Hot Air Stirling Engine Model Kit Science Toy Physical Principle Metal Model Toys

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Product Name: Stirling Engine Model
Color: As shown on the picture.
Material: Metal,Glass
1. Security start step
(1) Put the engine model in a horizontal position.
(2) Turn the flywheel gently with the hand, check whether the flywheel is running smoothly if there is a strong sense of astringency, check whether the connecting rod is connected to normal, whether the piston in the air cylinder and the spindle on the copper sleeve have oil if there is a dry cloth or toilet paper with oil. Wipe the piston and the outer wall of the spindle, confirm that there is no oil stain or foreign matter to ensure that the flywheel runs smoothly.
(3) Check whether the two crankshaft angle on the flywheel is 90 degrees (the crankshaft is at the bottom or the most right side of the crankshaft at the bottom), if it is not to be adjusted in parentheses.
(4) The alcohol lamp is moved to the hole of alcohol lampholder, and the alcohol lamp is ignited on the premise of confirming safety.
(5) After heating for 60 seconds, start with your hand gently toggle the flywheel until the flywheel can run automatically.
(6) The whole process of heating must not touch the main cylinder (high temperature danger!).
2. Security end step
(1) Please let the engine model cool down after use.
(2) If the end of the way is to end, the alcohol lamp is extinguished to confirm that it is completely extinguished, please let the engine model naturally cooling in the cooling process to stop operation automatically.
(3) If the engine model is cooled down naturally, please keep the engine where the child can't get it.
(4) Children should use the engine model under the care of adults, so as to prevent scalding or accidentally breaking the glass.
3.Matters of attention
(1) When alcohol is added to the alcohol lamp, please confirm that the alcohol lamp is in the state of extinction.
(2) If alcohol is inadvertently sprinkled on the model floor or on the desktop, please wait for the alcohol to evaporate completely or dry the alcohol, and then ignition.
(3) The wick of the alcohol lamp can not meet the test tube, and the light core will produce water vapor when it burns. If it meets the test tube, it will break the test tube.
(4) The engine model has high rotational speed and will vibrate when running, so be careful to slide down from the table.
(5) Be careful when heating, prevent scalding.


Package Include:
1 x Stirling Engine
1 x Alcohol Burner
1 x Spare Heating Glass Tube

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