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Based on 745 reviews
Nice first flight

After unboxing I found the rudder servo was stripped out so I had to replace that...the easy was is to just cut it out and hot glue everything back into place...good as new...I replaced the reciever with a spekteum ar620 and used my nx8 flew didn't like high speed as it just wanted to dive...but it would cruise at 60% throttle and was smooth as butter....

V4 upgraded version is just awesome !!!

Yesterday the new upgraded FS-V400A beast arrived I did not have the time to start it up yet, but just by the looks and build quality that thing is awesome. Comes now in a wooden crate and with the integrated brushless starter-motor it´s now so much more compact and easier to install. I had to make a test-stand for it since that is now gone with the update but what are u gone do with it afterwards anyway. Can´t wait to build the pipes and all for it to hopefully soon precede the marriage with my 5th scale 1965 Mustang build project. I can highly recommend to anyone looking for excellent fast responding customer service.


Just received the box this morning. Nicely packed and secured.
Will take some more photos after opening it up.

Very fine Engine

This is a fine little machine that runs very well.
Very precisely assembled, is a lot of fun
and is also a collector's item.

Fun on a budget

All of the car is not as expensive as some others it still has good quality and if you're not a serious racer or competitive this car is just fine for a friend of the house or parking lot we can do the same thing as more expensive cars can do. Plus there is numerous parts and upgrades available and this brand has a big following on Facebook for which I joined great little car.

Great little engine

I enjoyed building this engine and I'm just waiting on the all in one starter unit to test 😉.

Great little 4 stroke engine

Fast delivery for France (received in a week !). Great little 4 stroke engine. It is really beautiful and super detailed. The parts, which compose it, have been CNC machined in brass and stainless steel. The machining quality is really impressive for the sale price ... It works very well with SP95 gasoline + 4% 2-stroke oil. I'm even thinking of recommending another to offer it!

Impeccable Quality and Attention to Detail!

This Engine is amazing and my second "hobby engine" in my new collection. I went to school for automotive repair, earned a degree and worked within the industry for more than a decade before retraining into a different career. This is the nicest piece of machinery I have seen in a long, long time. It is WOW! I CANNOT stress, as much as others have stated, how incredible the attention to detail on every piece is. A work of Art.

With that said, being classically trained how to build real sized engines, allowed me to build this one. The instructions are totally sub-par to the absolutely beautiful & helpful packaging the engine arrives in. Not what I expected from such a precise build. The instructions made putting this beautiful engine together like Ikea furniture, but it is an engine. No torque specs on an engine this precise? A lot of mis-prints on the instructions will have you scratching your head. It is nothing super crazy, but this is relative to my background and skill. Overall, instructions and complaining aside, swipe your card. Thank me (and others) later! Totally worth your time and money!

This product is awesome, it looks beautiful on my traxxas trx4 Bronco!!!!

besser als ich erwartet hatte

Dieser dünne Motor ist viel zu gut. Ich bereue es nicht, es gekauft zu haben. Diese Qualität und das vorsichtige Design verdienen einen solchen Preis. Ich habe Toyan seit Jahren verwendet. Sie überraschen mich immer wieder und hören auf unseren Vorschlag und verbessern ihn beim nächsten Mal. Ich würde es jedem empfehlen, der sich für RC-Motor interessiert.

Unglaublich gute Qualität - Unbelievable quality !

Dieser Motor ist unfassbar gut! Den Kauf wird niemand bereuen, wie das für unter 1000 Euro möglich ist, ist mir ein Rätsel.

The best model engine I ever had!

Très bon produit

Fonctionne parfaitement et très de bonne qualité. Livret de construction en anglais mais très facile à comprendre (toutes les pièces sont très bien numérotées et précisées sur le manuel).

Pictures of Toyan 4 cyl engines

Here are some pictures to add to my previous review

What a gem this engine is

This engine was an absolute gem to asssemble. All the parts were well made and superbly finished, the fit and finish was exceptional. I am a machinist and appreciate work like this. It looks it will be a real beast but I have no current plans for use but I will display it and run it.
I am 76 years old and my hands tremble but I had it assembled in 3 days. I use first class tools that fit tight on fasteners and do not mar things up. I have three Toyan engines and they are all quality. I have been a model airplane enthusiast for almost 70 years and I have always enjoyed building things with my hands.

Nearly impossible to find replacement parts

Beautiful Engine

Here is my cat modeling with this engine.

I love this thing

I run it off of methanol and top end lube with a little scent added to help regulate the temperature, when compared to gasoline methanol works better with it having a fuel mixer. It can run for over an hour straight with a full tank of methanol. I plan to make a mini homemade ice cream maker with it. great engine for someone that loves a good deal

Thank you so much

Beautiful made engine; runs well and is very nice to look at. Got it running out of the packaging very easily. Started work on a custom base & exhaust immediately :-) Very happy with my purchase!

For engine lovers

Looking forward to assembly and running. Product looks fantastic. Great shipping.

Mechanical Dragonfly

Very high quality and just the right amount of difficult to assemble. They are generous with the bolts and nuts just in case you lose some. Beautiful and functional end product.