Toyan Releases A Gas V8 Engine FS-V800G Today | Stirlingkit

Toyan Releases A Gas V8 Engine FS-V800G Today | Stirlingkit

Toyan Releases A Gas V8 Engine FS-V800G Today | Stirlingkit

It's awesome to have an interest in Engine Hobbies, especially when your hobby involves building mini v8 kits. Toyan F-Series, one of the best-selling RC engines for years, is once again raising the bar for capability with its all-new 28cc V8 gasoline engine. The mini engine kits in model v8 engine series out best-in-class gas V8 output of 4.35ps horsepower at 11200 rpm and best-in-class torque at 1800-12500rpm. It works better with the help of the Toyan-made supercharger.

We have a Toyan V8 gasoline engine here – and that is what we find as a real PIECE OF ART! This one is probably the smallest engine kit to be built in the world! Follow along Stirlingkit for gas V8 engines, which walks us through what makes the 1.7-ci (0.02-liter) gas V8 so powerful and durable.

You might want to know why Toyan makes a nitro and petro v8 engine. Is there any reason that nitro is over petrol? It's true that nitro has to be bought online or in specialist hobby shops, which seems to be more inconvenient than just going to a gas station. so in this case, are there any performance differences?

There are differences and similarities between both but it just depends on the preference. Below are some reasons why people prefer gasoline/petrol v8 engines.

1. Easy maintenance. Unless you know well how to maintain nitro engines, you will find it hard to do the job well. You will also be ok with it if you prefer large-scale gas cars/trucks before so that you will find out from them that's almost the same when it comes to tuning and maintenance. If you do choose gas v8, it's RTR. so that it's easier for beginners to handle it.

2. Less money consumption. ALL engines require compression and the heat from it to run and make power. Nitro is used in the small r/c engines because it makes more power in the smaller volume. Petrol engines are also more complex in that they need an active spark, which requires coils, ignition units, spark plugs, batteries, alternators.... all stuff to break/cost money. gaoline v8 engine is more fuel efficient.

3. Longer Usage Life.  The extra power of the nitro comes at a price though, they probably won't last as long as a petrol engine. Also to produce the power,  they need to rev like crazy. This also comes down to size, small engines can rev higher due to the physics of momentum and friction.

This also involves the choice of an oil-powered RC model car or a methanol car. Generally speaking, gasoline vehicles have the following characteristics:

1). The gasoline vehicle has simple structure, high frame strength, low damage rate, stable performance and convenient maintenance.

2). It's simpler to tune the engine of gasoline vehicles because of the smaller setting range of the oil needle. For beginners, it is not necessary to tune the vehicle frequently.

3). The engine of most gasoline vehicles is installed in the middle of the frame, and the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is also located behind the center, which is the same as the center of gravity of most super sports cars in the world, so the gasoline vehicle has flexible control, fast acceleration and stable walking.

4). The gasoline vehicles is mostly 1:8 and 1:5. Its own weight and volume are large, and the requirements for walking on the road are not as harsh as those of small-scale vehicles. In addition, the four-wheel independent suspension of gasoline vehicles and the large-stroke hydraulic shock absorber make the road surface of the gasoline vehicle extremely strong.

5). The sound of the engine of the gasoline remote control car can be described as overwhelming. Here, it is also reminded that beginners must go to a dedicated venue or an unmanned vast area to play.

In contrast, the methanol RC model car has the following characteristics:

1). Compared with gasoline vehicles, the engine of methanol vehicles can be made smaller, which directly leads to the smaller size of the whole vehicle. The general gasoline cars is 1:8 and 1:5, while methanol cars can be as small as 1:18. Because the weight and volume of methanol cars are smaller than those of gasoline cars, and the speed is higher, methanol cars will accelerate faster and be more violent than gasoline cars. Compared with the tram, the methanol car has a more imposing engine sound and simulation.

2). Methanol car is more complicated to adjust the oil needle. Methanol fuel is not only expensive, but also not very convenient to buy. The life of methanol engine is not as long as that of gasoline car and electric car. Therefore, it is recommended that novices start with electric car and gasoline car first, and there are certain RC models. After experience, consider getting a methanol car.

At the first sight of it, you will be impressed by its mind-blowingly accuracy. What a great replica of a real, old-school V8.! You can build yourself, a cool v8 engine that actually runs. It's ready to run. Take this tiny v8 engine home.



1. Can a nitro engine run on petrol?

No, nitro engines won't run on gasoline. They don't have a spark plug.

2. When you will release the conversion kit from nitro into gasoline? I wait for it from day one.

Sorry. Gasoline conversion kits hasn't been released yet and we might start to sell it 2 months later or so. Now we sell the gasoline v8 engine first.

3. What's the difference between Toyan nitro v8 and gasoline v8 engine?

there is no big difference on the inner structure between Toyan nitro engine or gasoline engine except the following cases.

A. Toyan gasoline v8 engine need 8pcs spark plugs and 2pcs CDI because it is different from the ignition system of the methanol engine. You can buy it here.

B. The gasoline engine flywheel magnet uses a collar, which is slightly different from the methanol engine, but the appearance is basically the same.

C.  To differentiate between methanol and gasoline versions, we will add the letter G to the cylinder head for distinction. On the cylinder cover, the item number is not the same. one is FS-V800, and the other one is FS-V800G.

4. Any discount on the gasoline v8 engine?

yes. Stirlingkit is offering a flash sale of Toyan gas v8 now. the activity will be invalid at the end of this month.
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To thanks for your support, if you buy Toyan v8 with supercharger set from, you can save more.

Buy Toyan and supercharger set now You can save USD$300 and get a $100 gift card and a v8 keychain for free. discount code is S380.

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We produce only 50pcs supercharger this time. the ealier you place the order, the ealier you can receive it. when the first 50pcs are sold out, the price will arise. Thanks again for your understanding. any problem please kindly contact

It’s well worth having such a complicated, scaled-down engineering masterpiece, considering the complexity and precision as well as its awesome mad sound of Toyan v8 engine model.

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  • Billy w. Epp: March 24, 2023

    I plan on buying the FS-V800 G. AND everything I need
    For fully operational engine

  • maxime seguin: January 15, 2023

    i feel like the gas version should be a racing inspired engine! the nitro version is good but i feel like the gas version could receive upgrades along with better parts like (cams,pistons,heads,intake, etc!
    the CISON L4-175 has a great header design and the intake in by far the best i have seen but the carb was a limitation and so on…
    would be a great idea to print some parts to achieve a (scale) aspect and sound

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