Stirling Engine Model Vacuum Motor Model Kit Engine Educational Toys

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Product details

Stirling Engine Model Vacuum Motor Model Kit Engine Educational Toys


.100% brand new with high quality
.Exquisite metal base plate is polished and painted
.The design of the bracket is vivid and hollowed out
.Imported precision bearings for smooth rotation
.Machining silver flywheel, pure copper crankshaft easy to disassemble
.All metal alcohol lamp, heat resistant wick copper tube
.All metal hot cylinders, valve baffles and connecting rods are made of high quality stainless steel
.The design concept is novel, the overall shape is exquisite and fashionable, and the best choice for gift collection
.The product design is exquisite, the workmanship is excellent, not only can be used as teaching aids, ornaments,but also DIY, enjoy this magical energy conversion journey
.The product is suitable for people over 8 years old


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Aluminum Alloy  + Stainless Steel 
.Product Dimensions: 15*7*9cm
.Product Weight: 320g
.Package Dimensions: 20*12*12cm   

.Package Weight: 340g
.Packing: Special Carton

Package Content:

.1Set x Model


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew McLaren
Love this engine

I did have some trouble getting this engine to run at first. Not sure if this was my lack of experience with this type of engine or valve timing issue when delivered. The instructions show and explain how to check and set timing which I did but it took a few tries as I was miss interpreting and not reading closely. When I followed instruction precisely and then did the last step of flicking the engine over to check the sound (as per the instructions) I got the popping sound and when I tried it again and by moving the burner back and forward while flicking engine over in the correct direction the engine ran beautifully. Lovely example of this type of engine with a great sound.

Great affordable little vacuum engine :)

Great running engine with nice attention to detail. I have dozens of runs on mine to the point the cylinder is very blue but it only runs better & better. Some pointers I've learned are to only use a bare minimum amount of light oil on the pivot points, and ONLY a dry graphite lube for the piston/cylinder. Any wet lubes are too heavy and it won't run. Also, keep an eye on the crankshaft halves. If they become misaligned you'll see it as flywheel wobble. And be sure the set screw on the crankshaft intake valve actuator is aligned w/ the timing mark when at piston tdc. Otherwise it's just a matter of playing with the flame distance once running and periodically thereafter. Mine will usually start great cold but then stall and take some patient flipping to get warmed and then it will run the whole tank out. I don't doubt every one is it's own quirky animal but so fun to learn from and a great feeling everytime it hits a running harmony.