Three Wheeler Scale Horizontal Engine Model R18 Single Cylinder Four-stroke 1.9CC

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Three Wheeler Scale Horizontal Engine Model R18 Single Cylinder Four-stroke 1.9CC 

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.Simulation Three-wheel car engine/tricycle engine: The horizontal cylinders and a large flywheel all highlight the charm of this engine which is based on the first car engine prototype. The advantage of this model is its ingenious structural design, with each component reproducing the mechanical principles. It is a fully functional all-metal engine model that can be started and operated.
.Excellent Manufacturing: The entire engine is made in precision casting with each part carefully crafted. The contour of the cylinder block and other parts of the casting process is very clever, which is the most significant feature of the first car engine. You will feel the unique charm of the engine's mechanical operation.
.Starting Steps:
1. Check the engine wires on the wooden base and connect them to the fuel tank pipe. Then install three AA batteries(4.5 V).
2. Fill the fuel tank with 95# gasoline, after the fuel is added, rotate the flywheel on the right side of the engine (on the surface of the power switch) clockwise for several turns to allow the passage of the mixed fuel totally into the cylinder. Make sure that there is no air in the fuel pipe.
3. Turn on the power switch, and then quickly turn the flywheel (on the surface of the power switch) clockwise to start the engine.
1. In the ignition device, if the machine does not start with the normal compression of the cylinder,  you need to adjust the needle of the carburetor.
2. Tighten the main needle on the carburetor, loosen the one-quarter cycle and turn the flywheel to ensure the mixture ratio of gasoline and air reaches normal.
3. When the machine stops running, turn off the power switch.
.An Excellent Model Gift: This is an amazing mechanical craft for enjoying the charm of this simulation tricycle car engine when it is working. Perfect for personal use or as a high-end gift for friends, family, or model enthusiasts on major holidays.


.Material: Brass/Stainless Steel/Bamboo
.Item No.: R18
.Displacement: 1.9CC
.Cylinder Diameter: 1.3cm
.Stroke: 1.8cm
.Flywheel Diameter: 10cm
.Voltage of the Ignition Device: 4.5V(3*AA Batteries, not included)
.Starting Method: External Wheel or Manual Pull
.Product Weight: 1200g
.Product Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 10cm
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 1400g
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 14+

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jon Cook
Stirlingkit R18 Benz Motorwagen Engine

Stirlingkit has done it yet again, with their R18 Vintage 1886 Benz Motorwagen engine

I ordered my R18 immediately after it went on sale. I had seen videos Stirlingkit had posted showing the upcoming R18, and was really excited about owning one.

From the time I ordered my engine to the time I got my ship notification, I was really impressed at how fast Stirlingkit got these engine produced and shipped out; I had thought it would have taken quite a bit longer for the engines to start shipping, but it was extremely quick.
When my engine arrived, it was packed safe and secure. What a beautifully made & detailed scale working model… The quality is unreal! My R18 came with an easy to follow instruction sheet, spare piston & slide valve O rings, and a starting wheel to use in a cordless drill for starting.
I chose to use Coleman camping fuel mixed w’ a bit of marvel mystery oil, and as well used marvel oil for the oiling cups. Three AA batteries are used for the ignition power.

Right out of the box, my R18 started easily without touching the carburetor - The carb is an air bleed type, and not a throttle, so once the needle is fine tuned, ‘set it and forget it’ Using the starting wheel is easy; the drill rotates counterclockwise which turns the R18 flywheel clockwise. Once I did a little a little fine tuning, I no longer used the drill to start the R18; rotate to right before the compression stroke, and a quick spin of the flywheel and the R18 comes to life. I’ve ran my engine for quite a few hours already, and it’s proved to be very reliable and starts immediately. It’s fun to watch all of it moving parts working in unison to make a beautiful exhaust sound.

Really happy that Stirlingkit decided to produce and offer this little precision engine to modelers all over the world… it will definitely be one of their best sellers and impress anyone who owns one.

Lutz Falkenhain
Sehr schönes Modell

Die Anlieferung war schnelle und sehr gut Verpackt.
Alles fertig Montiert und lief auf Anhieb.
Ich bin begeistert von dem Modell

Carl Benz Engine 1885

Carl Benz engine
The R18 engine from Stirlingkit is an enrichment for every technology interested and collector.
The very good and detailed execution make the engine a gem of any collection.
The engine runs very well and can be adjusted with some fine tuning almost to the run of the original engine.
The quality is excellent.

Andrew Dorling

As soon as I saw this engine I knew I had to have to one and was really pleased when it arrived. On unpacking I could see it was beautifully was difficult to start initially but onece I had learnt th knack it started easily by pulling the flywheel by hand .unfortunately it packed up during its third run. Turned out the hall sensor had failed. And I'm waiting for a replacement. Still. Also the combustion leaks into the water jacket because the o rings become damaged on assembly as they pass the ports .and i had to make a spacer bush to fit under the flywheel. so there are issues which need addressing.

Sehr schönes Teil 👍

Gestern kam der Motor.
Sehr gut verpackt und zusammengebaut.
Aus der Verpackung herausgenommen, nach Vorschrift Öl, Wasser und Benzin mit Öl eingefüllt, Batterien für die Zündung, und schon tuckert das Teil auf der Werkbank.
Allerdings ist der Benzinbetrieb mit normalem Benzin übel.
Es stinkt und ist sicher nicht gut für die Gesundheit.
Also habe ich mit Gas versucht.
An der Tanköffnung den Schlauch aufgesteckt, die Düsennadel musste ich etwas zudrehen und schon lief der Motor wieder.
Der Gestank war viel weniger aber allzulange ist das auch nicht empfehlenswert im Keller laufen zu lassen.
Es gibt einen Sonderkraftstoff der für Waldarbeiter besonders gut sein soll und nicht so streng riechen soll, werde mir das besorgen.