Stirling Engine Kit Large Capacity Boiler Design All-metal Balance Type Stirling Engine Model Toy

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Stirling Engine Kit Large Capacity Boiler Design All-metal Balance Type Stirling Engine Model Toy


.The model is made according to the working principle of the hot air engine.The whole metal is safe and
durable, and the shape is unique and innovative. It is a novel fashion gift and collectible
.Through innovative design concepts, rigorous production processes, and the use of the Stirling principle to
produce a small model of entertaining and learning, only a small alcohol lamp can make it powerful and fast
.The whole engine is designed with a large-capacity boiler, and it is equipped with an alcohol lamp. It can
work continuously for 30 minutes
.The steam channel and the bottom plate are designed in one piece for safety and durability
.Flywheel, power cylinder and power piston are made of brass H59; boiler, bottom plate and linkage rod are
made of aluminum alloy 6061. The surface is oxidized and does not change color for a long time; other parts
are made of stainless steel SUS304; miniature bearings are used at the axle connection
.Instructions for use: Put the engine model in a horizontal position; gently turn the flywheel by hand to check
whether the flywheel rotates smoothly; add a little alcohol to the alcohol lamp, about two-thirds of the
position, do not overfill, under the premise of confirming safety , ignite the alcohol; slowly move the alcohol
lamp under the heating end of the engine model; after heating for 30 seconds, start to gently push the
flywheel by hand until the flywheel can automatically rotate; the whole process of heating, the hand must not
touch the heating end and boiler, avoid burns
.Through hands-on operation, you can understand the principle of vacuum Stirling engine launching and
understand the interest in physics
.At the same time, its superior quality and exquisite appearance also make it have a high collection value,
which can be used as a high-grade decoration
.The product is suitable for people over 13 years old


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Aluminum Alloy + Brass
.The Whole Machine: 21.5*11.5*17.5cm
.Flywheel Diameter: 90mm
.Boiler: 55mm in diameter and 71mm in length
.Alcohol Lamp: 36*38mm
.Product Dimensions: 21.5*11.5*17.5cm
.Product Weight: 1471g
.Package Dimensions: 25*15*20cm    
.Package Weight: 1500g
.Packing: Box 

Package Content:

.1 x Stirling Engine Model Toy

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