Universal Mini DIY Model Tools Kit for Basic Model Building Crafts Tools

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Universal Mini DIY Model Tools Kit for Basic Model Building Crafts Tools


.One-stop Service: Our mission is to provide you with rare miniature tools and model making supplies at low prices. We take pride in providing the best customer service in the industry. We customize a wide variety of more reasonably configured tool sets for modelers of all stages to meet the needs of players at different stages of production.
.Quality Assurance: This is a cost-effective tool set that is reliable and trustworthy for its long use and shelf life. The set provides you with a pleasant DIY making or model repairing experience.
.Applications: This set includes important tools indispensable for players in making or repairing models, such as military models, soldier models, mech models, train models, ship models, car models, airplane models, engine models, etc.
.Crowd: Whether you are a professional craftsman or a model making enthusiast in need of precision miniature tools, you are able to benefit from the ultimate selection of model making tools. Shop according to your personal needs.
Age: 14+.


.Material: Metal + Plastic
.Tweezers: 125mm x 135mm, for clamping & fixing the small parts, or holding the water paste, covering tape, etc.
.Grinding Bar: Three-side/two-side, for grinding hardware materials and (roughing) hardware surface for treatment. Note: The two kinds of bars feature various rough and fine polished surfaces.
.Separator: 85*35*13mm, for prying up parts of the assembled model. Note: Adhesive sandpaper can be used to grind the surface of the model.
.Parts Storage Box: Consists of 10 squares, flexible & convenient for classifying and storing models
.File: 140mm, for grinding hardware materials and (roughing) hardware surface for treatment.
.Scissors: 90*45mm, for cutting small stickers. Note: Be careful to use.
.Four-sided Grinding Block Set: 9*3.5*3.5cm, for grinding the model to enhance the smoothness & brightness. Note: Different roughness on all sides.
.Screwdriver: Flat-head: 0.3cm; Cross: 0.3cm, for tightening & removing the screws.
.Electric Drill Set: For the polishing, grinding, drilling and cutting of the model.
.Ruler: 15cm, for measuring the model size. Note: It can be used in model making, hardware, woodworking and other industries.
.Cutting Pad: 300*220*3mm, for protecting the table top and knife head. The scale on the stereotype can be referred to. Note: Both sides are available.
.A3 Storage Box: 190*76*38mm, for easy storage and sorting of small tools/parts.
.Mini Table Clamp: For clamping objects with various shapes while grinding, drilling and polishing.
.Carving Knife: 140mm; cutter bar diameter: 8mm; blade: 40mm; pen cap: 50mm, for trimming burrs of parts and cutting small parts
.Needle Pen: 0.05, for adding 3D sense to the model by outlining it, making it look better.
.Grinding Machine: 165mm, for polishing the details of the model. Note: AA Battery * 2 (Not Included)
.Utility Knife: Used to cut, carve, and dot with its tip.
.Japanese Scissors: For cutting parts from the plate and cutting small wires, circuit boards, trimming plastic burrs, etc.
.303 Blue Pen Knife + Blade * 12: For trimming the rough edges of the nozzle and so on.
.GM01 Black Line Drawing Pen & GM301 Black Permeating Pen: Used to offer the model a more 3D & outstanding look.
.Product Weight: 1300g
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 1500g
.Packing: Box

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