HOWIN L6-210 21cc Straight-six Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Building Kits Water-cooled 13500rpm

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HOWIN L6-210 21cc Straight-six Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Building Kits Water-cooled 13500rpm

Note: this inline six engine is in stock now. so all the orders will be sent out within 1 working day. Please note that the starter kits are not included and you need to purchase them separately. Buy accessories here.

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.Why Howin Engine Makes the Inline Six Engine L6-210?

Have you still remembered the Sunday night that you drove your f300 car out for a joyride? If you have driven a car with an inline-six engine, you will find the L6 engine appealing because its perfect balance helps for smooth, easy revs, and a soothing exhaust note, just like the burbling of a freshwater stream. More importantly, its simple layout guarantees less maintenance. That's the key reason why HOWIN ENGINE decide to get this L6 engine involved in their new engine plans. It's no secret that this L6 engine is one of the most popular engines in the world that never die. Its reliability and excellence are thought highly of by millions of truck and van owners because of its uniqueness, providing loyal service.  

HOWIN L6-210 is designed and developed on the basis of the iconic engine F300. Howin team has spent a year or so developing, designing, and testing this straight-six I6 engine. They also make some major upgrades too. For example, while retaining the appearance elements of the classic I6 engine, Howin model engineers adopt the Howin-made distributor ignition, upgraded independent lubrication system, and brand-new intake system. And they also make it water cooling, and gas-powered, which will be more friendly to users and players.

.Building an Inline 6 Engine That works 

It's a real working inline-six engine kit for adults. The 1/8 mini I6 engine is authentic with a classic blue and silver color scheme that is never out of fashion, as closely as to the real engine. Thrill your curious motorheads with these metal gas-powered mini-engine kits. Just get to build a realistic 6-cylinder motor, power it up & watch it run – with moving pistons, spinning fans, smooth engine sound & more.

Howin L6 is Every Motorhead’s Dream Project

Just forget cheaply plastic-made model kits with missing parts. This complete engine model building kit gives you everything you need from start to finish with over 600 premium CNC machined metal parts. Just follow the detailed manual to start your engine-building tour. This inline 6-cylinder combustion model kit will rev to life after all 600+ quality engine kit pieces have been assembled with a step-by-step paper guide. It’s the first fully functional 4-stroke 6-cylinder combustion model engine kit for at-home and automotive classes used to thrill curious teenagers about engines through the building process.

REAL Internal Combustion Engine Kits

This is one of the best mini engine kits that run because it cannot only allow you to build an authentic 6-cylinder internal combustion, but you can also hear the real engine sounds which allow you and your kids to grasp mechanical principles beyond ordinary engineering play experience. And It's considered the most educational engine model kit that works for teenagers and adults ages 18 and more, who dream to be engineers.

Realistic & Powerful
.Long Stroke:

Taking the long stroke as the engine design blueprint, it effectively provides higher torque. And the customized flexible oil seal ensures excellent sealing performance in high-speed operation.
.Water Cooling:

Designed with a cooling water groove inside the cylinder block and water pump for circulating power, the model is able to work in conjunction with a cooling fan later to strengthen the cooling performance and extend the working time.
.Valve Mechanism:

Features a valve overhead and the camshaft structure on the bottom. Push rod control valve switch makes this more stable.

Built with a cross crankshaft structure, five-section full support, bearing at both ends and middle copper bearing bush, the engine boasts more smooth operation, more sensitive acceleration response and high efficiency.
.Accurate Carburetor:

Enjoy more accurate adjustment, more sensitive throttle response and more stable performance thanks to the brand new dual carburetor with pump.
.Engine Model Building DIY:

Crafted from ultra-precise components, the engine model gives a strong mechanical sense, enables smooth assembly experience and provides users with fun, helping to build their own I6 engines.
.Wide Applications:

The extended output shaft can facilitate the expansion and extension of playing methods in the later stage, so as to be more compatible with RC model vehicles/ships. .Super-cool Engine Gift Idea:

As you and your kids build this model engine, you’ll develop critical thinking & mechanical skills. Plus, you’ll learn all about combustion engines from the detailed included workbook. so It’s ideal for both home & classroom use, so it’s a great gift for teachers, too. It's an amazing mechanical craft and a perfect gift for model enthusiasts.


material: metal;
Color: as picture shown;
Model: L6-210;
Form: KIT version;
Size: 252.05*88.56*144.48mm;
Weight: 2.4kg;
Engine type: gasoline internal combustion engine;
Valve train type: OHV;
Displacement: 21.0 (3.5*6) cc;
Cylinder: straight six cylinders;
Stroke: four-stroke;
Bore: 16.6mm;
Stroke: 17.0mm;
Speed: 3200-13500 rpm;
Power: 3.05ps;
Cooling method: water cooling;
Lubrication method: independent lubrication system (including oil pump);
Start mode: electric start;
Ignition method: CDI+distributor to control ignition (not included);
Spark plug type: Inch Thread 3/16-40 Spark Plug (not included);
Starting power supply: 7.4V 2S lithium battery (not included);
Fuel: 92# and above gasoline (not included);
Suitable age: 14+;
Packing method: color box;

Packing list:

.1*Engine Kit Set
.1*Tools Kit


(Note: the starter kit is not included, you need to buy it yourself.)


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Like this Howin L6 Engine

Hi, I just got the L6 to start yesterday, it roared to life ! After setting timing, distributor ( there are dots on cam and distributor shaft) adjusted the valves to 0.15mm first with feeler gauge , it`s fiddely to do this, had to cut down and bend the feeler gauge blade. No start at all ! Not even a pop, burned out two hall effect sensors, then enlarged the seat, as in video so it could fit shrink tube over the sensor, I recomend using Rcxl tester for these, and you dont need to take apart to test.
I then reset the valve clerance with a 0.20mm blade. Hit the button and it fired right up !! So the VALVE CLERANCE is important here !!!
Nice, but my watrepump does not pump and spraying water out the shaft when using a electric pump, turns out the shaft wobbles and the bearing was completly worn out, to the point the impreller made a grove in the engine block. Maybe I had the belt to tight ?
Aneyway I really like this engine a lot, looks good in my boat and I think when fine tuned and run in it will be great, thanks to "Jamy RC block "for good tips on youtube . I did order the new 3 in one exhausts, and asked Mona if Howin will consider making a intakemanifold with the carbs sidemounted to lower the overall height ( or I make my own) for easyer instalation.
I also think the engine mounting holes are to close togheter and I made my own wider engine mount that sits on m3 rubber pads mounted in the boat.
Great engine to build but don`t expect it to run perfect out of the box, these engines require fine tuning and run in time .
Recomended by Bernt…….

Howin l6-210 21cc

This little engine has exceed my expectations, the quality of the parts, the fitment and precision is remarkable. 👌
Starting this engine is an exciting experience everytime, the sound!! The presence of this engine is incredible, especially since this is a first production run good job. 👏 👏👍
The build was fun I found myself wishing it was longer, definitely not a first engine to build I would recommend building a 2 or 4 cylinder engine to get your feet wet, but this engine is spot on.
Love the sound and scale look of this engine.
A beautiful engine for any collection as either a shelf queen or powering a cool rc this engine will not disappoint.
Stirlingkit has also gone above and beyond there team have been so amazing and supportive.
Thank you for all your help I Love Stirlingkit. 🙏 ❤️ YouTube video placeholder
way better than i have expected!

I'm always dreaming of owning a inline six engine. not to say an engine kit!!! so i got this L6 engine from Stirlingkit when it was on sale. everything is perfect. thank you! Stirlingkit Team.