TECHING Build Your Own Inline 4 Cylinder Internal Combustion Assembled Engine - Used Engine

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TECHING Build Your Own Inline 4 Cylinder Internal Combustion Assembled Engine - Used Engine

Why this engine DM13-L4-P is cheaper than the original one?

1. The engine has been already assembled by the factory. It's used for display.

2. this is the old version of engine 4 cylinder. and it has only 40pcs left. when it's sold out, we won't sell it again.


.Story: In 1913, Jules Goux won the Indianapolis 500 Grand Prix in a Peugeot with the in-line four-cylinder engine designed by Ernest Henry. This design featured the first use of two overhead cams and four valves per cycle, making it highly influential as a racing engine. To this day, it is also the structural standard for in-line four-cylinder engines used in racing cars.
.Birth of the In-line 4-cylinder engine: In 1894, the designer completed the development and design of the in-line four-cylinder engine with the cast cylinder block, using the carburetor patented technology that Maybach had just obtained in 1893. At the end of the 19th century, almost every good car in the world had this in-line four-cylinder engine from Maybach. This was done shortly after Maybach and Paul Daimler were pushed out of the company.
.Metal: Made of metal and processed by CNC precision casting and aluminum alloy oxidation, resulting in fine workmanship at the craft level.
.Mechanical: The classic mechanical mechanism makes the transmission process of the engine model clear at a glance and exhibits the beauty of the machinery with rigorous logic and surging strength.
.Real: With the historical classic invention and product as the design prototype, the model presents the core principles of machine operation and demonstrates its application value in an intuitive way.
.Classic: Inspired by classic creations and excellent works that are representative and nodes in the history of human industrial science and technology, this model highly restores accurately in scale.
.Craft: Over 300 parts are finely polished by professional abrasive tools, perfectly showcasing human creativity and yearning for the great industrial era.
.Extension: Support to upgrade, combine, and transform aiming to designated kits or DIY modification parts, each product has its own independent function and structure.
.Assembly: The original model requires you to assemble the parts into a complete machine. The entire process is similar to a professional assembly line process, providing an interesting and challenging experience.
.Significance and Value: By assembling the product through DIY, develop interests and hobbies, improve hands-on and concentration abilities, stimulate innovative thinking, and understand and learn the structure and operating principles of engines. The model can be used not only as an educational toy and learning aid in scientific education but also as a high-end, high-quality model collection. Additionally, as well as perfect for sharing with friends and family.
.Suitable for 12 and up.


.Color: Sliver + Blue
.Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel
.Item: Inline Four-Cylinder Engine
.Version: DM13-L4-P
.Coloring Process: Anodic Oxidation
.External Power Supply: DC 5V
.Lithium Battery Capacity: 500mAh
.Charging Time: 2 Hours
.Battery Life: No less than 30 minutes under full power.
.Assembly Difficulty: 4 Stars
.Assembly Time: 4 Hours.
.Product Size: 15.4 x 12.2 x 18.6cm
.Product Weight: 1800g
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 2500g
.Packing: Carton
.Ages: 12+

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