Toyan Rotary Engine  is a Monster | Repman22 | Stirlingkit

Toyan Rotary Engine is a Monster | Repman22 | Stirlingkit

Toyan Rotary Engine  is a Monster | Repman22 | Stirlingkit

The folks at Stirlingkit just sent me the world's smallest rotary engine. So I'm going to make a video sharing it with you so you can see what the size of this little motor is. Everything fits in the palm of my hand and it is an engine that works 100% for real. Here I brought the specification manual for this  little engine and we can see what exactly has 2.46 cubic centimeters per rotor. Which gives a total of 4.92. As you can see it has 2 plugs. We have exactly two rotors, which we are going  to be disassembling the engine to be able to see it from the inside. It has a carburettor for the two rotors.

Here we can see exactly. See what it is. This is an engineering work of art.

Look at the size of how the needle goes in there to limit the flow of fuel and air. We have here to regulate. Also to regulate slow motion. See what the exhaust system is, it's silenced. Although I have to tell you that the people at Toyan Engines also sent us a free exhaust system. also to be able to see how it sounds with the free exhaust.

I don't know about you but I'm going crazy. I'm dying to turn it on. It works between 3 thousand and 20 thousand revolutions people. This thing spins at 20,000 rpm and puts out 1.26 horsepower  at 19,600 rpm. I can't believe it, and as I told you this weighs 446 grams or half a kilo.

It has several ducts, here as you can see this is an air pump that has to pressurize the fuel, that is, let's say it is like a gasoline pump. Then we have the outlet of the refrigeration circuit and the inlet of the refrigeration circuit. Yeah guys you need liquid cooling to keep you going. This is a real engine. It is the smallest in the world with two rotors that exists on this planet. It is a work of art and in relation to power weight this engine produces 2.82 horsepower per kilogram. And then the volumetric performance that was 4.22 cubic centimeters would be giving us a ratio of 256 horsepower per liter.

This is a monster. It is a beast, and as it says here this measures nothing more and nothing less than about five centimeters. Exactly guys. Here we have more in the instruction manual, all the description of what this little engine is, and finally we also have an exploded view. Also, this little motor came with spare gaskets, so as I told you, we're going to be taking it apart to see the inside and then I'll put the spare gasket on it and put it back together. The cooling system, the water inlet, outlet, the whole duct. For your reference, this is a 1.3 liter 13B rotor, so you can see the size, this is in printed scale, see, the little motor fits inside the real rotor. We put a quick disarm on it. There we removed this part and we have the gasket that also came as a spare. Look at the wear pattern it generates.

We can see exactly how she is doing the whole dance perfectly. So there we have the admission. Here is the carburetor. Vacuum, go through that vent over there. Keep vacuuming.

Then close the port, the lid. Starts the compression stage.

Compress. There it is here with the spark plug, it explodes.


And finally there we have the exhaust port. In that hole and there it goes out towards the exhaust pipe.

I'm obviously helping because the fixed gear on the housing is missing here which is what keeps the rotor dancing perfectly. We can also see the apex seals in miniature there. See how the blades that come out are there.

Now we can also see the crankshaft. Look at that Apex seal.

See what would become the spring of the ring in this opportunity. That little piece of wire. Check out this mini rotor.

In this sheet we have as a reference a rotor of a 13 B in real scale. I want you to see the size of this little rotor. Also there the gear, the long combustion chamber.

Well here remove the carburetor. Look at the size of this carb. I never had one so small in my hand, so you have an idea. And here we have the intake manifold that we also disassembled and we can see how the air enters, here by here, everything comes here, it goes all this way like this, and only then does it enter the cylinder. The same for the other side. Everything comes here.

And that's when the cylinder just comes in. All this, no..., like an intake manifold that creates a little more travel so that it sucks the air better, with speed. The good thing about these motors is that they are very light, it is very easy to work with these miniature devices, and I have to tell you, the truth is that I already feel like a 100% professional rotary motor mechanic. Here we have the engine completely disassembled, we have a gasket, flywheel, rotor, crankshaft.

the casing. A spark plug hole. intake port, exhaust ports.

well let's reassemble it now to see what happens.

Right here I built a model to start it up. We're going to be

there fixing the engine, with all the other components like the fuel tank.

A battery obviously because we need electrical power to be able to handle this.

Another thing that the engine also brought is the ignition system, actually it is one for each rotor. Both came with the heat shrink but I took one out so you can see all the electronics of the ignition system. There we can see the 'pacifier' that plugs into the engine spark plugs. And well, we are going to assemble the model quickly.

Now we are going to be loading it with fuel, which is a fuel with approximately 20% nitro, and we are also going to be adding the coolant.

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