Micro Scale Steam Stirling Engine Model Kit - Stirlingkit

Micro Scale Steam Stirling Engine Model Kit

This is new arrival novel little steam stirling engine model kit in stirlingkit.

It is made of all copper, delicate execution, bright surface, glittering. So the quality is well.

Use liquid alcohol as a fuel. Add water to the boiler and ignite the alcohol lamp, it will work 5-10 minutes

By operating the steam engine model, you can learn the steam
operation principle more intuitively and deepen your child's interest in physics learning.At the same time, this model is still a collectible collection.

Learn more about the kit. Please go to this link  http://bit.ly/2G8V0VA

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Paul - December 28, 2020

This is a replica of a Hero of Alexandria’s engine, not Stirling but Live Steam propulsion. Also, it is not made of copper, but is brass

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