10 Best DIY Christmas Projects For Kids to Build | Stirlingkit

10 Best DIY Christmas Projects For Kids to Build | Stirlingkit

10 Best DIY Christmas Projects For Kids to Build | Stirlingkit

Nowadays, cars have entered thousands of households and become an indispensable means of transportation, which greatly facilitates people's travel planning. Whether it is autumn rain or summer heat, the existence of cars makes travel no longer a problem. At the same time, the appearance of automobiles has also greatly promoted the development of industrialization and played an important role in the progress of human society. Followed by a lot of people who love engines, they may like steam engines, RC models or fuel engines, etc., but when facing the youth group, what kind of engine model to choose as a gift has become a difficult problem for parents, So here are a few engine gifts that are suitable for teenagers.


Teching V8 Engine Model 


I would like to recommend this v8 engine model kits to you today. Build a functional, realistic V8 engine models with your family. First, the 8-cylinder engine kit is a model designed to pay homage to the concept of the first 8-cylinder engine in the United States, with the goal of allowing more children to learn about how v8 engine works and love the engine more during the building process as a niche hobby. It takes about 5 hours to build this model. After assembly, you'll have a sense of accomplishment in the whole process from small parts to complete the whole v8 engine. And you can also learn more about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering. In addition, the engine powered by batteries, rather than gasoline powered, so it's not as expensive as the gas one. when you look at the engine operation process, it is not just a delicate decoration model, but a dynamic model simulation, whcih can simulate the real vehicle engine running, and it can also be used as a good home decor. This V8 model kit is made of highly textured metal parts, and the alloy gold makes it more realistic and classic. It's perfect birthday gift for the petrolhead friends and family, with taste and class.

                                                  Teching V8 Engine


TECHING Metal Remote Control Tank Robot


Have you ever watched a movie about a robot who has spent hundreds of years doing repairs and finally finds the key to the planet's future? If yes, i think this RC tank robot will be one of best stocking stuffers. When it comes to parent-child interaction, a cute and playful smart Robot is definitely a good helper that can not only attract children's interest but also increase family happiness. TECHING Tank Robot combines track and Robot and bluetooth speaker. It is a "tank" with a pair of "steel feet", and with excellent electrical system and cool spotlight coverage, has superior walking performance. The robot was developed by our professional R&D staff for over a year and received a lot of 5-star feedback from our customers. All 160 parts are polished by professional abrasive, and the material is aluminum alloy and stainless steel. 500mA lithium battery works well. Just one key start and it work 2 hours. Just image when your kids click the turn on button, the eyes of robot rotate joint red spotlights. and it can also turn forward, backward, right and left. You can also use it as a speaker that means you can play any songs you want.

                                         TECHING 160PCS Tank Robot

Teching Engine Steam Train Model

Calling all steam train lovers! Scale model train is one of the most popular railway toys in the holiday season. Who doesn't want a classic model train set under the Christmas tree? Right? I recommend Teching Engine Steam Train Model, which adopts CNC casting precision casting, and aluminum alloy oxidation coloring. All 387 parts have been machined through a professional grinding tool grinding. The steam train set for kids comes with an exquisite locomotive steam engine. You can add a passenger carriage and cargo carriage yourself. Just need a 500ma lithium battery to start a unique train journey and enjoy the charming steam train together! It's a holiday Christmas tree train set to ensure that for you and your kids assemble the Christmas train set under the tree and enjoy family fun on Christmas Eve, and also provides countless hours of fun for your boys or girls to DIY different shapes of tracks in daily life.

                                        Teching Engine Steam Train Model

Teching Assembly Vintage Classic Car Metal Mechanical Model


Still thinking about what to get someone who likes vintage cars? We've done the legwork for you and found the best Christmas gift for the classic car enthusiast in your life that we think you'll love, that is, Teching vintage car DIY kits.
As a Classic representative of the piston engine era, the appearance of Classic cars has long been deeply rooted in people's hearts. It is a witness of the previous era but also has enough historical collection value. The Teching engineers use the typical design of the prototype of the car, a single-cylinder piston structure, a single staggered fork clutch structure, a leaf spring suspension system, and double link steering. This car also perfectly retains the details of the old car structure, four-wheel independent suspension shock absorbers, and simulates the real car structure. It can move forward and backward, turn left and right, turn at any Angle, and self-lock. It's also equipped with left and right-lighting car headlights. These vintage car kits show the beauty and logic of the machine and its strong strength. The assembly version makes it more fun to feel the charm of the mechanical world. Don't miss it, the best gift idea for car lovers & vintage vehicle enthusiasts, and car collectors in your life.

                                          Teching Classic Car Metal

Teching Assembly Metal Red Tractor Model

Teching® RC tractor sets feature realistic movements and authentic details to excite & inspire. Get the latest Teching® red tractor kits from Stirlingkit.com & get free shipping worldwide. Quality guaranteed!  The Metal Red Tractor Model Kit adopts the structure of a real farm tractor. It's processed by CNC Precision casting and colored by oxidation. It has a four-wheel independent suspension, good shock absorption, rechargeable lithium batteries, and a rotating roof that opens and closes. The car is equipped with an air conditioning system, car stereo, Bluetooth speakers, and other functional equipment. With APP control, the car can go forward, back, left, right, any angle turn, etc. This 400-parts tractor requires 2-hours to assemble. Build a whole new world of "tractors" in your child's mind. Great deals on Rc Tractor. Buy online, free in-store pickup. Shop today!


                                           Metal Red Tractor Model


Teching Mini Diesel Engine

This is a brand new toy diesel engine kits to build. Also, shop for mini engine kits at the best prices on Stirlingkit! Buy the best and latest diesel engine DIY on Stirlingkit.com offer quality mini working diesel engine toys on sale with worldwide free shipping. The 300pcs-part electric diesel engine adopts the design of a real diesel car engine. It's an ingenious Mini OHV Straight Line 4-cylinder diesel model which has been redesigned with features such as a steering wheel, gas pedal, and steering column in the traditional car. The child can observe the engine crankshaft up and down when the engine is working all the way. It can also be used for auto mechanic lessons for car enthusiasts. This is the future of the automobile, the creative inspiration for the Auto Engineer series. It is used as a beautiful STEAM toy, a wonderful toy that allows adults and children to work together to assemble, enhance parent-child interaction in their free time, take their children to learn about hot industries, grow knowledge, enrich imagination, develop intelligence, develop logical thinking, and enhance innovation and creativity.                                  

                                            Mini Diesel Engine


Magnetic Levitating Solar Motor


A magnetic levitator is one of the most amusing items to have at home or office or at school, the best student gifts ever. Its motor rotor can be turned in low light for a short period of time. If the light is strong, the rotor will move faster and last a long time. Solar panels mounted on rotors convert sunlight into energy, driving the model to run free. It is also a science and technology product, a magnetic levitation solar motor that combines magnetic and electric fields. Suitable for tabletop or window sills. The decorations were impressive. It's a cool piece of art even on your desk. Most importantly, it can be used as teaching demonstrations, learning physics electromagnetism, children's science project teaching aids, stimulating enthusiasm for learning, increase interest in science. And it can also be used as desktop technology furnishings and is a creative gift to friends, family, children, etc.


                                              Magnetic Solar Motor

Jet Aircraft Turbofan Engine

This visual shell allows you to see how the turbofan engine works and all the work it does with the motor. It is also a work of art with unique effects. Due to the perfect detail design, high imitation, has an extremely high viewing and collection value. It's also a very practical toy for families and nursery schools. It's great for kids as part of their collection. A turbofan engine is a machine that turns air through impellers to create power. It brings comfort and happiness to people, while also allowing them to experience the beauty of nature. Parents can experience the joy of building turbofan engine models with their children, both to train their children in hands-on skills and to teach them how turbofan engines work.

                                            Aircraft Turbofan Engine

Crooks Radiometer Solar Light Mill

The Crooks Radiometer is a magical device for scientific experiments in solar energy. As a byproduct of some chemical research, radiometers are made of glass bulbs, much of which has been moved by dividing them to form a partial vacuum. Inside the bulb, on a low-friction spindle, is a rotor with several (usually four) perpendicular lightweight metal blades, spaced equidistant around the shaft. The blade was polished or white on one side and black on the other. And when exposed to sunlight, artificial light, or infrared radiation (enough heat even from a nearby hand), the blade rotates without apparent power, and the dark side backs away from the source and moves forward brightly. Simply place it near a window or directly under an incandescent lamp, as the blades only rotate in light (sunlight or incandescent). Put in the sun or shine with an incandescent lamp of about 100W. The Crooks radiometer blade will rotate automatically. If the light goes off, the blade stops turning. The interior is close to a vacuum due to the high boron silicon glass material. It was handmade and simple to construct. what a perfect science gift.


This product is a combination of physics and technology that clearly shows how sunlight can be turned into energy, which helps kids develop, students explore new ideas and engage kids to stimulate their interest in STEM science. Simple and easy to operate, it simply needs to be placed near a window or incandescent lamp. When illuminated, the black leaf absorbs heat and the white leaf emits heat, pushing the four blades to rotate. Gorgeous and magical glass spokes are a gift for family, children and friends to decorate with technology.


                                             Solar Light Mill Toy

3D Metal Scorpion Puzzle for Adults

3D Metal Scorpion DIY Model is an exquisite stainless steel metal puzzle, which develops your child's patience and observation skills. it is so challenging that it takes about 5-8 hours to complete. It doesn't require glue or batteries, just screw it together with the screws. Secondly, Building a scorpion can help improve creative thinking skills, and develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. and the child will have a great sense of accomplishment after assembling the model.buy a 3d metal scorpion kit is a gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, and more. Get this awesome Scorpio gift that every Scorpion will want now.



                                               3D Metal Scorpion DIY Model

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