Stirling Engine Model Low Temperature Difference Magnetic Motor Model Kit


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exactly why the engine runs

Basically you can run this engine up to 20 minutes with a cup of warm water (the engine must be cool). The bigger the temperature difference between the top and bottom plates the higher RPM you will get. This works best with a hot cup of water underneath and an ice cube in a plastic bag on the top (there is plenty of room for one ice cube on top).

Works Great

Have it on a coffee warmer with coins stacked on it to raise the engine to slow the engine down. Works continually and is fun to watch.

Good Engine

Out of the box it wasn't working. I had to balance the piston and flywheel so that it moved a little more freely. I moved the wheel so that the piston was at it's highest position, lifted off the cylinder to let air in, then closed the cylinder. After that I put it on top of my CFL table lamp and it was warm enough to get it going.

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