PLLSSTC Tesla Coil Plasma 5-8cm Arc Maker 710KHZ with PCB Board Technical Toys

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PLLSSTC Tesla Coil Plasma  5-8cm Arc Maker 710KHZ with PCB Board Technical Toys


.It is a smart device for wireless transmission experiments. Phase-locked loop Tesla coils have been around for many years, but high-power finished commercial machines have not been made by anyone yet.
.The main problem is the structure of the phase-locked loop Tesla coil. First of all, it is continuously running (CW mode). This is different from the ordinary pulse test Tesla coil. The pulsed Tesla coil has an arc. It is characterized by long length, high noise, relatively sparse arc density, and low heat generation
.The continuous running Tesla coil arc like this is showing a mass, and the temperature is extremely high, the power is very high, the air around the arc forms plasma
.The high temperature is not only the arc, but also the heat of the coil itself is very high when the entire coil is running. The working pressure of the overall circuit is quite large, which leads to the traditional acrylic or PVC skeleton can not be applied to this kind of Tesla coil, because they are not high temperature resistant materials, it will melt and burn after a short operation.
.In order to find high-temperature-resistant insulating materials, I also tried a lot of different materials. Combining the experience in the experiment, I finally decided to use the glass fiber filament winding tube as the skeleton material of the primary coil and the secondary coil. , It has many advantages such as high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, not fragile, etc.
.The wiring of this model is also very simple, the whole machine also has only one power cord, and the power cord can be used when it is connected to the socket, and it does not need to be grounded.
.Wide range of applications: this product can be used for entertainment interaction, film and television special effects, popular science education, teaching demonstrations, etc.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: PCB Board + Components + Stainless Steel + Copper
.Power: ≤500W
.Arc Resonance Frequency: About 710KHZ
.Arc Length: 5-8cm
.Input Voltage: 85-240VAC (power is relatively small when the input voltage is low, 220VAC mains input is recommended)
.Product Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 28cm
.Product Weight: 800g
.Package Dimensions: 35 x 23 x 19cm
.Package Weight: 1250g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Tesla Coil
.1 x Power Line

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