TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane


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top engine!

Great little engine

I enjoyed building this engine and I'm just waiting on the all in one starter unit to test 😉.

Impeccable Quality and Attention to Detail!

This Engine is amazing and my second "hobby engine" in my new collection. I went to school for automotive repair, earned a degree and worked within the industry for more than a decade before retraining into a different career. This is the nicest piece of machinery I have seen in a long, long time. It is WOW! I CANNOT stress, as much as others have stated, how incredible the attention to detail on every piece is. A work of Art.

With that said, being classically trained how to build real sized engines, allowed me to build this one. The instructions are totally sub-par to the absolutely beautiful & helpful packaging the engine arrives in. Not what I expected from such a precise build. The instructions made putting this beautiful engine together like Ikea furniture, but it is an engine. No torque specs on an engine this precise? A lot of mis-prints on the instructions will have you scratching your head. It is nothing super crazy, but this is relative to my background and skill. Overall, instructions and complaining aside, swipe your card. Thank me (and others) later! Totally worth your time and money!

besser als ich erwartet hatte

Dieser dünne Motor ist viel zu gut. Ich bereue es nicht, es gekauft zu haben. Diese Qualität und das vorsichtige Design verdienen einen solchen Preis. Ich habe Toyan seit Jahren verwendet. Sie überraschen mich immer wieder und hören auf unseren Vorschlag und verbessern ihn beim nächsten Mal. Ich würde es jedem empfehlen, der sich für RC-Motor interessiert.

Unglaublich gute Qualität - Unbelievable quality !

Dieser Motor ist unfassbar gut! Den Kauf wird niemand bereuen, wie das für unter 1000 Euro möglich ist, ist mir ein Rätsel.

The best model engine I ever had!

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