FLYWING Squirrel-AS350 470-Class RC Helicopter Model 2.4G RC 6CH Electric Airplane Model

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FLYWING Squirrel-AS350 470-Class RC Helicopter Model 2.4G RC 6CH Electric Airplane Model 


.The realistic Squirrel-AS350 6CH RC helicopter model equipped with a high-power 16V motor for easy maintenance. Comes with the H1 flight control system featuring omnidirectional positioning technology and BeiDou satellite positioning system, allowing for point-to-point hovering in forward/backward flight. The intelligent return-to-home function automatically brings the helicopter back to the takeoff point even in low battery or the aircraft is out of sight. After GPS positioning, you can switch to 3D stunt mode for emergency maneuvers.
.Adopts the 700-level FBL rotor structure in high precision to provide a more smooth and more weighty control feel. Compared with the traditional 450L DFC structure, the addition of the flapping hinge enhances stability during flight. The main and cross shaft are also made at the 470L level, sturdy and durable.
.The FW450L features a full-metal large gear combined with a high-strength industrial M3 arc gear transmission belt for durability and easy maintenance. Coupled with the torsion spring tensioner for quick belt replacement in just one minute.
.Powered by a 16V high-voltage brushless 2816 motor for increased power and efficiency. Paired with a 32-bit dual-processing 60A all-metal ESC specifically designed for helicopters, ensuring ultra-responsive performance and excellent speed control throughout intense 3D flights.
.Featuring four flight modes available: forward flight fixed-point mode, backward flight fixed-point mode, auto navigation, and 3D Manual mode. The forward flight fixed-point mode designed with the new flight control system and GPS, enabling automatic and precise hovering without manual adjustments, making it stable and suitable for beginners who want to learn. The 3D stunt mode is for the experienced who prefer manual control over the aircraft, offering high-speed responsiveness and allowing for aerobatic maneuvers such as flips, rolls, and inverted flight. The auto navigation mode supports one-key circular and figure-eight predetermined flight paths. Simply toggle the switch, and the aircraft will fly the designated route automatically, making it a great tool for learning navigation skills. The backward flight fixed-point mode, relying on the latest omnidirectional GPS positioning technology, allows the aircraft to automatically fly in reverse without manual corrections, making it a boon for beginner.
.Powered by a 4S 4450mAh battery and the 16V Power Combo (2816 motor + 60A metal-cased ESC for helicopters), greatly improving efficiency and providing over 20min of extended flight time. Immersive yourself to fly for an extended period without interruption (Not Included Battery in the PNP Version)!
.Notes: Please keep high-risk remote control helicopter models away from crowds during flight. Improper assembly or unfamiliar operation, damaged parts, poor electronic control equipment, and unfamiliar operation may cause unpredictable accidents and injuries. Please pay attention to flight safety and understand the responsibility for any accidents caused by self-neglect. Before each flight, carefully inspect the main rotor clamp axle screws, tail rotor clamp screws, and all parts of the fuselage's ball heads and screws. Make sure they are securely fastened before taking off.


.Material: Metal + Electronic Components
.Fuselage Length (without paddles): 700mm
.Fuselage Height: 195mm
.Fuselage Width: 120mm
.Weight (without battery): 790g
.Main Rotor Diameter (Wingspan): 805mm
.Main Rotor Length (Per Blade): 360mm
.Tail Rotor Diameter (Wingspan): 164mm
.Gear Spec: Motor Gear: 13T, Transmission Main Gear: 8T
.Tail Drive Motor: 2008 Brushless Motor
.Motor: 2816 Brushless Motor
.ESC: 60A Dual Brushless ESC
.Flight Modes: GPS Stabilized Mode, 3D Manual Mode, One-Key Return, Low Battery Return, Loss of Control Return, One-Key Inverted Flight, Semi-Autonomous Assisted Flight (Circular Motion, Figure-8 Route)
.Satellite Positioning Module: GPS/GLONASS with Omni-Directional Positioning,
.Hovering Accuracy: Horizontal: ±1.5m, Vertical: ±0.5m (both under normal GPS positioning mode)
.Product Weight: 2000g
.Package Weight: 3500g
.Product Dimensions: 70 x 12 x 19.5cm
.Package Dimensions: 97 x 35 x 26cm
.Packing: Carton
.Ages: 14+

Packing List for RTF Version:

.Assembled Fuselage *1
.Handcrafted Painted Integrated Shell *1
.Battery *1
.LCD Charger *1
.Remote Controller *1

Packing List for PNP Version:

 .Assembled Fuselage *1
.Handcrafted Painted Integrated Shell *1


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