kit, it is very much worth it if you love mechanical models. You will not find this on a store shelf. If this is the type of thing you enjoy, I highly recommend it.

Tom Nequette

Teching V8

Awesome model with great detail.
Great instructions.

New DIY V8 engine kit

Another amazing engine kit, this time a V8. Flawless fit on all mechanical parts. Makes a beautiful working cutaway metal model. I really liked the new included exhaust pipes.
Only had one minor issue with this kit. The motor wires were about 10mm too short to reach the circuit board wiring plug. I needed to splice the two wires to make them reach.
Another precision model added to my growing collection of outstanding quality Sterling kits.


Great build. No problems at all I would like to see the circuit board housing a little bigger. Cramming all those wires into that box is a little hard. Other than that huge amount of fun. Plenty of spare screws

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