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Based on 1264 reviews
Galileo Delight

Wonderful well engineered project. All details very impressive; however I agree with a previous reviewer in needing a simple method to wind the clock. The thumb drive with instructions in English is a much appreciated item. Highly recommended for anyone who loves precise mechanical things. My third Stirling kit, with more to come. Quite expensive but once you see the engineering involved in the design, materials and packaging, you understand.

As a educational for combustion engine basics knowledge it’s perfect.
However model have some assembly flow’s.
Drive train including clutch efficiency and and engaging of it remains to be improved.
Cove box should have option for NiMh batteries as well, due to the fact that lithium doesn’t have luxury of long shelf life and model could sit on shelf untouched for year.
I misunderstood purpose of generator because wires was cut off.
Belts settings remained to be improved.
Optimal canopy for already cool car model be nice.
Make me think that’s the original idea was different.
Maybe tiny cool remote better than WiFi(just guessing)
On scale of ten I wold put rating nine overall it’s great and I enjoyed the assembly.
Thank you!

Delightful Little #D Jig-Saw Model

The quality of this model is outstanding and it was a pleasure to construct. I lost count of the number of nuts and bolts needed to complete construction. Some of the components are very small making the build a challenge with my large 70-year old hands. I did purchase this model to challenge me - it did! The instructions are a series of photographs and a few notes. You must read and digest the instructions carefully before plunging into the build. If a component looks out of alignment, then you have made a mistake. Carefully undo the parts that look incorrectly aligned, read the instructions again and try once more. It is very satisfying to work on a model like this. I will be looking for more. Recommended.

I am very impressed with this model Engine looking forward to putting into a model boat.

Good Desktop Toy

Mine came with matte solar cells instead of glossy (nothing bad). The construction is a little cheap with some parts of the glue leaking out. It came with protection under the frame and on the sides of the solar module. Worked perfectly.

The quality is very good, and the parts are very delicate. I have bought a four-cylinder engine first. My boy is still proud of the assembly. so I bought the v8 for him to keep him away from games, which is a great value.

good workmanship with great details. and it meets expectations

Very Good

This machine is the best thing I have owned because it is so compact and you can take it anywhere. My first week owning it I have already impressed a lot of people and it is definitely something you should invest on buying in the future. But the best part of it is in the box they even send you replacement parts so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything because you will always have a spare on the sidelines. It works like a charm.

Somewhat easy model with great satisfaction. 👍


Hubby's Birthday Present

Totally trusted website for purchasing, arrived super fast. Hubby LOVES it !!

Look good.

Obviously I haven't opened it yet. This is a gift from me to my son. I hope to finish it with him on Christmas Day, and keep the suspense for the time being.

Very pleasing experience to create an object of real beauty

Found this model online I just finished putting it together. The experience of assembling the model was very pleasurable. Challenging without being frustrating, and throughout the process I marveled at the clever intricacy of the design. The finished model is an abstraction of an imaginary object, but fascinating to all who see it. Well worth it.

Worth it

big aeroplane! It came quickly and accurately, and it looked great on my table. It is very strong and will not fall off the stand.

Great product! Definitely for 14+

Got this as a present, it was challenging and fun! Took about a day to do The finished product looked amazing everyone loved it!

Very cool model/toy!

This is really an amazing model/toy. I bought it for my 12-year-old, but this is probably more appropriate for a 14 to 15-year-old. The pieces are very small and require a high degree of fine motor skills, but the build quality is very good. I would definitely get this gift again for an older boy/girl .

Muy entretenido

Estoy en casa recuperandome de COVID. Quede con daño en plexo braquial izquierdo.
Me ha ayudado en mi recuperacion.

Great Model for a Great Price!

This is my first purchase from a Stirlingkit 3D metal model. To be honest, this is one of my favorite works. These works are beautifully tailored and well made. The models are easy to read and easy to understand. Instructions on how to put the models together. , The tools required are very few, and the experience required to complete this piece is almost zero. I proudly display it with other models I built over time. It protrudes like a thumb in a beautiful way. I Will definitely buy more models from this company. This happy customer gave two thumbs up.

Great 1st model

The first metal model I built was a good start. It was easier to build, without so many small parts, but once it was finished it was great. I suggest starting here.

Every review I write is based entirely on my own experience and use of the product. I did not receive payment, nor did I receive free products or discounts on any products I reviewed. I like to make my comments "short and sweet".

Know a mechanical engineer, get them these to make!

My husband likes these! He made about 10 different small models throughout the house. I will buy him more for Christmas because they can keep him busy for several hours, and he uses them as a way to relax after get off work. They are very time-consuming and require a lot of patience, which I don't have. He is also a mechanical engineer, so that's part of the reason why he loves them, nothing makes him more happy than breaking things down and putting them back together. Under normal circumstances, he would destroy the giant engine, so giving him some small things to keep him busy, also saved me a lot of space in the garage that is already full. If someone knows an engineer or someone who works in machinery, they will like it.


It’s so cool, I can’t wait to share it with everyone, I hope I can finish it in three hours!!!

Would buy again difficult level at end of review.

I like this fish. I often go fishing in the river with my friends. They look beautiful and I plan to buy them again because I think I can do better, and I have given this finished product to my older family members. I have posted it on my facebook and it is worthy of my recommendation to anyone.

Lots of fun. Very Zen. Just take your time.

This is the first product of this type I bought. It's easy to assemble, but...beware. The parts are so small that it will be difficult to find if you drop one. A part of me was forgotten, but it was because I cut off all the labels and then it disappeared.

Learned knowledge. Bend the last label when removing the part from the sheet.

These are very interesting and take about four hours or so.

It is challenging. I will recommend to my friends and even consider repurchasing!

The pieces are uber tiny, but she loved it & put it ...

As a gift to my college classmates. The parts are very small, but she liked it and immediately put them together. My son is twelve years old this year, and he is going to give it to his friend after the assembly is completed.