TOYAN FS-B400 14cc Horizontally Opposed Flat-Four Four-Stroke Nitro Model DIY Engine Kits

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TOYAN FS-B400 14cc Horizontally Opposed Flat-Four Four-Stroke Nitro Model DIY Engine Kits

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.Efficient: Highly restore the realistic mechanical operation with precise camshaft, seperate intake & exhaust, 180° crankshaft precision machining, precision pump-style carburetor. Besides, realistic exhaust pipe conveys a robust and powerful sound effect, high-speed fan with air duct for efficient cooling,  as well as the high-quality transmission belt reduces the risk of gear skipping.
.Powerful Performance: Experience the perfect combination of power and efficiency with the horizontal opposed four-cylinder engine model in precision engineering and advanced technology, delivering impressive horsepower and torque, ensuring exhilarating power output while maintaining outstanding performance.
.Reliability and Durability: Made from high-quality metal with CNC machining for long-lasting durability. Benefit from long-term reliable performance, reduce maintenance costs, and keep your engine in optimal condition with simple maintenance procedures to ensure peak performance and extend the lifespan.
.Wide Application: Specifically designed for desktop experiments, DIY fuel vehicle projects to seamlessly integrates into various apps, making it an excellent choice for automotive enthusiasts and engineering mechanics. It is also an essential model for engine collectors.
.Hobbyist's Delight: A powerful, reliable, and high-performance horizontal opposed four-cylinder engine that will take your passion for racing to new heights. Whether you are an experienced professional or just entering the RC racing world, this engine is the perfect companion to dominate the track and leave your competitors in the dust.
.Notes: Available in both Kit (assembly required) and RTR (Ready-to-Run) versions. Please purchase these additional accessories, such as glow plugs, ignition modules, fuel tanks, fuel lines, and engine mounts according to your needs.


.Material: Metal
.Item No: FS-B400
.Form: RTR/KIT Version
.Displacement: 4.2(3.5 x 4)CC
.Stroke: Horizontal Opposed 4-Stroke
.Cylinder Diameter: 16.68mm
.Stroke: 15.40mm
.Cooling Method: Air-cooled
.Lubrication Method: Mixed Oil Splash Lubrication
.Start Method: Electric Start
.Ignition Method: Ignition Module
.Spark Plug Type: Four-stroke F-type Glow Plug
.Fuel Type: 20-25% Nitro Fuel
.Lubricating Oil Type: Common Grease
.Product Weight: 1850g
.Package Weight: 2000g
.Product Dimensions: 18.4 x 15.2 x 14.1cm
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 16+

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Peters
Toyan went a did it!

For once I'd say Toyan actually made a proper engine. The fact that this flat 4 is nitro powered is smart. Nitro has plenty of oil in it. There are some minor quirks with this engine that need to be addressed.

1 the carburetor setup. It leaks to much air past and must be sealed tightly or you will run WAY to lean. Or not suck up enough fuel at all.

2. The exhaust valve on the left hand side. Mine and some others do not seal fully, causing hot gasses to escape and make the head run way to hot. You may need to adjust the timing by a tooth or two untill it's correct. Or take the valve out and lap it. This should be done at the factory.

Positives. The tensioner for the starter belt. Absolutely amazing and needed. It starts up with ease like it's nothing. No more tooth jumping.

Cooling fan, absolutely amazing and works as intended. though I'd make it out of metal as at high enough RPM and it will grenade apart.

Sounds amazing! This engine screams "I'm ready to perform" if you have been thinking on getting it I'd say go for it! You won't be disappointed! With this one! I've ran 5 tanks through my engine and she still runs like new.

It's a fun DIY kit for any mechanic you know. Or for someone who simply wants a desk toy to tinker on.