Zenoah Engine

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About Zenoah Engine

Zenoah hobby engines have been developed with advanced technology built up since 1952 as a manufacturer of 2-stroke gasoline engines, and supported by precise production facilities in Japan. Zenoah hobby engines bring pleasure and satisfaction to your life.
Made in Japan to exacting standards ensuring that each size and type of engine is a class leader. All engines, spares and tune-ups available from our vast stocks.

How do you break in a zenoah engine?

Run the engine at varying speeds for periods of 3 to 10 minutes at a time. During this break-in time, NEVER go full throttle. Always let the engine idle for 30 seconds before turning it off. Allow the engine to cool off for 10 minutes before starting it again.

Now we sell:
Zenoah G320RC 32cc Gasoline Engine for LOSI

Zenoah G290 29cc 4-bolt Gasoline Engine for BAJA LOSI MCD Car

Zenoah G320RC 32cc Gasoline Engine for LOSI

If you need more Zenoah Engine, Please contact us: service@stirlingkit.com