Flame Flicker Stirling Engine Kit V1-45 Engine Model Educational Collection Gift

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Flame Flicker Stirling Engine Kit V1-45 Engine Model Educational Collection Gift

this engine is customized. it takes 25 days to produce it after the order is placed. thanks again for your understanding.


.New and brand new design of 2017, v1 single cylinder 45 degree structure USES 304 stainless steel cylinder with aluminum alloy radiator, reference to BMW motorcycle engine, upper rocker arm single camshaft top SOHC distribution structure, excellent design.
.Forced air cooling design, fan optimized heat dissipation, exquisite and beautiful.
.The engine and frame are separated, and the car engine test stand is used.
.The whole engine adopts the maintenance free of disassembly and the cylinder piston takes oil to lubricate. .Compared with other dry lubrication, the piston cylinder is well lubricatedto minimize wear and prolong service life.
.Technical parameters:
.Speed range: 300-2000 (continuous running time: 2 hours).
.Body material: aluminum alloy anodizing treatment.
.Accessories material: stainless steel, copper.
.Cylinder material: copper.
.Flywheel material: brass, precision processing.
.Fuel: 95% alcohol (the ignition position of the wick is above the suction port).
.Cooling method: forced air cooling.
.Lubrication method: drip lubrication (0.5ml of lubricating oil is required to be injected with a syringe from the suction port, once starting and once running for 30 minutes).
.Lubricating oil: kinematic viscosity (50 ℃), 2 mm/s (6 ~ 10 GB/T265.
.Maintenance: free of disassembly and maintenance, use a syringe to add alcohol fluctuation flywheel to clean the cylinder and then pour it out, and clean the lubricating oil twice. The engine cannot be cleaned to avoid burning by alcohol.
.Operation instructions: get 95% alcohol and funnel (or syringe) ready to tear off the fuel cover seal, open the mailbox cover and fill with alcohol, light the lamp wick, turn the flywheel to start, and add a few drops of oil from the fire port 2 minutes after starting.
.The product is exquisite and beautiful, the design is novel and unique, the simple sense and the aesthetic double combination, can give a person a kind of creation idea. As the flywheel rotates, people can enjoy the joy of creating power while being enlightened to the expandable space, and enter into the creation of an energy technology in an invisible way. It can be used as furnishings, cafes, restaurants, bars, storefronts, offices, etc. The product is suitable for people with a certain degree of patience and hands-on ability, can exercise children's hands-on and cerebral and spatial imagination ability, help them understand the principle of Stirling engine, and develop children's interest in physics, which is more intuitive and easier to increase knowledge.
.The product is suitable for children over 8 years old. Children under 8 years old need to operate under the supervision of their parents.Products are great for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, going back to school, great gifts for boys, friends, family and teachers.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Stainless Steel + Brass + Aluminum Alloy
.Product Size: 15*10*19cm
.Product Weight: 1100g
.Package Dimensions: 20*15*25cm
.Package Weight: 1250g
.Packing: Carton

Package Content:

.1 x Model

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Jeff H
looks awesome

i bought if for my dad. This thing is very cool it showed up just in time to give him something to tinker with during the social distancing. It took a little time to get it started but it took off and ran good. my father is happy of it.