Top 10 Best Scale Model Engines for Adults Car Enthusiasts | Stirlingkit

Top 10 Best Scale Model Engines for Adults Car Enthusiasts | Stirlingkit

Top 10 Best Scale Model Engines for Adults Car Enthusiasts | Stirlingkit

With just over a month to go until Christmas, it’s a good time to start thinking about presents. We have our own list of Xmas gift guide, hoping some of them grabs you. If you are not sure where to start, scroll down for our pick of 10 must buy gifts for that certain petrolhead engineer in Your Life.


1st: NR200 8.6cc 2 Cylinder In-line Four-stroke Nitro Engine Motor Water-cooled Electric Start Engine for 1/8 RC Car 22000rpm


The NR200 2 Cylinder In-line Four-stroke engine is very compact and in its beatiful Blue livery. It is a nice machined finish and anodized parts in various colors. It starts the first swing and is a very smooth runner and fairly stable in operation. The water cooling is very efficient, there are no provisions for fitting fan blades so fan assistance is required for the radiator. The engine was factory set up to run perfectly. It has been revved very high up to 22000rpm maxily. Looking after correctly this little powerhouse will reward you with years of service. The water pump looks really good and has a strong belt adjustment. You can focus more on nice slow running, not so much on very high rpm on an unloaded engine, as they will be mostly used in RC cars and boats.

Stirlingkit also provides some upgraded parts, giving engine enthusiasts a lot of room to modify, which is also an excellent personalized gift for model engine lovers. You can read the blog below with several modification cases. Indeed, You can buy this high performance RC engine with confidence.

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2nd: CISON FG-VT9 9cc V-twin V2 Engine Four-stroke Air-cooled Motorcycle RC Gasoline Engine

Without a doubt, this is an unique model engine in this era. The overall look and attention to detail would make it an ideal desktop display model engine. But there is more to just its good looks because it runs and has that classic V-twin sound too! And just like the full-size Panhead engine this resembles, it has a strong shake while idling so be prepared to mount it to a secure and heavy base. It is a stunning engine. I love how the chrome cam cover matches the chrome valve covers. Stirlingkit has yet again made an engine to be proud of. It's amazing at the first sight of its outstanding quality, fit, and finish of this engine. The aluminum parts are anodized, the bolts & hardware are chromed, and the CNC parts perfectly replicate the panhead.This is not an exact replica, but a good thing, as this engine looks very much like a Panhead, but at a much more reasonable price point. It is easy to start and the only things needed to run the engine, are a cordless drill for starting, a 7.4v battery pack for the ignition, a fuel tank, and 25:1 premixed gasoline / 2-stroke oil for lubrication. The instruction manual has been updated by Stirlingkit and is easy to follow. People love both its spectacular look and sound. Wake Up Scale Model Be Awesome.

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3rd:RETROL R29 4.2CC Miniature V-Twin Engine Motor OHV for Mini Chopper Bike Motorcycle



Based on the Knucklehead V-twin motorcycle engine in the 1970s, the scale Knucklehead model embodies the spirit of different ages and would be the best Christmas gifts for motorcycle lovers. It is designed with classic body lines and cold-cooling structure. The retro machine restores a host of authentic engine details, including a new carburetor and lift throttle. Each part of the engine was carefully designed, processed as well as made of brass and stainless steel, working in conjunction with a wooden base for display & control and stable operation. It is also built with start and ignition equipment, which is friendly to novice model enthusiasts. It is pure pleasure to watch this elegant Knucklehead engine running. It's absolutely a good choice for you to add to your engine collection.



4th: RETROL Vintage Horizontal Mill Engine Stationary Engine Model 4 Stroke Gasoline ICE

This stationary engine model shows a vintage model of a stationary steam engine with early locomotive style. It's a great giftfor the vintage garden and tractor enthusiast. It's featured with accurate scale and appearance, with principal function and ease of starting, good color matching overall. It has material and process of cast iron, obvious ignition process, running structure of the old horizontal four-stroke striker, carburetor with rich and lean adjustment and adjustable compression according to the number of oil and the different ratios. Its water cooling is also the oldest eccentric compression. It can rotate at a speed of 120 rpm with a cheerful voice. The low-speed smoke rings in the chimney is so beautiful that will leave a good impression. It can be a perfect model engine kits for adults and educational hobby gift,and good choice for your engine collection. Find stationary engine model gift with free shipping, fast delivery in Stirlingkit.

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5th: CISON FL4-175 Flathead Inline 4 Cylinder Four Stroke 9,000rpm RC Water-cooled Gasoline Engine 17.5cc

Both KIT & ASSEMBLED version availble. 


This engine is a flathead with valves on the side in the cylinder block, like most engines before the WWII. The motor has a volume of only 0.175 liters and weighs 1.5 kilograms. It is therefore suitable not only for display cases, but you can also use it for RC cars powered by internal combustion engines. The manual from Cison is actually very complete and easy to understand. Cison did a great job on the details. It has that close real car engine sound, which can remind you of the old engines back in the good old days. It features bi-metal piston rings made out of cast iron, high-performance hardened cylinder liner, one-piece crankshaft. Sandblasting oxidation on the engine surface makes a good metal texture and sense of mechanical engineering.

This working engine model kit makes a perfect addition for car lovers, engine model aficionados and collectors, an excellent choice for RC engine models and a high-end personalized gift for family and friends. Build your own engine for adults and you will get a fully functional miniature flathead and a huge pleasure in your garage.

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6th: TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline Four-cylinder Four-stroke Water-cooled Nitro Engine Model

Both KIT & ASSEMBLED version availble. 

As for gearheads, all they want for Christmas is just a cool fully functional Toyan engines to build. So a Toyan FS-L400 engine KIT is definitely one of a list of 10 suggested holiday gift ideas for the gearheads in your life. The idea of a 3.05ps-horsepower Toyan 4 stroke engine kits under the Christmas tree might be a bit much for some folks. But if you have a 4 stroke engine kits on your holiday shopping list—and $800 to spend—then why not? Toyan FS-L400 engine is a true engineering marvel with appearance and functionality. With a minimum of mechanical knowledge, and patience, it is possible to literally build the entire 4 stroke RC engine from scratch. With this precision manufactured 4-cylinder 4-stroke working mini engine, this would be attracted the petrolhead's attentions and save lots of words only with light effort. You can modify this engine into the 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 and 1:14 RC cars,or other RC models.

It is highly recommended for can and engine collectors. If splurging 800 grand for a Toyan 4 cylinder engine kits as a holiday gift is a bit beyond your budget, no worries. Stirlingkit’s gift suggestions span a wide price range, all the way down to $50 gift cards for mini engine kits, with a lot of options in between, such as a $149 two cylinder 4 stroke engine kits, or Teching v8 engine kit that works.

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7th: HOWIN L4-172 17.2cc SOHC Inline 4 Cylinder FOUR Stroke 15000 rpm Nitro RC Engine

The HOWIN L4 engine looks extremely cool, powerful and very, very well-built with silver and black. It features a reinforced crankshaft, precision-machined rocker arms and camshafts. It idles high at around 6,500 rpm, and it can reach just over 14,000 at full throttle, which offers throttle response once it was running. You can change gear directly from a remote control without letting go of the accelerator. The exhaust manifold can impress you a lot, reminding you of a turbo charger header used in a lot of tractor pulling. It can power a variety of vehicles, powering RC cars. The transmission is getting ready to go out absolute a perfect choice for your modification project. This high performance rc engine will be one of the best Christmas gifts for RC hobbyists.

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8th: Teching V8 Mechanical Metal Assembly DIY Car Engine Model Kit 500+Pcs Educational Experiment Toy


Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. It's said that it's a the pinnacle of automotive wrenching is to build a model engine, especially a V8 engine, the soul of supercars. If you are a puzzle lover, i think you will enjoy challenging to put a v8 engine together. Teching Culture also makes a couple of engine kits, like inline four engine kits, v2 motorcyle engine kits and so on. There are also cheaper model kits out there. The v8 kit is officially licensed by Teching and on sale on Stirlingkit and comes with an extensive, 50-page detailed instruction manual. It takes around two and a half to three hours to put it together. It has excellent precision and quality aluminum and stainless steel parts as all the metal parts are precision-machined and finished - no sharp edges, etc. Everything goes together excellently. The package is well-assembled and organized. It was very easy to find the correct parts needed throughout the build. Between the paper book and the posted videos, instructions are clear, logically in sequence, concise, and comprehensive. A Mini Electric Screwdriver DIY Tool Set will be helpful as there are hundreds of screws but it is not necessary and you will want to manually hand-tighten anyway. The provided tools will do the job. When you finish build a v8 engine that runs, you can flip the switch and watch the pistons and valves go up and down, the crank and the camshafts all go around exactly at they should. After you completing engine, it just turns via a battery-powered motor inside the alternator housing, accompanied by little engine noises. A small electric motor turns the crankshaft, piston movements visible from each side. The camshafts turn all 32 valves open and close and the oil pump and alternator. If you have rebuilt real V8s, you can attest that this model is an accurate internal combustion engine representation. This is a great learning tool for a budding gear head or a nice conversation piece on the mantel.

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9th: Toyan V8 Nitro Engine FS-V800 RC Engine Model Building Kits 28cc

Both KIT & ASSEMBLED version availble.

Both GAS & NITRO version availble.

Toyan engine line gains fame because of its overall quality from the single cylinder to the V8, which hands down some of the highest in precision workmanship, materials, and design. Toyan has done the impossible by keeping these amazing masterpieces such as the L400 and the V800 not only affordable, but they did not and never will sacrifice the quality for affordability. Toyan V8 engine model is regarded as the one of the most well designed, with great color matching, precision machined, and the most affordable V8, water-cooled, electric start, 4-stroke nitro model engine in the world market. There are assembled and kit verison for both nitro and gasoline TOYAN V8 engine available in Stirlingkit. It is one of the best model v8 engine kits that runs. One thing that may most attracts you is the new crankshaft now fitted with flanged ball bearing at both ends, whilst the center 3-positions is equipped with split type precision bronze bearing, a great advance from the previous in-line 4-cylinder engine. This V8 engine is a remarkable feat of miniature engineering a perfect copy of a V8 engine in working miniature, a credit to the Toyan team for this working masterpiece. It is an awesome engine that was engineered to add room to find more power for a RC car, and RC boats. It is also highly recommended to thoseprecision scale model engineers, and engine collectors. It's time to build a model v8 engine that runs on nitro or gas.

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10th: ENJOMOR V8 78CC GS-V8 Working Scale Model Engine Gas DOHC 4 Stroke Water-cooled

Only Finished/Assembled version available.


Starting with the overall engine mechanical parts, ENJOMOR V8 is a well-engineered product. All parts are designed for long life and are easily serviceable. The ENJOMOR V8 78cc engine is popular among large-scale RC hobbyists or desktop collectors. It is a very clean-running high performance engine with almost no oil seepage anywhere on the engine or surrounding areas. The cooling system has a very good cylinder block and crankshaft are well-engineered. The intake manifold has plenty of breathing capability, the large teeth on the front pulleys are well-engineered for reliability. All the machining is well-done. It starts every time easily with a little choke on the carbs. The oiling system works perfectly to lubricate the lower and upper internals of the rotating assembly. It is both functional as well as cool and fun. It will be one of the best gift ideas for lovers of Internal Combustion Engines.

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