Best Toyan V8 Nitro Engine to Build in 2022 | Stirlingkit

Best Toyan V8 Nitro Engine to Build in 2022 | Stirlingkit

Best Toyan V8 Nitro Engine to Build in 2022 | Stirlingkit

The V8 engine is one of the cylinder arrangements of the internal combustion engine. The 8 cylinders are divided into two groups, 4 in each group, arranged in a V-shape. Engines with this structure are more common in large automobile engines. Generally used in high-end vehicles.

Historically, under the halo of super sports cars such as Ferrari, v8 has long become synonymous with performance. the V8 engine was more popular because it was lighter and more compact for the amount of power is generated. It maintains popularity because of its excellent horsepower and torque characteristics and stable operation and saving space. V-8 cylinders tend to have more of a perpendicular angle within the engine. V-8 engines have more power, which results in a higher power ceiling than a V-6.  On the other hand, the v8 engine on luxury cars can get almost the same as v12. Power output and smoothness of operation, so that today's v12 has become synonymous with super-power to a greater extent. But the structure of the V8 engine is more complicated, which is not conducive to maintenance and repair, and the cost is high.

As a matter of fact, Toyan has planed to produce a V8 engine model for a long time since the release of the Toyan V400 engine series in April 2019. FS-V800 is the result of TOYAN's long-term technical accumulation, and it is also regarded as a masterpiece launched in 2022 among Toyan engine series. And Stirlingkit Team received the desire from some customers to have a V8 engine in KIT version just like the previous FS-L400 engine kit. So we ask Toyan to make a DIY kit. That how it comes.

Want to learn everything about the heart of a vehicle, that is V8 engine, and how does it work? Building this 106-piece working model of a v type eight-cylinder engine model kit that works.

Have a quice glance at this video below to know the basic infomation of Toyan V800.


 Brand: TOYAN
.Item: V8 Nitro Engine FS-V800
.Cylinder: V-type 8 Cylinder
.cylinder diameter:16.6mm
.Stroke:  17.0mm
.Displacement: 28cc (3.5cc x 8)
.Speed Range: 1800-12500rpm
.Output Power: 4.35ps@11200rpm
.Cooling System: Water-cooled
.Starting Method: Electric Start
.Material: Metal
.weight: 2050g




As we There are two types of V8 engines because of the different crankshafts.
The vertical plane is a typical V8 structure in American traffic vehicles. In a group (every group of 4), the angle between each crank and the previous one is 90°, so it is a vertical structure when viewed from one end of the crankshaft. This vertical plane provides good balance, but requires a heavy weight iron. Because of the large rotational inertia, the V8 engine with this vertical plane structure has a lower acceleration, and cannot accelerate or decelerate quickly compared to other types of engines.

Flat means that the crank is 180°. They are not perfectly balanced, and the vibrations are very high unless a balance shaft is used. Because no counterweight iron is required, the crankshaft has a small weight and low inertia, and can have high rotational speed and acceleration. This configuration is common in the 1.5-liter modern racing Coventry Climax, where the engine evolved from a vertical to a flat configuration.

Toyan choose to use the 90° crank for the v8 engine model.


Cross crankshaft design, perfectly showing the style of American muscle car

The middle planed is the crankshaft bearing support. Stirlingkit team has asked Toyan to test the crankshaft of the new rotary engine individually with the help of equipment. After the installation is complete, the crankshaft is violently pulled at high speed and tested for strength. Please note that the crankshaft of Toyan FS-L400  is different from that of the rotary engine.


New dual carburetor design with reservoir pump membrane provides even fuel distribution


Precise valve control, providing more stable speed and throttle response

Integrated exhaust manifold, more robust sound

Players can choose to assemble the DIY version by themselves and the factory-assembled completed version



Want to know the Toyan V8 Nitro Engine Price?


Let's check the price of the 1/4 V2 engine model in the current market first.


conley V8 not available.

CHALLENGER V8 FLATHEAD ENGINE (Coles v8) price 9500$usd






 Toyan have released the price yet. but i think it will be about 2000-2500$usd because the Toyan v4 engine costs 1399.99$usd.

Some Common Questions People Also Might Ask


1) Can you share the basic infomation of this FS V800?

This V8 engine has two version, that is  DIY version and pre-assembled version; scale 1/10; use nitro (methanol) fuel. (Users need to prepare 20-25% nitro fuel by themselves)

2)What's Lubrication method of Toyan v8 engine?

Unfortunately, it is still the same as the L400, with mixed splash lubrication and no independent lubrication system. Just add a small amount of grease to the camshaft.

3) Is it water cooling of FS V800?

Toyan v8 engine is designed for mainly desktop power on the basis of  the FS-L400 four-cylinder engine, so it is a water-cooled version. It has a built-in mechanical water-cooling pump. The power of the pump body comes from the crankshaft to provide circulating power for the coolant. (Users need to prepare their own water cooling accessories)

4) Is there any special on the design of the exhaust pipe of FS V800?

It adopts all-metal small integrated exhaust manifold, which is welded instead of metal printed parts. Please note that this process is very difficult and it costs a lot to lower the exhaust manifold defect rate.

5)What carburetor have you used for FS V800?

The carburetor is a newly designed carburetor with a pump, which is different from the L400.
6)What's the crank structure of Toyan V800?

It adopts a 90-degree cross-type crankshaft structure (at present, most of our domestic ones are cross-type, and performance machines generally use a straight-line crankshaft, such as Ferrari V8)

7) Have you used any support for the crankshaft on Toyan V800?

yes. We did. i know what you are worried about. Toyan use the pain point of crankshaft support. That means the crankshaft of the V8 adopts an integrated design, which is thickened, and there is a support point in the middle of the crankshaft. Because Toyan doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes as the four-cylinder.

8) I don’t like methanol engine, I want gasoline engine. Can you please make a gasoline version.

Sorry to tell you that this FS V800 engine is nitro powered. And glad to tell you that  D-axis extension is adopted on the side of cylinder head, in order to introduce OP upgrade parts later to facilitate users to change gasoline version.

9) Are there other color options except the black and red color of the FS-V800 Engine?

The basic V8 is the classic red and black color scheme. But Toyan will consider making different colors. Any ideas are welcome.

10) Will there be a supercharger in the future for the FS-V800 Engine?

Toyan team is designing the supercharger, as an OP upgrade which will be launched soon after the engine is released.

9) Which rc car is the V8 engine suitable for?

According to the size of the engine, it is probably suitable for rc cars with a ratio of about 1/5 and 1/6. Toyan doesn't have a car frame for it. so I recommend you modify it yourself.

10) The toyan V8 uses a single camshaft structure like the four-cylinder engine. Will the V8 with a double camshaft structure be launched in the future?

Yes. this Toyan FS V800 uses the single camshaft structure. I think it's not easy to make a double camshaft structure into the v8 engine model. It seems like that it's a dream for RC hobbyists to have a nitro/gasoline-powered DOHC V8 engine. We will be launching several V8 products in the future if possible.

11) Why there is a v8 photo on the top of on the air filter?

The pattern on the air filter is the v8 side view pattern. It is estimated that the totem is added to prevent the top of the air filter from being too monotonous. do you like it?

12) Is there any chance you will do an 180deg crank-kit to it? I would really love that! I mean for the Toyan V8. You have 90deg crankshaft on it. It would sound much More like a race engine of it where 180deg crank. A new crankshaft and two cam skafts is all that is needed. Are you concidering that? You could sell it as an option kit. I would buy directly! Lars Modh

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Stirlingkit team is planning to make different version of v8 engine. so I'll appreciate it very much if you can fill out this suvery (click) to let me know what kind of v8 you want. thanks in advance.

Stirlingkit team







  • Jerrimia Johnson: April 10, 2022

    After waiting for this V8 engine to appear I was quite disappointed to learn that it is Methanol fuelled.As so it will have a very high idle speed if any at all to keep 7 other glow plugs at the require temperature the idle would have to be very high,therefore the V8 sound will be none existant.It should be petrol powered to attain the slow steady engine beat and acceleration. Therefore doing away with the cumbersome electronics required to heat 8 glow plugs and the large battery required to do so. Advice—-concentrate on the petrol version for this lovely engine and perfect the distributor before release,stay with the light weight even with the electrics.6volt battery and Rexell ignition system.

  • Rick Kubbenga: April 02, 2022

    I see you changed the expected price by 500. This because the v4 is 1500. In my mind I was comparing it to the L400 because it’s based on that. There is more machining and material involved but not double. There for I was expecting 1500 and I was happy to read you estimated 1500-2000 at first..( 2000 would be hard to justify but I might be able to talk myself into it) I would no be able to justify 2500. Even though I have been looking forward to this engine for moths

  • Kate: March 29, 2022

    I will definitely be purchasing the toyan V8 if a strong suitable clutch is realeased that can engage at low rpm , also the supercharger sounds very exciting , what I’d really love , would be a toyan V8 a little smaller than the , O think a smaller size engine could be easier to fit into most vehicles, but it’s very good that toyan are improving.

  • BM: March 26, 2022

    Engine looks okay but you can not compare your engine & cost to a Conley V8 stinger engine or pricing,.then you put the Flathead V8 engine up there & both are true quarter scale. You stated your engine is 1/5-1/6 scale ….the Conley 409 Stinger is gas & also the Flathead, Not nitro.
    I purchased a couple engine myself & the first engine I was somewhat pleased but the inline four I purchased when shipped was never drained after test starting it and it arrived covered in oil, I wiped it down but I see it will have to be parcel disassembled in order to clean it properly…. something I’m not looking forward to doing that’s why I purchased it assembled…also had the machine the header pipe to fit the head, none of the holes matched up…me personally think 1500/2000US too much.

  • David Lavergne Lacasse : March 25, 2022

    I like the look of the engine if I could have one I would build a dodge charger body on my you tube channel this engine is one of m’y favorite

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