M12 2.6cc Mini 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Water-cooled Cooling Structure


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Bobby Staley
Beautiful Engine

Here is my cat modeling with this engine.

William Schmitz
Nice item, very fast shipping

It arrived in 9 days after I ordered. As it is made of brass and stainless steel, it is heavy despite its small size. I used Coleman's White Gasoline instead of Gasoline because it has less odor and soot and has better startability. As a precaution, I added 5% of Honda 2-stroke oil. I could easily start it with an electric drill with the attached adapter. The throttle stayed slow and the engine ran for about 30 minutes. A good compression was obtained by running around 3 tanks as a break-in operation. It is a very well-made mini OHV engine. By the way, the capacity of both the cooling water hopper and the fuel tank is about 10cc.


i modified this engine in order to set it up on my car. nice engine and nice car:)


Beautiful engine, very nice, thank you

Werner Ruehl
Great little engine, very fast shipping from China

Very nice engine, high quality, I love it. Shipping with express is worth it. It was delivered within 8 days, thank you.
Unfortunately I missed a chematic of the engine, who the engine is build with its parts.
Today I ordered my third engine from Stirlingkit.

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