Stirling Engine Kit Single Cylinder Big Flywheel Travelling Wave Thermoacoustic Engine

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Stirling Engine Kit Single Cylinder Big Flywheel Travelling Wave Thermoacoustic Engine


.. How does a thermoacoustic Stirling engine work?
The thermoacoustic engine is a particular type of Stirling engine, which has been proposed as an electricity generator for space travel using radioisotopes as the heat source, among other applications.. The thermoacoustic engine works by converting sound waves into motion. The sound waves are generated by heating one end of a 'stack' of coiled material and allowing the other end to remain cool.

Beautiful appearance and high quality. The main body is made of high quality metal, which is firm and strong.
.The hot cylinder is made of glass, high hardness, high speed and long time running without wear.
.The pursuit of the details, the overall fine grinding, touched very smooth, very metallic and modern technology, to achieve a dual combination of texture and beauty.
.Modular parts are shipped and it's fun to do it yourself.
.Installation method: Install the hot cylinder with the short screw on the beam. When installing, the direction of the cylinder should be in line with the beam; the long screw should pass through the beam hole and then pass through the bracket. When fixing the screw, it must be firm; push the piston gently into the cylinder. After the outer cylinder and other pistons are pushed forward, gently pull the lower piston back and forth by hand to check whether it is flexible. If it is not flexible, it can be lubricated with lead powder. It is forbidden to add any lubricating oil to the piston part; the large flywheel is mounted on the measurement position. Install the connecting rod to the positioning of the flywheel. Use a cotton swab to apply a little oil on the two positioning points. Do not add oil to other parts. Place the metal magnet piece on the bottom of the alcohol bottle so that the magnetic alcohol bottle will be firmly attached. On the engine base.
.This product belongs to the external combustion engine, which makes the external combustion of the fuel heated, and the expanded air (helium or hydrogen) acts as a medium to move the piston. The expanding gas is cooled in the cold cylinder, and such a cycle is repeated.
.The fuel is made of high-quality steel wire, which has ultra-high thermal release performance and is safer.
.The engine is placed horizontally during operation, and the alcohol lamp is added to approximately 2/3 of the 95% alcohol and placed under the hot cylinder.
.To ensure safety, ignite the alcohol lamp.
.Continue to heat the hot cylinder for 2 to 3 minutes, one hand presses the engine base plate and the other hand quickly dials the large flywheel engine to run.
.The product is suitable for people over 14 years old.
.Tips: Be careful not to be burnt by high temperature during the operation.
.Do not touch any part that has been fired to avoid burns.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Glass
.Product Weight: 500g
.Package Dimensions: 16*8.6*8.5cm
.Package Weight: 600g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Stem Toy

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thermoacoustic engine

excellent quality and good looking. Arrived undamaged and within the time limits. Part of a second order from stirlingkit.