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FV1A Red Dog Kiwi

Again, a very nice and detailed engine,
Musa has again done a great job and a collector's item

The Musa Red Dog FV1A

What an incredible little engine from Stirlingkit and MUSA Model Engine Factory!!

I love everything about this little engine, it’s phenomenal!! My FV1A started immediately out of the box, and was easy to run and tune…. And what a “voice!” The FV1A has a great sounding and powerful exhaust note, it’s music!

The base was included as a gift for the presale customers and is so easy to set up.

Musa has outdone themselves with this engine… it’s gonna be legendary just like the
Whippet!! Thank you Stirlingkit for the great service as always!

Sher gute Miniatur

Eine schöne kleine Dampfmaschine, hatte am Anfang etwas gehakt, aber läuft jetzt wundervoll - sehr zufriedenstellend

Cison L4 / FL4 Optional Exhaust Manifold

I bought the optional exhaust header / manifold for my Cison FL4-175.

Amazing quality - It’s 3D printed metal and the mounting surface has been machined for a leak-free seal. Fits perfectly and installs easily. The quality of Cison’s 3D printed parts is unreal.

CISON FG-VT157 15.7cc

Came very quickly, very nice engine would recommend. 👍👍👍

First Reviewer!

I don't normally write reviews, but I felt obligated to do one for this product. I bought this because I love mechanical engineer, and rabbits. And it felt like a great combination. So lets get into the reviews.

The Good:
- It goes together
- No parts were missing
- The final assembly is damn near identical to what you have here
- There are definitely over 500 pieces
- They ship with a lot of extra components, and all of the tools that you will need to put it together. Although, I ended up using many of my own tools. We'll get that together.
- It's beautiful to look at.

The bad.
- When it shipped, the instructions weren't included. I had to email support to get a digital copy
- Some of the instructions have miss labeled parts, but I was able to figure out what they were trying to do through the pictures
- This build is -tight-. You may or may not be able to get things together right out of the box. If you're off, even by a fraction of a milimeter, it won't go together. Many times, I had to make substitutions or fixes.
- This build is DIFFICULT. It took me over 8 hours to complete this. Although, a lot of that was spent trying to line things up perfectly.
- I was missing all of the iridescent pieces which was a little disappointing.

The Ugly
- Some of the parts are machined very poorly. I was constantly re-bending things so that they would fit together, and at one point, one of the screw threads was so mangled, I had to file the screw down and use super glue
- The build is not good. When this thing finally gets put together, expect to put it somewhere and never touch it again. Even though you're using machine screws and nuts, there are -so- many parts that something will come loose and ruin your day.
- Several time, I had to physically drill away material to make things fit.

If you're not handy or have a garage full of the right tools, I honestly don't think you could put this together. It was that difficult.

Cison L4 Engine Mounts

Exceptional quality engine mounts from Cison for the FL4 & L4. Perfect fit, CNC aluminum!

came with a broken spark plug

came with a broken spark plug but everything works

Like this Howin L6 Engine

Hi, I just got the L6 to start yesterday, it roared to life ! After setting timing, distributor ( there are dots on cam and distributor shaft) adjusted the valves to 0.15mm first with feeler gauge , it`s fiddely to do this, had to cut down and bend the feeler gauge blade. No start at all ! Not even a pop, burned out two hall effect sensors, then enlarged the seat, as in video so it could fit shrink tube over the sensor, I recomend using Rcxl tester for these, and you dont need to take apart to test.
I then reset the valve clerance with a 0.20mm blade. Hit the button and it fired right up !! So the VALVE CLERANCE is important here !!!
Nice, but my watrepump does not pump and spraying water out the shaft when using a electric pump, turns out the shaft wobbles and the bearing was completly worn out, to the point the impreller made a grove in the engine block. Maybe I had the belt to tight ?
Aneyway I really like this engine a lot, looks good in my boat and I think when fine tuned and run in it will be great, thanks to "Jamy RC block "for good tips on youtube . I did order the new 3 in one exhausts, and asked Mona if Howin will consider making a intakemanifold with the carbs sidemounted to lower the overall height ( or I make my own) for easyer instalation.
I also think the engine mounting holes are to close togheter and I made my own wider engine mount that sits on m3 rubber pads mounted in the boat.
Great engine to build but don`t expect it to run perfect out of the box, these engines require fine tuning and run in time .
Recomended by Bernt…….

Great Engine

Shipping was slow. and had to ask for a tracking number but product was well packaged and nice. The Jet Engine mechanic was happy receiving it for retirement.

Distributor Modification for Toyan LS400

Bought this distributor to convert my LS400 to spark ignition. Made an adapter to fit over the bearing on the head and fastened through existing m4 tapped hole. Made coupling between camshaft and distributor spindle. Fitted brass strip to rotor to allow for timing variation between idle and full rpm. Used integral sensor to trigger ignition. Works perfectly.

Vertikaler Dampfkessel

Super schneller Versand nach Hamburg, sehr gute Verarbeitung. Wie auf dem Foto zu erkennen, habe ich die Kessel mit einigen kleinen Abänderungen in meine beiden Dampfyachten eingebaut. Denke das Bild spricht für sich...............

I received my purchase, everything packaged nice, i just started putting it together and i noticed that i recived to parts number 6 and no number 7 part , so my spider wont be put together , waist of money , i was really looking forward to building it

Enjoyed assembling the bull. The level of difficulty was just perfect. The assembly instructions are a bit off the mark but still workable towards the completion of the project. Overall great.

Howin l6-210 21cc

This little engine has exceed my expectations, the quality of the parts, the fitment and precision is remarkable. 👌
Starting this engine is an exciting experience everytime, the sound!! The presence of this engine is incredible, especially since this is a first production run good job. 👏 👏👍
The build was fun I found myself wishing it was longer, definitely not a first engine to build I would recommend building a 2 or 4 cylinder engine to get your feet wet, but this engine is spot on.
Love the sound and scale look of this engine.
A beautiful engine for any collection as either a shelf queen or powering a cool rc this engine will not disappoint.
Stirlingkit has also gone above and beyond there team have been so amazing and supportive.
Thank you for all your help I Love Stirlingkit. 🙏 ❤️ YouTube video placeholder
Received the first engine base

I'm glad they came out quickly a nice well put together engine base for the enjomor V8. Ordered it and came pretty quickly the only disappointment it came with no instructions . On how to wire anything up all the parts were an individual bags for the timing sensor and bolts to mount the engine . When I did address this issue they quickly put up an instructional on the blog here . If you want a decent test stand this is the one to get for this engine

second batch of the enjomor V8 just arrived to me

After a very long wait my enjomor V8 finally arrived I already ordered the base for it and received it a while ago now just waiting on the aftermarket headers the packing was really nice and DHL tracking was on point . Though one of the technicians forgot to tighten down one of the oil fills and the oil that was in it was all over the engine and packing . Overall it looks very nice and well put together waiting on the aftermarket headers & more things and going to attempt to do a pre-start this weekend .

Turbo Jet Engine

It looks well made and I like it. I did not receive any of the parts to run it yet. I emailed Stirling kit a couple weeks ago about this issue.They replied that they would send them.As of this date I have not received them. I missing air pump,fuel tank, battery holder.

way better than i have expected!

I'm always dreaming of owning a inline six engine. not to say an engine kit!!! so i got this L6 engine from Stirlingkit when it was on sale. everything is perfect. thank you! Stirlingkit Team.

Otto-Sempto Engine

I built the Otto- Sempto engine as a gasoline engine, it runs with the Cison CDI and two magnets in the flywheel.
The parts are as always from Toyan clean CNC milled and fit perfectly.
However, Toyan should rethink its concept, I have already built some Toyan engines and it is always little things that spoil the fun of the model.
Poor sealing, carburetor has no clean idle adjustment, even the new diaphragm carburetor can not be perfectly regulated.
The Otto engine also gets too hot because it has too few cooling fins,
otherwise it runs reasonably well.

Great build

The build is very easy. Great parts quality as well.

Bearing failure

This is the 3rd failure of the one way starter bearing, the roller separates from the plastic retainer and falls out. While they are inexpensive it’s the inconvenience of ordering another unit. Hence the ordering of 2 more units in my recent order last week.

Not exactly the item I ordered : the cylinder is not transparent as shown in pics

I ordered this item mainly for education purpose: I was interested in the glass cylinder that makes the piston visible.
The kit I received does not include a glass cylinder but a brass one. The engine works well but that was not the only intent.
The most disappointing is the lack of answer from Stirlingkit after I contacted them. Well they responded several times... to tell me they will "check & come back". More than 1 month old...