Stirling Engine Kit V-shape Four-cylinder Vacuum Suction v4 Engine Model Toy

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V-shape Four-cylinder Vacuum Suction Engine Model Toy for Developing Intelligence


.100% brand new with high quality
.The V-shaped four-cylinder is domineering and looks beautiful
.Selected quality materials, made of pure metal, high-end atmosphere
.The overall polishing is meticulous, the color is bright, it is not easy to rust and fade, and has a high-end texture, achieving a dual combination of texture and beauty
.The alcohol lamp has a fixed lamp holder for safer and more reliable
.During operation, the engine model is placed in a horizontal position, and alcohol is injected into the alcohol lamp to ensure the safety of the alcohol lamp
.The alcohol lamp heats the piston tube, and the dry air expands to generate power
.At the same time, the flywheel is assisted by hand to drive the flywheel to rotate rapidly
.Use 95% alcohol (self-prepared) during operation, no water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil,liqueur
.Education and fun, through the hands-on operation, you can observe the entire low temperature Stirling engine operation process, more intuitive understanding of the Stirling principle, and deepen your interest in physics
.The product itself has been assembled and can be directly used, and its superior quality and exquisite appearance also make it have a high collection value, which can be used as a high-end gift
.The product is suitable for people over 14 years old
.Tips: Be careful not to be hot to the high temperature during the operation


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Stainless Steel + Glass
.Product Weight: 1000g
.Package Dimensions: 15*12*8cm
.Package Weight: 1100g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Engine Model Toy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron Chamberlain
A challenge

This engine is a challenge to get to operate satisfactorily. It’s very sensitive to wick length, placement, as well as to how it’s trimmed. After hours of frustration and e mails to service,, it appears to work but there is still need to refine my technique to get optimum performance. This is definitely for experienced hobbyists who enjoy a challenge..


Quality product and received it well before we were supposed to. Very nicely designed machine. Works great!

Incedible Engine

This engine is a wonderful piece of Engineering! Built exceptionally well and runs fabulous. Vacuum engines are mesmerizing to watch, cant help but be amazed with their simplicity. I run this engine on a variety of fuels, Alcohol 95%, Alcohol 99% as well as methyl hydrate. Runs equally well on any of them. After maybe 15 minutes total run time I take the cylinder heads off and clean the inside with Alcohol. I also use light "3 in 1" oil on all moving crankshaft parts and of course no oil inside the cylinder. I have used graphite inside the cylinder but frankly I dont see any need, runs like clockwork without the graphite. A lovely vacuum engine addition to my collection!

george stein
Exceptionally well built and runs like a champ

This engine was running minutes after I removed it from the shipping box. I must say it was also very well protected with bubble wrap around the engine and also bubble wrap protection throughout the box! It is a heavy engine, solidly built. The crankshaft turns very free and has no lateral play or movement, this engine could not be built any better. I just mounted the fuel tanks, lit the wicks and the engine was off to the races. This is my 4th vacuum engine and definitely my favourite!, runs terrific every time and has a very pleasing mechanical linkage sound as it is running.