All You Need To Know About The Legendary Toyan V8 Small Block Motor FS-V800 | Stirlingkit

All You Need To Know About The Legendary Toyan V8 Small Block Motor FS-V800 | Stirlingkit

All You Need To Know About The Legendary Toyan V8 Small Block Motor FS-V800 | Stirlingkit

The term FS-V800 or FS-V800G V8 refers to an eight-cylinder V type of engine produced by the Toyan engine company since it pioneered the first such mass-produced engine in 2022. Toyan has been established for 7 years and more and produces many small but fully functioning model engines that work for fuel-powered RC model cars and collection mainly.

Toyan's lower-cost versions of “FS-V800” are design-engineered for economical V8 performance-feature high-compression horsepower and husky torque. Toyan FS-V800 is a 3.5cc water-cooling V8 that can rev to 10,500 rpm. This palm-size Toyan v8 engine stands out the similar v8 model engine in the market considering its price and appearance and performance with well-made remarkable details, which feature dual carburetors, a mechanical water cooling pump, and even small exhaust headers with little mufflers. Like their more powerful running mates, they offer all the advantages of Toyan's famous cross-plane crankshaft with a long stroke, camshaft overhead design - light, compact,  higher fuel efficiency. All V8's are precision-balanced after assembly for new peaks in smooth vibration-free V8 performance. It sounds like a muscle car roaring on the road. The supercharger will make it rev better.

Toyan V8 engine model is considered an engineering masterpiece, which would define RC-motive power for the best part of a century. It's awesome to have such a fully functioning powerful but tiny V8 at home, a perfect gift for model engineers. you can buy this as a DIY assmbly kit is even more atractive.

FAQs About The Toyan V8 Engine

1. Where can I buy all the Toyan v8 engine accessories?

You can buy v8 engine parts for replacement from Stirlingkit. click

2. How to Connect the wire of the Toyan V8 Model Engine?

It requires 8 glow plugs and a water-cooled tank, CDI and radiator. You can buy the starter kit for Toyan FS-V800 or FS-V800G from Stirlingkit here.

3.Can I buy a gasoline Toyan V8 engine now?

yes. Toyan releases the new gasoline v8 engine in October, 2022. You can shop your v8 engine model from Stirlingkit directly.

4.Is there any of these two engine models the Toyan V8,FS-V800 supercharged engine model RTR upgrade and the engine Model without compressor (FS-V800) also ready-assembled. Thanks in advance.

hello, there is diy version and finished version of the Toyan v8 engine. and you can also buy the supercharger only.

5. Where Can I find the instruction of Toyan V8 Engine?

It comes with the parckage. Toyan offers the manual in English. If you need version with other language, please contact us.

It can be checked here for the distributor version of TOYAN gasoline V8.

Click here

6. What Is The Best V8 Engine Model Of All Time?

Toyan V8 FS-V800 engine
Teching Mini V8 engine
find out more mini v8 engine kit that runs

7. Who supplies the parts for my Toyan v8 engine?

Normally the Stirlingkit sells the parts for all Toyan engines bought in our shop. If you can't find the right part for your V8 engine, please directly contact our engine expert. email .  We often log all the part numbers, suppliers, date ordered, order status, shipping date, tracking numbers, and arrival date when they reach the shop. If there is ever a problem, we can track, return, or exchange the parts quickly.   Incorrect parts are delivered to our shop far more often than one might think.  This can come from mislabeling at the factory, apart from not meeting our quality standards, a broken or damaged part, or a variety of other reasons.  Depending on the supplier, returns can be quick and easy, or a drawn-out process requiring constant back-and-forth communication.   Customer-supplied parts can add significant time and distress to this process, especially when the crew is waiting on decisions from a customer who is unavailable.    When we order the parts, we can manage these situations more efficiently while reducing headaches for the customer. Because of our strong relationships with Toyan supplier status, they often provide additional services to find us what we need in a timely manner.

8. How to Connect the CDI in the starter kit of Gas TOYAN V8? 

1) Distributor Igniton. (NEWEST )

Distributor Version Manual: click here

The bracket and distributor can be provided to every TOYAN gas v8 owner with much cheaper price, unsettled yet. The cost is much higher than expected, most cost would be paid by TOYAN & Stirlingkit.

For the specific ignition scheme, you can refer to the figure below. You need a Ignition System and battery on each side. The initial angle of the distributor is installed according to the figure.

If you want to debug, take the AG in the picture as the standard, the piston is at the top dead center of the work, and it just discharges at this time, which is the most perfect. 

 The CDI is different from the original one.


The distributor Ignition for Toyan V8.

 If there is a need to convert my existing Nitro version of TOYAN V8 engine model to Gas version, Here are all the parts you need.

8 spark plugs,

2 CDI( hall sensor included)

1 distributor set(bracket included). 


2) Magnetic Collar Ignition.


1) If you have the upgraded starter kit, you can connect the CDI shown in the picture above. There is no need for the replacement of hall sensor. You only need the collar replacement. (So sorry for the mistake and every TOYAN V8 gasoline version engine model needs a collar replacement. If you do not have it, pelase contact us. )

The upgraded starter kit has RCEXL CDI with better quality, anti-interference, and stable ignition as the optimal part, you can purchase two in the local store if you want them and it would be less expensive. Either 90 or 120 degrees is fine, just the angle of the hat head is different. 

2) If you have the standard/normal starter kit,  use a magnet with known poles to tell the north and south poles, rotate the flywheel to the position shown in the figure 30° and install the two screws of the collar after confirming the magnetic pole.

Install this magnetic collar to the flywheel and attach the hall sensor around the collar to sense the hall sensor if you have a mount/base of TOYAN V8. 

If you don't have a mount/base, just hold the hall sensor by hand to sense the magnetic collar. Other steps are the same.

We provide a magnetic collar and a 2-in-1 new hall sensors for free, please contact us if you receive the starter kit without the collar. We will place the order and ship the replacement parcel who purchased the standard/normal starter kit.

P.S. How to position correctly Flywheel Position? Please check the timing table diagram below.



If you purchase the starter kit after February 2023, the parcel will be shipped with new hall sensors and the magnetic collar and you do not need to worry about the ignition. 

Here is the photo of the magnetic collar.

Here are the photos of the previous induction collar we might sent you, they are useless now and you just need to use the new collar we send you. 

Here is the new Hall Sensor.

 Here are all the parts of the standard/normal starter kit.


9. How to connect TOYAN V8 base? 


10. How to ignite the Gas TOYAN V8? 

Please check the following pictures about the firing order.

Ignition Reminders!

First,  pay attention to the color sequence in order to avoid the installation mistake, don't turn upside down. From the flywheel end of the engine, the leftmost line of the hall sensor is black while the rightmost one  is yellow. 

Second, the new 2-in-1 hall sensor must be fixed on the base under the collar to sense the magnetic collar. The hall sensor must be fixed in a base or someplace as a hall sensor bracket if you do not have the base. Use two screws and fix the hall sensor.

If you do not purchase the base on Stirlingkit, you can DIY one. 

Third, there are two screws used for installation of the magnetic collar on the flywheel. 

When fixing the magnetic collar, pay attention to the consistent fixing of the left and right screws of the collar, so that the collar rotates smoothly and does not shake, and do not make the collar touch the hall sensor. 

If it is not fixed properly, it will easily cause friction between the magnetic collar and hall sensor, causing damage and ending up in unfunctional hall sensors. 



 TEST VIDEO with the new hall sensors and magnetic collar we can reissue to you. 


11. i just got the starter motor for the v800 engine this my 4th motor it  smoked  soon i hooked the battey up. what should i do now.

12. Does any company sale r/c vehicle kits that the v8 gas engines will fits right into?


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  • Elvis: December 09, 2022

    Hallo wäre schön wenn es ein auto würde geben wo der v8 motor schon verbaut ist.
    Nur der motor ist für mich zu schade fürs geld.
    So einen rtr wäre hammer würde sofort einen kaufen.
    Mfg elvis

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