Mechanics Reviews by Dennis: The All New TOYAN FS-L400BGC | Stirlingkit

Mechanics Reviews by Dennis: The All New TOYAN FS-L400BGC | Stirlingkit

Mechanics Reviews by Dennis: The All New TOYAN FS-L400BGC | Stirlingkit

Are you curious about what changes that Toyan factory has made into the new FS-L400BGC? Follow Dennis Dempsey's channel to check it out.  the FS-L400BGC inline four engine kits is packed nicely as usual  to prevent components from separating during shipping, and foam is added inside the hardware package to avoid issues where holes are missing.

There's a lot of interesting features on FS-L400BGC. Here are some key differences highlighted in the new Toyan engine FS-L400BGC compared to the old one FS-L400:

1. Block Design:
   - The new block has heat shrinks and drilled holes for a Center Support Bearing.
   - Recesses are cut out in the new block, offering a different design from the old one.

2. Cooling System:
   - The cooling jacket in the new block appears to be opened up more to allow better coolant flow, addressing potential overheating issues.

3. Connecting Rods:
   - The new connecting rods are made of either brass or bronze and do not require a separate rod bearing or wrist pin sleeve.

4. Camshaft:
   - The new camshaft has more duration, with smoother and polished lobes, addressing issues seen in the old camshaft.

5. Cylinder Head:
   - The cylinder head has larger openings in both the intake and exhaust ports, taking advantage of the increased camshaft duration for better airflow.

6. Distributor:
   - The new distributor is adjustable, providing more tuning options, and it has a notch on the back to align with the camshaft.

7. Fuel System:
   - The new gasoline version does not include an oil pump, raising questions about the fuel to be used. The manual suggests using gasoline for normal operation.
Please use gasoline engine fuel with guaranteed quality. Self-matching or fake fuel will greatly reduce the performance and life of the engine. As it is a four-stroke engine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the primer, please adjust the ratio of gasoline and fuel in the range of 1:25 to 1:30, and the oil uses 2T internal combustion engine oil.
If the engine is running at very high speeds and on high nitro fuel,The life of the spark plug does not last long. Please note that engine fuel is toxic. Keep it out of contact with eyes or    mouth and always store it in a clearly marked container and place, and keep out of reach of children. It is highly flammable. Keep away from open fires, overheating or any source of ignition.

8. 3D Printed Parts:
   - There are 3D printed headers and an intake manifold included as upgrades.

9. Additional Upgrade Options:
   - There's mention of a potential upgradeable pump for the fuel system.

10. Cylinder Installation:
   - Cylinders need to be installed by the user.

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