Upgrade of Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC Engine | Stirlingkit

Upgrade of Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC Engine | Stirlingkit


Dear Stirlingkit customers.

Glad to tell you that the new D6 engines have been upgraded.

1. Some customers reported that the cable was too short. So we specially lengthened the ignition wire. And it's very easy to link. The distributor connector uses a compression method to make the connector stronger, and the line distribution has been neater. And this design makes the thread end not easy to break. (our team is planning to produce a new distributor)

2. In order to prevent or reduce oil leakage, the latest gasket is used at each joint part between the oil sump and the shell. Oil seals are added to the oil pump and water pump cover plates too. Before shipping, we have done performance tests, so when you open the lid, it's normal for you to see some oil there. pls check photos below.

3. The crankshaft support is replaced with a crankshaft bearing to make the crankshaft more lubricated when it rotates. Under normal circumstances, the color of the camshaft is brown. Please note that this is caused by welding, not rust. The valve nail is made of stainless steel to prevent rust. The rocker arm is galvanized to prevent rust.

4.The exhaust pipe is galvanized to reduce the welding marks and look cleaner and tidy.

4.The steel gear was replaced and quenched, which solved the problem of gear wear. A second gear was added in the middle to make the start smoother when the flywheel rotates at high speed. The diameter of the idle wheel has been increased to 5mm to make the operation smoother and more stable


5.The entire electric start kit has also been improved.The oil sight hole has been changed to the bottom of the exhaust pipe.(check the photo in the 4.) The air intake pipe is made of a boss, so that the screw will not pass through the air intake cover, and the sealing is better.

6.You will find that the oil pipe is not visible from the outside of the engine. We now install it directly inside the engine,making the oil pipeline more concise and better sealed, so that it is safer when starting, and the belt will not reach the oil pipe. What's more,we have increased the diameter of the pulley to make the contact surface larger, increase the friction, and better drive the operation of the water pump and the oil pump.

7.Several holes are made in the shell to make the bracket easier to install. the bottom is well sealed.The base brackets are all installed before shipment.

8. please note that we still use the three-ring Design.

9. Evey engine is well packed so that it can arrive to your home safely.

Later I will update more running videos. if you want to send it back to me to replace it, pls contact me. if you have any other problems, pls feel free to contact me. my email is service@stirlingkit.com


Custom Black color (2021.10.5)


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Bernard - October 8, 2021

J’attends le mien avec impatience :)

Ben - October 5, 2021

How do I get a black one?

Brandon - September 18, 2021

I am so happy to see these improvements! Can’t wait to get mine! Great work!

Phil DiMario - September 16, 2021

will the upgrades be available for sale ?

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