Stirling Engine Kit Hot Air Engine Motor Model Educational Toy Electricity Generator Colorful LED


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Perfect gift!

Looks sharp. Runs great. Quite a bit of engineering for the price. Extra parts (glass), nice to have. Buy two.

Jhonatan Arango Ramirez
powerful fast burner

Absolutely fun and educational. This is a very good quality Stirling engine. I became fascinated with Stirling and steam engines recently and bought three for my desktop. My other Stirling engine is the kind you set on a hot beverage and it is also great.
This model is very fun and runs great.

Great quality!

The engine feels sturdy, rotates really fast and generates a decent amount of energy!

I connected it to a series of LEDs and made a very interesting decoration.

The package arrived in two weeks, and they even sent some extra parts for replacement.

10/10 would recommend, it's a great gift!

Vicky Townsend
Exceptional quality

This engine is beautifully designed and precisely machined. I did not expect this level of quality at this price level! A great piece to display on a bookshelf, and it's also a lot of fun to watch it run. I used a 75% grain alcohol from a liquor store as a fuel, which worked well.

Kristian Kramer

I was a little apprehensive about the price of the Stirlingkit Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor but it is well worth it. It is very impressive. Solid structure and beautiful to look at. I am definitely looking at buying another Stirlingkit engine.

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