Metal Balance Stirling Engine Model Generator Micro External Combustion Engine Model

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T16-03 Balance Style Metal Cylinder External Combustion Stirling Engine Model Educational Toy

Item name: T16-03 Balance Engine Model
Model: T16-03
Size: 185*105*150 mm
Weight: 1200g
Package weight: 1400g
Operating voltage: 5~10V

Heating cylinder inner diameter: 20mm
Piston stroke: 16mm
Piston diameter: 16mm
Flywheel diameter: 64mm
Motor cover material: 6061 aluminum alloy
Motor type: brushed permanent magnet motor
Power piston and Power cylinder cover and Round link material: SUJ alloy steel
Flat connecting rod material: stainless steel
Gasket material: brass
Base and Body and Flywheel and Bracket material: 6061 aluminum alloy

- A change to the tradition of the previous design, we designed this balance Sterling into a whole integrated body. Therefore, the key parts are less error in the assembly of multiple parts, greatly improving the accuracy of the overall machine. We still abandon the glass cylinders and pistons that are used in the market, and continue to use high-hardness exactness bearing steel cylinder pistons, so there is no need to worry about the breakage and life of the glass cylinder pistons.
- We use high-performance T6 aluminum alloy with thickness up to 50MM as the raw material of T16-03. After the high-speed machining center, the surface is anodized and frosted. In order to further improve the life of the whole machine, we have embedded a body on the body. A precision-ground and hardened cylinder liner with a wall thickness of up to 3 mm completely dispels your concern about cylinder wear. We still hope that this is not just a model of the Stirling engine that can be started, but also the artwork on your desk.
- The process and manufacturing of the whole machine is still inseparable from the digital control system. At the same time, the M80 digital control system has become the first choice of our factory.
-The length, width and height of the machine are 185X105X150MM. The diameter of the flywheel is 65MM, and the stroke of the power piston is 16MM. The weight of this T16-03 is still mentioned. The thick body, 8MM aluminum base, almost never burned stainless steel. Pipes, steel pistons and cylinder liners, aluminum alloy motor covers, together with a 65mm large flywheel, pushed the weight of this T16-03 to an astonishing 1.2kg. Once again, it surpassed the weight of similar products in the market by 2-3 times, and resolutely refused cheap plastic hardware mold parts. Expensive manufacturing methods only bring a different visual and tactile experience.
- Today, labor and material costs are rising, we still refuse to cut corners, luxury materials with excellent and expensive processing technology, just to create a boutique model.


-Please read the paper instructions in the box carefully!
-Remove the alcohol lamp, add 95% or more of the medical or industrial liquid alcohol (not more than 2/3 of the container). Be careful not to completely fill it up to prevent alcohol spillage!
-Lgnite the alcohol in the alcohol container, heat it for about one minute, and start the flywheel to the machine by hand.
-Machine cylinders, pistons, bearings, connecting rods and other active positions are prohibited from oiling!
-This machine is forbidden to add water!
-Heating the whole process, can not touch the high temperature parts of the machine to prevent burns!
-Pay attention to the safety of using alcohol. Please use it under the supervision of an adult.
-Before placing the machine on the table, please place a heat insulation pad between the desktop and the machine to prevent the machine from overheating and damage the table.
-When the machine is running at high speed, vibration shift may occur. Please prevent the machine from falling off the table.

Package Included:
1 x T16-03 Stirling Engine Model

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