Stark Solid Classic Rotating Spark Gap Tesla Coil SGTC Toys

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Stark SGTC Rotating Spark Gap Tesla Solid Classic Tesla Coils Technology Toys


.SGTC is the simplest one in Tesla's classification. The main components are booster circuit + capacitor bank + spark gap + primary and secondary coil. The structure is simple, reliable in use, and the arc is obvious.
.This product adopts a rotating spark gap design, which uses a motor to drive the ignition electrode to rotate, which solves the problem of changing the gap distance and reducing the life of the material caused by the high temperature deformation of the spark gap in the ordinary SGTC for a long time. It can be fired 8 times in one rotation, and the efficiency is extremely high, and the motor speed is adjustable, so that the frequency is adjustable. The innovative primary and secondary coil structure design separates the secondary, only one wire is needed to solve the problem of power transmission, and the second is not required to form a loop. At the same time, the low-pressure primary is sealed in epoxy resin to prevent sparking and flashing, and it looks more beautiful.
.Technical Essential:

(1) ZVS+ high voltage package booster circuit, simple and reliable, easy to repair or replace.

(2) 8 high-voltage resonant capacitors accurately match the coil parameters to maximize the arc.

(3) The original design of rotating spark gap greatly extends the service life of the product and is full of sense of science and technology.

(4) Original design of separating primary and secondary coils, beautiful in appearance, preventing sparking and safe to use.

(5) Low-pressure primary epoxy glue seal to extend life.

(6) Dual power supply design, adjustable motor speed and frequency.

(1) Take out the ground wire first, connect the screw near the primary coil on the base of the product to one end of the ground wire, and then connect the other end of the ground wire to a good conductor in contact with the earth.

(2) Connect the adjustable power supply to the socket, adjust the voltage to no more than 7V, and then connect the plug to the motor.

(3) Finally, connect the red and black wires with the switch to the positive and negative terminals on the white power supply, the red wire to the positive pole, and the black wire to the negative pole.

(4) Connect the wire with the broken secondary coil and the screw on the primary coil of the main body, and take the coil away. Make sure that the middle wire is suspended in the air and cannot touch the desktop. Ensure that there are no debris.

(5) Finally, press the switch to produce an arc, and the louder sound is normal.

(1) The arc frequency of the product is high, and there will be a burning sensation when touched. Please do not touch the arc at will.

(2) The discharge needle is relatively sharp, so use it safely.

(3) After power-on, it is not recommended to touch the components on the circuit board except the switch.

(4) If the heat sink is hot, please cut off the power and put it for a while.

(5) The line between the two coils must be suspended in the air and cannot touch the desktop.

(6) Please click the switch, do not press the switch for a long time.
.Applications Widely:

Suitable as a gift for technology enthusiasts, can be used for Tesla coil teaching demonstrations, can also be used as a technology toy, magical, fun, highly ornamental, inspire enthusiasm for learning and interest in scientific exploration, cultivate innovation ability and creativity.
.For Ages: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Acrylic + Electronic Components
.Coil: 140 x 130 x 340mm
.Base: 240 x 140 x 160mm
.Voltage: 220V to 24V power supply +220V to 0-12V adjustable power supply (dual power supply design)
.Power: Comprehensive power about 100W
.Product Weight: 2450g
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40cm
.Package Weight: 3000g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x High Pressure Secondary with Equalizing Ring
.1 x Spark Gap Host Base
.1 x 0-12V Adjustable Motor Power Supply
.1 x 24V 10A Power Supply
.1 x Ground Wire (2 M)

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Jim Lender

Very well thought out and put together a good spark haven’t tried it on 220 yet