ENJOMOR Alpha Type Stirling Engine Twin-Cylinder Twin-Piston EC Engine Model

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ENJOMOR Alpha Type Stirling Engine Twin-Cylinder Twin-Piston EC Engine Model


.Advanced Alpha-Type Configuration: Our Stirling engine boasts an advanced Alpha-Type twin-cylinder twin-piston design for outstanding heat transfer efficiency, enhancing power generation and delivering optimal performance.
.Dual Piston Power Chamber: Seamless operation with twin cylinders and twin pistons creating a power chamber, providing a robust and reliable power source. The dual-piston setup ensures balanced operation for consistent energy output.
.Quiet and Smooth Operation: Enjoy the benefits of quiet and smooth operation. The dual-piston system maximizes efficiency while minimizing vibrations, providing a serene and stable experience.
.Durable Structure: Crafted with high-quality materials, precision, and durability considerations. This ensures longevity and resilience, making it a reliable investment for those seeking a durable and efficient power solution.
.Versatile Applications: From educational demonstrations to practical uses, the Alpha-Type Twin-Cylinder Twin-Piston Stirling Engine is versatile. It serves as an excellent educational tool, captivating desktop decoration, or even a small-scale generator, catering to a wide range of interests and needs.
.Engine Introduction:
Introducing the Alpha-Type Twin-Cylinder Twin-Piston Stirling Engine – a unique design featuring two independent and identical cylinders participating in both heat exchange and power generation. One cylinder generates heat, while the other cools, resulting in a significant temperature difference that serves as a continuous power source. With 20mm power cylinders and stainless steel heating tubes on both sides, the engine achieves optimal compression ratios.
The connecting rods of the two cylinders are not directly linked but connected through a gear system with a designed gear ratio of 2:1. Running at 1000r/min, the crankshaft and a powerful 78mm, 155g flywheel at 2000r/min ensure stable operation. The engine incorporates 14 precision bearings for smooth and quiet operation. To enhance the lifespan of cylinders and pistons, GCR15 bearing steel is used, processed through CNC machining, quenching to increase hardness to 58-62HRC, and precision grinding to achieve an accuracy of ±0.005mm. The large-sized flywheel, twin cylinders, twin pistons, dual gears, brass connecting rods, crankshaft, and dual 10mm aluminum alloy supports contribute to a compact yet robust engine measuring 200138125mm and weighing 1.8kg.


.Material: Stainless Steel + Brass + Aluminum Alloy
.Model: Alpha-Type Twin-Cylinder Twin-Piston Stirling Engine Model
.Item Number: M20-W-01
.Engine Form: Assembled Version
.Heating Replacement Cylinder Inner Diameter: 20mm
.Power Piston Diameter: 20mm
.Piston Stroke: 20mm
.Flywheel Diameter: 78mm
.Pulley Diameter: 20mm
.Total Bearings: 14
.Start Method: Manual Start
.Product Weight: 1816g
.Product Dimensions: 20 x 13.8 x 12.5cm
.Package Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 16cm
.Package Weight: 2016g
.Paking: Box
.Ages: 16+

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