OS Speed R21 Level 21 3.49cc GT Racing Engine Exhaust Pipe Set for 1/8 Car

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OS Speed R21 Level 21 3.49cc GT Racing Engine Exhaust Pipe Set for 1/8 Car



This engine O.S.SPEED R21GT was introduced at the IFMAR world championships in the United States. Compared to previous osspeed21xz-gt models, the performance of the entire region is improved. The crankcase is an improved version of the R2101 and has a proven track record in road racing. The cylinders/pistons have 5 vents and 3 vents which have been cleared of IFMAR regulations. The newly designed crankshaft uses a DLC coating and counterweight design, following the tradition of OSSPEED, and is press-loaded and focus on dumping. Considering the GT tour scene, a new exterior head was adopted that emphasized the cooling performance.  The carburetor is equipped with a newly designed double-adjustable 22E (B) GT engine that focuses on pickup performance. The reducer is also fitted with φ7 according to IFMAR regulations. Set T-2060SC + MB01-70(M2003SC)as the combined button to be released at the same time.

Displacement: 3.49cc;

Bore: 16.08mm;

Stroke: 17.20mm;

Practical RPM: 4,000-42,000rpm;

Power Output: 2.65PS/2.61hp@34000 rpm;

Weight: 369g
.Run-in Method for OS Engine:

1. Please adjust each oil pin of carburetor to the reference position. No adjustment is required in case of factory shipment status.

2. Please turn on the power supply of the remote control and the receiver, and confirm that each link is in normal operation. Remove spark plug and add 2 to 3 drops of o.s.sped maintenance oil to make initial engine start easier. Ignite the spark plug with the igniter and start the engine on the starter pad. If it does not start, or stop immediately after starting, try the way following: Close the main needle about 90 degrees from the reference position.

Adjust the travel of the throttle steering gear and turn the throttle stop slightly to the reference position (about 1mm).

5. The tires are in suspension after the engine starts. After the spark plug is energized, start the engine and control the throttle with the remote control to make the engine repeatedly low - to medium-speed operation, heating the engine. Do not run the engine at high speed.

6. If the engine is warm, remove the igniter, then place the car on the starter stand and start the engine at high speed for 2 to 3 times (Keep the engine at a smoke state).

7. When the engine is warm, remove the ignition and get the car off the ground. At the beginning of the run, if it stops near the medium speed, it means the mixture is very thick (too much fuel relative to the air intake). Please turn off the main fuel pin 15 to 30 degrees. If it also stops, turn off it 15 to 30 degrees. Use a tank of oil (car fuel tank) without stopping the engine.

8. Fill the tank with oil and slowly close the main fuel needle, consuming about 2L. (please slowly extend the full throttle time in a straight line). Please drive in white smoke status at the exhaust pipe. If the white smoke doesn't come out, it means the needle is too tightly closed. After finishing 2 liters of oil, this is the end of running-in. Note: If you want to change the type of fuel (especially the fuel with high nitromethane content) or replace the main parts such as cylinder and piston, please return the carburetor setting to the base position and run the engine in again
.For Ages: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal
.Product Weight: 369g
.Package Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 10cm
.Package Weight: 500g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Engine + Exhaust Pipe Set

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