16 Cylinder Swashplate Stirling Engine Model Aircraft Engine Mechanical Toy 16stl-2.0

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16 Cylinder Swashplate Stirling Engine Model Aircraft Engine Mechanical Toy 16stl-2.0


.Appearance: With a bright and robust appearance, exuding a sense of upward momentum, this intricate-made model supports both stable and refined operation, exhibiting both fierceness and elegance while maintaining precision and freedom.
.Equipment: Featuring heart-stirring torrent sound, the humming of the propeller, the whistling of the distributor, along with the flame of the nozzle, shooting out creates a mesmerizing "Blue Lotus" effect.
.Usage: Suitable for a technically precise engine model but also a mechanical artwork that embodies industrial aesthetics.
.Operating Steps:
(1) Wipe off any dust or debris on the pistons; gently rotate the main shaft to ensure smooth movement of the pistons, connecting rods, and swash plate mechanism.
(2) Connect the gas pipe and butane gas tank, then open the gas valve switch.
(3) Use a lighter to ignite the engine at the tail, adjusting the flame size to an appropriate level. (It is recommended to run the engine with a medium or small flame. Prolonged operation with a large flame may cause the yellow tail cover to overheat and the intense impact during high-speed operation may accelerate wear on the swash plate connecting rods.)
(4) Heat the engine for approx. 1-3 mins.
(5) Turn the propeller to start the engine. (View from the front of the engine, rotate counterclockwise.)
(6) Close the gas valve to stop the engine.
.Maintenance and Care:
(1) Use a soft brush or air blower to remove dust and debris from narrow spaces such as pistons, connecting rods, and swash plate mechanism.
(2) Wipe the stainless steel engine body clean with a soft cloth.
(3) For the yellowing around the edges of the tail cover caused by prolonged heating, use the provided silver polishing cloth to wipe and polish.
.Operating Precautions:
(1) Do not add lubricating oil to the cylinder and piston area.
(2) Hold it by the base or the C-shaped support when handling or moving the engine. Do not carry it by fragile parts such as the gas pipe to avoid deformation or damage.
.Safety Tips:
(1) Keep away from flammable and explosive materials during ignition and operation.
(2) When igniting indoors, ensure proper ventilation by opening windows as the exhaust fumes can be harmful to health.
(3) After ignition and for some time after shutting down, the tail cover may be hot. Do not touch it to avoid burns.
(4) During operation, keep all body parts away from the propeller to avoid injury.
(5) Adult supervision is required when children operate and run the engine.


.Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + Plastic (Propeller) + Bamboo (Base)
.Cylinder Diameter: 12.7mm
.Stroke: 10mm
.Fuel: Liquefied Butane Gas
.Speed: 2000r/min
.Product Weight: 2150g
.Product Dimensions: 23.02 x 7.6 x 30cm
.Package Dimensions: 36 x 20 x 25cm
.Package Weight: 4000g
.Packing: Carton
.Ages: 14+

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