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Actual size is small, less 60mmx50mm

Today I received V8 engine kit(MAD RC DIY V8 Engine Model Kit for Capra VS4-10 Pro) . but real size is too small. L60mm, W50mm. I enjoyed Gundam ad so on. But I thought this V8 is more bigger If I consider 129 USD price....

Fantastic engine

Absolutely thrilled with this engine!🎉😍

The experience of building it was fantastic, and I'm grateful to Stirlingkit for both the high-quality product and exceptional customer service. Despite building it a bit later than planned, I'm thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.

Can't wait to order the new version of the l400! 🚀 YouTube video placeholder
The very best hit & miss model money can buy!!!

The Retrol HM-01 engine from Stirlingkit not only looks good but it runs great as well, So many of these models come from the factory set up to run as fast as possible, The opposite to what enthusiasts want, but they got it right this time.
The quality of machining of this engine is second to none. the fit/finish is perfect.
The wooden base really sets the engine off and is worth the few extra dollars to get it, Taking it from "Toy" to "Scale Model".
The engine fired up very quickly after the initial build without any issues.
It come with a glass drip lubricator (as prototype) for the cylinder along with two lubrication cups on the crankshaftshaft.
Overall i think this engine equals the quality of something you would expect to pay 4-5x the price for in the USA or UK.

It really is a no brainer, GET IT BOUGHT YouTube video placeholder
Timeless beauty

Wow!! This Cison V2 is just so incredible!

The quality of the FG-VT157 is fantastic 👌
I love all the chrome and the details of this engine.
The adjustable valves are a very nice feature, and lots of room for grease up top, I absolutely love the chrome valve covers.

The updated carburetor is perfect for this engine and very easy to adjust but the throttle arm is in a difficult position to install a scale airfilter.
I like how the timing is simplified only 2 gears instead of 5.
The Pistons are massive and there's so much compression.💪

Out of the box I still disassembled the engine and went over everything and I was very impressed.
The ground wire is incorporated into the hall sensor so no ground wire is needed and
I also followed Jon Cook advice and installed bigger resistors inline. Thank you for your work on the Cison V2 Jon Cook.
The FG-VT157 comes with 2 sets of resistors 3.3 ohm and 8.5 ohm I installed 19.7ohm on the 20k scale so far zero issues with my hall sensor.

I also wish that 2 capscrews 2.5 x 20mm was included for mounting this engine. (Hard to find).

Out of the box this engine has ran perfectly, no messing around, other than installing resistors.
If you love V2 engines the FG-VT157 with hemi head is the one to get.
Here is a little video, it's running a little rich for breaking in the idle is a little high to keep it from stalling.

Thank you Cison and the Stirlingkit Team for bringing us such a high quality engine that runs and sounds like the real thing 👍🙏😊 YouTube video placeholder
excellent kit and very accurate

A pleasure to put together, high quality and precise parts, nicely painted and it looks great!

Cool Jet cutaway engine

Spent a good amount of time putting this engine together and it turned out nicely with good details

StirlingKit DM 119 TurboFan Engine Kit

Excellent kit to assemble and understand airline jet engine construction. Principles of compression fan operation are visible in the cutaway view ports of the model. I added LED's to show compression stage temperatures. Blue color for lower temperature primary combustion stage ignition and amber color for high temperature secondary combustion stage ignition.

the best turbofan engine kits to build ever!

I'm a retired pilot. I was looking for something to build during my leisure time. and I find this turbofan engine kit from Stirlingkit. I'm doubtful at the beginning. but I changed my mind after I received the parcel, all the metal parts, and a well-packed metal gift box. every part is listed well in the different holes of the foam. the instructions are clear and helpful. I spent about 5 days to build it. not easy to build but it has some repeated steps, which means patience is required. It's worth the price. the best turbofan engine diy kits i have ever.

Love it!!

The Cison alternator quality is outstanding and was very easy to install on to my Howin l6 engine and it will power the cooling fan or small water pump.
A beautiful upgrade for any Engine. YouTube video placeholder
Toyan went a did it!

For once I'd say Toyan actually made a proper engine. The fact that this flat 4 is nitro powered is smart. Nitro has plenty of oil in it. There are some minor quirks with this engine that need to be addressed.

1 the carburetor setup. It leaks to much air past and must be sealed tightly or you will run WAY to lean. Or not suck up enough fuel at all.

2. The exhaust valve on the left hand side. Mine and some others do not seal fully, causing hot gasses to escape and make the head run way to hot. You may need to adjust the timing by a tooth or two untill it's correct. Or take the valve out and lap it. This should be done at the factory.

Positives. The tensioner for the starter belt. Absolutely amazing and needed. It starts up with ease like it's nothing. No more tooth jumping.

Cooling fan, absolutely amazing and works as intended. though I'd make it out of metal as at high enough RPM and it will grenade apart.

Sounds amazing! This engine screams "I'm ready to perform" if you have been thinking on getting it I'd say go for it! You won't be disappointed! With this one! I've ran 5 tanks through my engine and she still runs like new.

It's a fun DIY kit for any mechanic you know. Or for someone who simply wants a desk toy to tinker on.

New lamp

Very nice looking and it runs even better then it looks, made a display stand/lamp so it can be enjoyed when not running.
Not really impressed with the customer service. Took about 5 weeks, and many emails to get a replacment part for the part that arrived broken.
The engine is very impressive now that it runs however.

a beautiful kit to have on your desk

The quality of the materials is too good, every aviation lover should have this beautiful engine.
Plus it's too much fun to build your own engine.

V- twin pan head

First engine I have owned from this company. The machine work is beautiful this makes a great engine to run or even just display. A must have for any man cave or even a Harley dealership. For the money you can't beat it.

Father and Son Hit&Miss

These little engines are terrific! I have several, the red Enjomor being my first. These little mechanical marvels inspired me to purchase a full sized Hit&Miss. Pictured here is my 1.5hp, 300 pound, 100+ year old Alpha Delaval Hit&Miss next its progeny.

Excellent Hit and Miss Engine

This engine not only looks good but it runs amazing as well. The wooden base really looks great with the engine and is worth the few extra dollars to get it. The engine fired up right out of the box without any issues. I like the fact that it has a two speed lever. It come with a lubrication glass tank and two lubrication points on the shaft. Don’t think about it just buy it, you won’t regret it. YouTube video placeholder
Retrol HM-01

Excellent fit of parts
Finish is very well done
Great base to mount it on and a box to hide electronics
The black exhaust stack gives it the ++ in looks
2 speed lever is excellent for slowing it down
Nice brass fuel tank
It runs very smooth, overall I give it a 9.9

O U T S T A N D I N G !

I had an absolute blast building this model.

Castings and materials were perfect. Instructions where intuitive and very easy to follow. Step-by-step process was so accurate. Hardware worked perfect and once built seeing it operate was incredible. I can't wait to buy and build more!

I've always had a problem following step-by-step instructions, but this was easy for me.

New Toyan fs-l400BGC

Thank you Stirlingkit Team!! Your friendly service and support is legendary 👏
I only get my engines from Stirlingkit❤️
I was surprised the package came really fast and a well protected packaged.
From the moment I opened the box the quality of this engine stands out, all the parts are debured and beveled and beautifully anodized.
There's new 2 piece brass connecting rods and heavier pulleys that gives this engine a smooth lower idle.
The single pump carb allows you more options for fuel tank placement no pressure line from Exhaust needed.
The new 3d printer header and intake manifold are absolutely stunning and polishing really makes this engine stand out.
I really love how adjustable the distributor is and the distributor works great.
Bullet connectors are used to connect sparkplug wires to the distributor.
ive had no issues with the hall effect sensor, I do recommend to ensure sensor wires are isolated and not to contact the engine.
Building was easy all parts fit together nicely didn't even have to bang the bearing on the camshaft.
The engine started up right away no leaks at all, absolutely no cooling issue the gear drive water pump is very efficient no priming necessary.
This engine can run tank after tank.
If I must complain then I would say go back to the teflon oil gasket, rubber is too soft, and smooth out the corners of the lower support.
You really feel that you are getting a high quality at a very fair price.
I Love this new L400👌

Toyan has really hit it out of the park with this engine.
I really like the new direction Toyan is going keep this up and your engines will continue to grow and get better and better thank for for listening to us and making the L400 into the engine it was meant to be.👌😁 YouTube video placeholder
FV1A Red Dog Kiwi

Again, a very nice and detailed engine,
Musa has again done a great job and a collector's item

The Musa Red Dog FV1A

What an incredible little engine from Stirlingkit and MUSA Model Engine Factory!!

I love everything about this little engine, it’s phenomenal!! My FV1A started immediately out of the box, and was easy to run and tune…. And what a “voice!” The FV1A has a great sounding and powerful exhaust note, it’s music!

The base was included as a gift for the presale customers and is so easy to set up.

Musa has outdone themselves with this engine… it’s gonna be legendary just like the
Whippet!! Thank you Stirlingkit for the great service as always!

Sher gute Miniatur

Eine schöne kleine Dampfmaschine, hatte am Anfang etwas gehakt, aber läuft jetzt wundervoll - sehr zufriedenstellend

Cison L4 / FL4 Optional Exhaust Manifold

I bought the optional exhaust header / manifold for my Cison FL4-175.

Amazing quality - It’s 3D printed metal and the mounting surface has been machined for a leak-free seal. Fits perfectly and installs easily. The quality of Cison’s 3D printed parts is unreal.

CISON FG-VT157 15.7cc

Came very quickly, very nice engine would recommend. 👍👍👍