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I expected this engine to be fun but I was disappointed

This engine is well built and has a lovely finish. I expected it to be fun to change the flywheel to see what effect it has on the engine speed and also fun
to see the small "generator" light up the bulb. Unfortunately the engine did not arrive with the extra flywheel nor was an allen key included, so the flywheel could not be changed. Also the bulb did not light up. When running this engine can only produce about 2.5V, so the 5V bulb is never going to work. A nice example of an alpha type sterling engine, but I cannot rate it more than 3 stars because of the missing items

The engine received was not the one shown on the website

This engine runs fantastic, the problem is that the engine they sent does NOT match the item in the picture. I specifically wanted a thermoacoustic stirling engine with an "extended" hot tube. What they sent was the standard "short" hot tube variety. I already have 3 engines of this style, if I wanted another I could have purchased the one from this site for $23.99 or $19.99. Instead, I paid $29.99. This engine comes with bearings in the flywheel mount so it runs exceptionally fast. It is a great engine overall, but unfortunately not the engine in the sales pictures. Based of performance this engine is "5 star", however Sterlingkit should never substitute engines without customer authorization first

Nice little 4 cylinder

Well I have built this little engine was fun to build took me from 11pm to round 7 am the next morning as I was taking my time going to put it on a stand then start it up just waiting for the stand/base for it

Love it

A nicely packed kit love how the box is wood and everything is packed in black foam trays instructions are online but the contents are in plastic box’s. Like screw’s nuts and everything else needed to build it

Awaiting your comments

I sent you an email describing my research and asking to speak with your engineers about reversing the rotation. I have had no response. I am a retired electrical engineer researching chirality and Tesla's concepts on Aether and gravity.

H75 Water Pump

I bought this H75 water pump to use on my Whippet engine. What a nice little piece of engineering! The pump is very detailed, it’s has an oring seal around the body and the shaft is supported by bearings. The pumps body & impeller are made from brass. The pump operates super smoothly and moves more water than I expected! Excited to use this belt driven pump on my Whippet as opposed to the electric water pump I’m currently using now. Thanks Stirlingkit!

Fantastict little engine

Great engine .Runs as well as it looks ,especially after a few tanks of fuel it now cold starts by hand very easily.

Another GREAT engine from Cison

My FL4-175 came as a kit, I like that wery much ! The parts of this tiny four cylinder 17cc engine looks great, nicely packed in a wooden box. This engine is a flat head with valves on the side in the cylinder block, like most engines before the WWII used in the Willis jeep etc. I want to run mine in a mahogany Gentlemans Racer 1/4 scale, there seems to be a real clutch ( not centrifugal) under developement, this will be great, a reverse would be even nicer!
I'm really looking forward to build this kit, and install it in the kit. (Unless the in line 6 will fit.) Aneyway I really think this is great value for your money if you like small engines. Mine was number 53 out of 100.

I received my Cison L4-175 Accessories Kit yesterday from Stirlingkit - it arrived extremely fast!
All the components are all really nice quality -
The CDI has silicone HV wires and appears to be encapsulated inside w’ potting compound, the Hall Effect sensor’s wire is covered w’ a protective sleeve, the kit includes fuel & oil lines, spark plugs, radiator w’ 12v DC cooling fan, starter motor wiring harness with Deans connector plug, and fuel tank.
Looking forward to building my L4-175 in the next few days 😊

Unboxing V800 first look

Just got the box yesterday, I love kit’s ! Like the L-400 parts come in a beautiful wooden box, layered in levels of parts for this engine build. First thing I looked for was how Toyan solved the 3 middle crankshaft bearings ! 3 split bronze bearings with a grove cut in the engine block and top bearing holder, should stabilize the crank well.
Everything are beautifully machined, like a pice of jewellery ! I will wait ( if I can) a while to start building to see how the blower are comming along, maybe also gas uppgrade ?
Love just looking at these parts, Thanks to Toyan !!!!

Beautiful Fuel Tank!

I received my Musa fuel tank for my Stirlingkit V2, and am extremely impressed!
Beautifully designed and superb quality! Sight glass is actually glass. The fit, finish, and quality of this fuel tank is unreal. Thanks Stirlingkit 😊

A great fun engine

A superb engine I like the look and the sound I had fun with it really like modifying the camchaft compartment with the gears now bathed in oil wit the valve cover seal and more soon the engine will be used in a boat I think who would be in the right place motorizing a boat because it is already water-cooled In addition, this model is already much better adapted than the previous version to serve this purpose YouTube video placeholder
FG-VT9 Crankshaft

I bought a spare crankshaft to have displayed with my FG-VT9. Such a cool part to hold and spin the connecting rods

Thanks Stirlingkit!

Cison Air Cleaner for V2

What a cool accessory!
Really compliments the Cison FG-VT9 V-Twin. Fits perfectly, beautifully crafted & machined, and looks just like a vintage motorcycle air cleaner.
I bought one for each of my Cison V2’s

Thanks Stirlingkit!

Great carb cover

Fit perfect

Building a chopper

Motor looks beautiful I am building a frame got tires making rims, spokes will be fun. Motor is mounted, will be mounted on a wood base when done to show off how it runs. Desk display for all to see. 3D printing fenders hand Making gas tank out of metal.

Great device

I was given one of these as a gift for Christmas and I have been very pleased with it. Really amazing thing and have enjoyed using it for experiments.

Awsome little motor

Absolute cracker of a motor well made starts easier enough and sounds great. I bought tbe black one and now got the air filter on it. If your into engines or scale models then this is the place to buy from. Will be making a frame for it this is just a mock up.

Cdi unit

Works a treat but after a few runs of the engine the outer case broke, so i p3d printed a new case a stronger one. I also bought a spare just incase.

Outstanding Quality Cison V2 Base

Really impressed with the quality and the weight of this CNC-milled base! The weight will be great for the V2’s vibration.
Great anodized finish, and arrived when it was expected. Looking forward to mounting my V2 this weekend

Cison V2 Crankshaft

Bought as an accessory to have with my V2, it’s a really cool part to have by itself to display!

Running on Glow Fuel

I have to say that this engine is lovely. I normally make all of my engines, but this is great and I'm enjoying adding the items around it. YouTube video placeholder
fun little motors

This new hall sensor is a big improvement over the internal hall for now. On a display stand this works great. You can adjust it through the flywheel without taking it apart. When i build a frame i don’t think this external hall will work for me. I will probably go to glow plug and nitro fuel. Maybe a working oil pump would keep internal temps lower so we can use internal Hall. Or maybe a better internal hall can be made. For now with external hall i can come home after work and enjoy this wonderful little motor day after day. Thank you

Fantastic engine, runs like a charm! High quality in every way

This engine is my favourite Sterling Engine!. It runs very fast and is super quiet. The construction is superb, very well put together. This engine is simply fabulous! A marvel of Sterling engines. According to my digital tach this engine runs well over 2000rpm. The speed adjustment works very well and you can get it to run below 100rpm. To change the wick you just need to disassemble the fuel storage fittings from engine. Then i take a regular 3/16" wick and unbraid it to make 3 thin wicks. Apply some crazy glue to one end of each unbraided wick to make them stiff. Then they can be fed into the wick holder tube as needed.

Golden Windmill

The Wind Turbine looks great on my science shelf! It was well worth the wait.