Toyan X-POWER Sand Cruiser Nitro 1/8 RC Car Desert Rock Crawler DIY Kit with FS-L200 Engine & 5 Speed Gearbox

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Toyan X-POWER Sand Cruiser Nitro 1/8 RC Car Desert Rock Crawler DIY Kit with FS-L200 Engine & 5 Speed Gearbox

 Why Toyan Starts to Make RC Cars?

Some people might think it's another scale RC engine when they hear of the name " Toyan X-POWER Sand Cruiser". Actually, it's the first RC desert rock crawler that Toyan and X-POWER Team have tried to make this year. The Toyan CEO Ricky Teng, the head designer too, believes that the end of RC road is to make it more realistic. However, It's hard to find or there are no many choices for nitro stuffs in hobby shops in the current market that nitro seems to be definitely going by the wayside to the whole brushless /LiPo scene and the back order issue is across the whole spectrum of RC from the pandemic crap, compared to the electric. After selling scale nitro and methanol RC engines for years, Toyan finds that there are still a large group of hobby fans are loyal to and passionate about the nitro world and are not satisfied with buying engines for only being a desk decor or for collection. The hobbyists prefer to modify Toyan engines into the RC cars, boats and ships, or even aircraft and create many new way of play. In the early 2021, the fact that 2 cylinder water-cooled engine kits X-POWER have a successful crowfunding oversea, gives Toyan team confidence to make their own brand RC car. That's how " X-POWER Sand Cruiser" comes. Nitro willl be never dead.

What's X-POWER Sand Cruiser?


The first model "sand cruiser" was designed as desert off-road prototype with all metal holder, powered by Toyan FS-L200 nitro engine and a differiential front and straight real axle to balance both speed and off-road performance. dowload the manual here.

Why Toyan Choose FS-L200 for X-POWER Sand Cruiser?


FS-200 engine is one of the most popular nitro engine among Toyan engines and garners a swathe of fans. The FS-L200 engine building plan videos becoming one of the most popular videos in YouTube, some of which even have more than thousands of views.  To better meet the needs of X-POWER Sand Cruiser, this engine has a new single carburetor with pumps that provide more stable and smooth throttle control. The Toyan FS-L200 is a 3.5CC 0.5ps four-stroke two-cylinder engine. It can reach 11,300 revolutions per minute maximun (Check Johnny Q90's review). It can boost your RC models performance, applicable to 1:10, 1:12, and 1:14 scale models.

( Note:

1. the engine will be changed into the black color. Please note that it's air-cooled instead of water-cooled.

2.please note that the FS-L200 engine is not the assembly version. It's already assembled.

3. if you have the engine already and want to buy the carburetor and pumps only, sorry to tell you that Toyan won't sell the accessories ,like carbs and frame until the year of 2022.)

Why Should We Choose X-POWER Sand Cruiser?


1)Five mechanical speed are much more fun.

Toyan launched a new mechanical gearbox.  A five-speed gearbox suitable for model internal combustion engines was finally born under the continuous testing and improvement of Toyan engineers and technicians. Three forward gears, one neutral gear, one reverse gear and integrated brake function, give friends who want to build their own oil-powered RC car a brand new experience of oil-powered RC model for the first time.

The integrated brake system is more realistic when loading the vehicle

2)all metal car frame makes the car safer & durable

except for all metal axle, gears and fasteners, the frame parts are all CNC finished. Different styles, but still unique.

differential lock

the front axle adopts lockable differential mechanical lock to provide necessory guarantee for high speed driving and crawling .

 3) Build Your Own RC Car Kit Model

if you have interested in better understanding, first-hand, how it's put together and how a RC car works, i think you will would like to spends hours building it either yourself or with your kids. The wooden box has everything needed for assembly. What you need to do is to enjoy your building.

4) Paint Your Sand Cruiser any Color You Want

The Sand Cruiser comes with original transparent mode in the shell to reduce the burden of the spray painting on players. For the super player who pursues individuality and also choose the colorless shell kit for DIY painting.


Q&A (important):

- Is this a FULL complete Kit? Is it all included?
no. it's not a full complete kit. There have some parts you need to prepare first.
1. Controller, suggest 6 channels and above.
2. Steering gear, suggest 20kg and above.
3. Battery, suggest 7.4V 2S lithium battery.
4. Fuel:20-25% nitro fuel is recommended.
5. Please note that the fuel and starter kit are not included in the package. You need to buy them yourself. You can buy the starter kit here.
- Is the starter motor and bracket included?
no. FS-L200 starter kit are not included in the package. You need to buy them yourself. You can buy the starter kit here.
- Is the dual oil filter cleaner or T-shape connector or Y-shape fuel divider included?
- Is the engine fully DIY?
no. the FS-L200 is already assembled. you don't need to assemble it.
- Is the exhaust pipe and gear box included?
yes. the parcel includes the exhaust pipe and 5-speed gear box.
- it has the smaller servos but not the steering one? I understand it needs the transmitter and receiver.
yes. it doesn't have any steering gear and smaller servos.
- Those pictures of the car seem to have the old engine and no radiator. Is that an older car as I believe it should have a radiator?
no. this is not water-cooled. so it doesn't need a radiator. toyan has changed the color of the Cylinder head, and added a carburetor, pump.
- Is the Toyan car available without the engine and just the chassis and gearbox? Will the parts be available to buy separately?
no. this accessories are not available to sell now. Because Toyan would like to sell the car kit first. GD01 does not affect its own use.

-Please note that servo that controls the front axle diff lock are not included. You need to buy it yourself. This parcel doesn't includes Servo part DC03 and all the linkages (spring, servo horn etc). Circled in red. 

Hello they are not missed. the parts circled in red is the upgrade OP part for the Front axle remote control differential lock. they are not released yet.

-Where is the diff lock?

FA26, FA26, FA8, FA9, FA27, these are parts of diff lock. We send it in this bag, instead of on the bridge, please check it and contact us if you do not have it. 


Packing List

.Vehicle (KIT parts)*1
.Installation tool*1
.Manual *1




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Josh Hinefelt
Love this rc car

I love this 5 speed 2cylinder rc car. The machine work is out of this world.

received damaged and missing parts

has been 30 days since i have received lost and damaged kit still no replacement i paid extra for express shipping and insurance 20 emails and no replacement they have my $2000 and i do not have what i paid for the servos were some of the parts missing i am told not supplied when it is clearly advertised as having all small servos states that steering gear is not supplied WHAT IS THE POINT OF PAYING EXTRA FOR INSURANCE IF IT DOES NOTHING MONEY GRAB SCAM i was really looking forward to this kit now i am disgusted all i want t is replacement or refund WORST CUSTEMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIANCED for such a high $$ item this should have been taken care of long ago i did not want to leave this review but after a month it is time buyer beware if this gets fixed i will remove review

Steve D
Amazing quality

Just received this kit and I am blown away with the level of detail and engineering that has been poured into this kit. Very happy with it so far! YouTube video placeholder