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I can get this engine to run for just over an hour with boiling water in an insulated coffee mug. In a regular mug, boiling water will power it for about 30 minutes. I haven't had much luck with trying to get it to run with ice, yet. It's fun experimenting with it and kids are mystified by it.


Best desk toy ever. My Daughter and Son in law got me this for Fathers Day. Wow! So much fun! The perfect instructional science desk toy!


Great little engine, very well made. Great fun.


Runs incredible long on a hot cup of coffee. What a conversation piece!!!!


The Sterling engine pretty much worked as I expected it to, it was really nice to show the science of it to my younger relatives, as well as my friends in college although I’ve only had it for two days, I did not have to lubricate it when I got it out of the box, it was fairly simple to put together, and it has been running often on for the last two days to see if I can find a flaw in it’s ability to stay working, but I have not.I did think at first that I could possibly run it off of the heat of my hand, but my hands do not get that hot, I did put it on a small heater and it seem to work, as well as my computer, and a glass of boiling hot water, over all, all I can say is that I’m happy with this Engine, and I plan to get more of them in the future, as long as they’re built as well as this one.